1960s 18K Gold Dress Watches – Omega, Patek Philippe

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Mad Man says:

Archie, make a vid saying “dresswatch” – “ploprof” – “scatola del tempo” 50 times with increasing speed. If you make no mistake you will have recaptured my respect.

Oil Straight says:

Great video just fell in love with that seamaster deville. is the 711 eta movement a good one I’m looking into buying one

amorroma1244 says:

What is with that word “Fuck” Makes you very cheap!

KrytenP says:

Nice watches. Those who ape you could never hope to handle such pieces.

Albert Oh says:

Does anyone know the official color of the watch strap that was on the omega constellation on this video? Can’t seem to find it at all.

Nel phantom says:

I have a vintage longines with 13mm lug to lug, is this a mens watch? it is fucking small

HachiZenki says:

Nice dent on the back of the case of that automatic Seamaster Date.

Jeremy Elliott says:


Thomas Naveen Bishop says:

nice watches fucker..what did you sell to buy these ?? your balls ?

steve22933 says:

Love the video ya crazy facka!

Jack Cole says:

phist and phurious!

cookingprof says:

What do you think about having an interchangeable 18K strap w/ monogramed clasp for a collection? I’d like to keep the  leathers in tact. My skin can rot leathers in less than a week.

David Rockefeller says:

A $500 Gold plated Hamilton Intra-matic looks far nicer in the real world than any of those…

lightube12 says:

what is cheat bapstas ? and what is amiga ?

TobiasJ2k says:

What about a Platinum Constellation from the mid 60’s?

John Trawis says:

Bigboy your whiskey bottle is almost empty. You should be proud of it. In my opinion dresswatches are classless, mean, cheap and nasty. I still prefer more classy look: a gold sub, black cadillac limo, a hat with a feather and chateu lafite wine mixed with cola

Mick says:

Archie more quality content there phucka. The Omega cross hairs made me garoooooooosh my lacy panties there. Awesome !

WEGO says:

Some pieces that I also collect, besides vintage sports Rolex.

Morris Nell says:

Great vid Archie well done.

Stiliyan Golemetsov says:

So you had enough money to buy gold watches but you couldn’t save for a nail clipper… fucker !

miamimagicians magician miami says:

I’m on Ebay looking at all the 18k Gold Omega’s and WOW THEIR INEXPENSIVE! OMG you can get a totally 18k omega for around $3900. Thats a really good deal

Derick Rubio says:

Best video so far, getting tired of always recommending Rolex above all

. says:


Slick RG says:

Looks very noble

k9policexj says:

Impressive collection. Almost as good as my Parnis watch collection.

Domain Admin says:


JDave Foster says:

Nice one Archie – great vid!

somerville99 says:

Great collection. Love them all. Mucho dinero. Archie comes through like no body else can.


That vintage Omega with the 5XX movements were many watchmakers personal watches to this day. The 564 is nice because it’s a quickset date. The Constellations had even a higher level of refinement, and are somewhat rare.
Great vid, nice to see the vintage seamasters being given the attention they deserve.

Five Year Waitlist says:

Nice to see some Omega content Archie. Thank you.

Promodh Sridhar says:

Absolutely true you Fuckass ..Agree need to take care of good possessions !!

Ed Ng says:

Wonderful pieces Archie. Wish you would get back to producing more videos like this

Casetin says:

Beautiful watches, thank you for showing them

Club Soda says:

Absolute stunning pieces. Fit for royalty.

Barking Spider says:

The PP is insane!

RaiderInNY says:

Satin Sugar, fuckahz!

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