10 Affordable To Luxury Watch Straps – Perfect For Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Tissot & Seiko

There is no better way to upgrade your watch game and style than getting a new strap. Today I share 10 options from dressy, classy luxury to military robustness and functionality. I offer not only different colours, styles and materials but also something for all budgets too!

Breitling Navitimer – RIOS1931 Nature Buffalo Grain Leather Cognac (22mm)

Seiko SKX007 – Bonetto Cinturini Model 282 Rubber Black PVD Buckle (22mm)

Tissot Janiero Z199 – ColaReb Venezia Ocher (20mm)


Rolex GMT Master II – Fluco Suede Leather Dark Grey (20mm)

Tudor Prince Date Day – Clockwork Synergy Classic Nylon Reich Green (20mm)

Sinn 104 – Clockwork Synergy Classic Nylon Marroon (20mm)

Omega Seamaster 166.088 – Clockwork Synergy Classic Nylon Sailor Blue (20mm)

Seiko Flightmaster SNA411 – NDC Military Parachute Strap
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Tudor Tiger Chronograph – Di-Modell Carbonio Black (20mm)

Seiko SARB033 – Fluco Chiara Crocodile-Grain Leather Burgundy (20mm)

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Bob Wilson says:

So close to that 100K subscribers TGV! A Silver Play Button to add to the War Room shortly!

Steven Rezac says:

Crafter Blue makes straps with curved end specifically for the XKS that are so well made it looks as if the rubber is growing out of the case. Also for Sumo and Marine Master. They also make generic straps.

Haru yahari says:

Love your videos, opened my eyes to the world of different watch brands and styles. Would be possible to do a review on the Frederique Constant and Sevenfriday watches?

Mick Mick says:

good video man, very helpful. Ive been binge watching your vids for the past couple of days. I just noticed that in this video your wearing the watches on your left wrist… do you usually wear them on your left? or just for these videos?

Double 0 Vader says:

Thank you for the tip on Holbens. I was looking for a one stop site for straps.

Philip A Winged says:

Thanks for the vid Trist! State of the collection soon? Also, SOOO close to 100k subscribers!

Chad Whaley says:

Jesus man, I’ve only watched two videos. I’ve subbed and LOVE your videos. You are miles ahead of other reviewers. I’ll be tuning in from now on. Thank you so much!.

Super DuckPotato says:

I’m 15 and I recently got a summer job. As of now I own a Fossil 3993 from my father wich his company gave to him. I just finished my first day at work and I can’t wait to get that check. Planning on buying a Seiko soon!

Dizzi [Pinsel Wolf] says:

mama mia tristano you make me divorce from my wife with this cool videos i love youre show sei grande i spend too much time with watches and youre show my wife told me 😉 hahahahha

Dante D'Andrea says:

Please review the vintage omega seamaster cosmic (gold) 1964. Was gifted one yesterday. I will post a link to some photos with the old and new strap I put. Regards

Potato Sky says:

i love the black rubber strap.
it looks so cool, it looks like it would fit in aliens.

John Viano says:

Hi TGV – I really like the look of the carbon fiber on the Tudor Tiger. Very nice. I also have a Jacko Strap and love it on my military watches. Best Regards, John

Ben Waddington says:

dont eat your rubber watch strap Tristano!

gjaddajg says:

So many straps look great on the Navitimer.

jpim75 says:

Great looking straps and watches. The Tudor looks great on that strap. Love the blacked out skx on the rubber strap. Thanks for the video.


Great Video TGV!! Lots of variety there!!! I’m personally into Hirsch straps at the minute!! Can’t get enough of them!! Mainly because there the perfect size for my wrist… The Tissot looked nice on the Colareb…. Glad your feeling better.. BMJ ENGLAND

Josh Deller says:

Hello Tristano,

I am a big fan of your reviews, especially regarding Seiko watches (Had I been able to afford it I would have bought the SARB033). I am very interested in the victorinox convoy titanium chrono (241255) and was hoping you could do a review of it. It is currently available for $189.99 on Massdrop and that seems like a good price especially for an all titanium Swiss chrono.

Rush Fay says:

Fantastic selection Tristano! Thank you for sharing.

MALIBUMAN666 says:

I was in the Design Museum in London on Tuesday and saw the Seiko ‘Aliens’ watch, one of the few highlights in a rather underwhelming experience really. Although the ‘Imagine Moscow’ exhibition was interesting.

Angel Cortez says:

Could someone answer this question please. Recently I bought a Seiko snzf17. I wore it for a couple of weeks got tired of the bracelet took it of and put a leather band on it. After a while I put the original bracelet back on but I noticed that the two pieces from the bracelet that connect to the watch started to make a rattling sound when I would shake my hand. It didn’t do that before and It’s starting to drive me insane. Is that rattling normal? Is there a way to tighten those piece back up some how????

CarlOs hc says:

Hi TUG great chanel. I hope you can help me with an issue. I’m really in love with the Oris Aquis. But the price at the store is way too high, I have heard you mention “the great market” but I don’t know how to buy there and the most important how to know if a watch is genuine. I live in New York. I Hope you can help me.
Keep going with those videos and great attitude.

Kevin Lam says:

Big fan of the Rios1931, Colareb, Di-modell, Fluco brands you mention. Great quality and very reasonable prices.

willblake72 says:

I quite enjoy you flipping around a $7k Rolex and unironically crowing about how you got a bargain on the strap… Anyway, probably the third or fourth time I’ve watched this video. Informative as always. Cheers!

Unkle Terry says:

Real good stuff…+1 on the Benetto Cinturini straps,simply superb.Thanks TGV


bom trabalho

peter tuann says:

FYI, I found decent NATO style straps in several colors at Walmart for only $5 each, I got a burgundy strap and navy blue strap for my Omega Speedmaster X-33, the color helps as Speedmaster is a dull looking titanium and black look,

George Dömse says:

Hey Tristano,
do you think one could replace the oyster bracelet of a 36mm Explorer 1 (114270) with any other strap, be it leather or Nato – or anything else for that matter? Would anything else look good?

RDK 58 says:

Hello TGV and fellow watch enthusiasts. This is my 1st comment. I have been watching the channel for about 4 months. I love the channel. My favorite watch categories are diver and field style. 40km watches fit me the best. I have just ordered my 1st colareb strep. I look forward to putting it on my glycine combat 6. my favorite watche companies so far are Oris, Christopher Ward, Squale and Glycene. Bracelets are my favorite way to wear a watch but I am exploring leather and rubber. I do not like NATO style as I don’t like the way the looped back part looks on my extremely small wrists. Thank you for your wonderful channel.

Timothy Moore says:

No sailcloth? Bradystraps makes a brilliant strap. Also Blu Shark (in the premium hardware finish) makes just about the best quality NATO’s I’ve seen.

Joe Cucé says:

Please consider doing a review of the Orient Star gmt! I would love to hear your input on it. Great vid as always!

nikhilsrl says:

Hello TGV, need your opinion on something. I own an Orient Bambino as my dress watch and am looking for another one to use as a casual watch. After watching your videos I am torn between the SKX007 and MakoII. I know you love the SKX and am myself attracted by its looks and its iconic status. I love the blue dial on MakoII, feel the latest movement is a plus, and since I already own an Orient know its a reliable brand. I understand its ultimately my decision, but would appreciate if you can weigh on it.

Fish InTrip says:

What do you think about mathey-tissot?

DC430 says:

Hi TGV. Your strap videos are some of my favorite ones, today is a good day! Thanks to you, i’ve bought from Holben’s twice and once from Clockwork Synergy. Make strap videos more often!

Ayeayeron says:

hey TGV, what do you think about bund straps? Maybe make a video on them? Anyway you posted just in time, I’ve men looking into buying a new strap and didn’t know where to start, thank you.

Jorn Navarre says:

Love your videos mate, the “Cherry Red” is actually a Burgundy/Shiraz color.
I’ve got to say, I love NATO straps myself, but prefer the ones with chunky round brushed steel fittings..

Bitan Mondal says:

What should be the average width of any leather strap for watches of diameter 40 mm – 42 mm? I need help.

And I recently bought a Casio watch and the diameter of the dial is 41 mm but the width of the strap is 19 mm and it’s not looking good on my wrist. Should I go for a 22 mm strap width watch?

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