Top 10 Mens Accessories

In this video Cleo reveals what she believes to be the top 10 Male Accessories. These are the basic items most men should own to look stylish, individual, current and up to date. These items include:

1.) A Beautiful Watch/Timepiece (item shown is a Rolex Submariner)
2.) A Beautiful Pen (item shown is a Mont Blanc Rollerball)
3.) A Wallet (item shown is a Mont Blanc Travel Wallet)
4.) A Pair of Sunglasses (item shown are Rayban Aviator)
5.) A Beautiful Pair of Cufflinks (item shown are Mont Blanc)
6.) A Tie (item shown is by Christian Dior)
7.) A Pair of Leather Gloves (item shown are by TM Lewin)
8.) A Leather Belt (item shown is by Hermes)
9.) A Holdall (item shown is by Louis Vuitton)
10.) A Beautiful Pair of Shoes (item shown are by Russell and Bromley)

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Apoyo Ciudadano says:

1 watches, with white spheres and two, with leather brown and black colors. 2nd. are ok, i use a waterman pen, whith green ink, 3 it`s ok, 4 sunglesses, in black and brown colors.. i have 7 differents colors, 5 cuffs 20 pairs in some colors and models.. 6 ok, a lot of them 7 brown and blacks colors in leather material. 8 ok in leather. 9 shoes brown and black monopetzo or oxfords… handmade shoes.

Annie S says:

great video!! now i know what to get for my husband on our 10th anniversary! thank you!!

bardhyli77 says:

Mis Lacey looks like a retired porn star

GentleGuy says:

it would be nice if you would do more men stuff videos

Pluvius V says:

That’s the Montblanc LeGrand Ballpoint. Not as nice as the LeGrand Rollerball which I own.

zhinxhan says:

nice list. its useful. thanks cleo

Sanki King says:

What a beautiful and classy woman! Is she on Facebook?

I use a Mark Twain MontBlanc <3

Syed Altaf says:

Nice info. Thanks for sharing.

Richard Johnson says:

Thank you Cleo. I do enjoy your videos and take note of your advice. You touched on mens shoes at a time when I was looking for a great oxford. I have had Loake’s and progressed to Cheaney’s and now my shoe obsession has grown to Alfred Sargent. (yes men can have a shoe addiction) You’re spot on with the “must have” in reference to a good pair of shoes. Far too many guys have sharp suits and let the look down with old, unpolished high-street shoes. You don’t have to spend a fortune as well. Please keep doing what you’re doing!

Lok Wong says:

Great info.
Thank you.

darkrexcat says:

This video is better than the ones made by the stylish guys in youtube!!! Nice job.

reychop says:

I;d upgrade to a fountain pen for a classier and timeless image/ 🙂

French Love says:

love your makeup and can we talk about that glimmer eyeshawdow :))) yasss hunty. and I’m a straight female. British accents are hot. My BF agrees.

Robert W says:

Breitling watch, Louis Vuitton organizer, Louis Vuitton canvas belt, Maui Jim sunglasses, Graf Von Faber-Castell pen, Loake loafers or George Cox ‘Robot’ brogues, Ralph Lauren shirt. Not sure about gloves – I live in a hot climate.

dal says:

Hello Cleo wow your v beautiful

Kerry Flynn says:

Stop tanning.

jose acosta says:

amazing video, I love it

martin zerogod says:

you wear too much makeup

yankeesuperstar says:

No firearm? No knife? No flashlight?What kind of guy is this?

DooM Marine says:

Monte Blanc, goddamn Cross is the way to go, Busby wallet, Fossil is for the suave (Rolex is a veblen good), Ray Bans is good, can’t argue with the cufflinks, that tan part of the belt would clash with the tie as would the buckle, the shoes are revolting, good video

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