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Louis Vuitton Tambour Diver Watch Review

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Ariel Adams of aBlogtoWatch reviews the Louis Vuitton Tambour Diver watch in steel.

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jerrybronham says:

If a fashion company makes watches, it’s probably overpriced nonsense

Andrew Hutchinson says:

Wow that thing is disgusting, looks like it costs $10.

markolml says:

Dont like it haha, its cool tho

AH H says:

LV really can’t help themselves they constantly take advantage of the customer. The strap cannot be replaced with a generic brand the way it is made must be an LV strap

Joseph Schwartzberg says:

Always been a fan of the Tambour, Uncle has the Gold one and I’ve always been obsessed with it…just hope I made it into the will lol

Morris Nell says:

Overpriced fashion shitter watch..

Lesterfield says:

please show us lume shots in the future especially if it is a talking point of the watch.

Stromboli says:

Take off the LV name and I wouldn’t pay more than 200 for that

MrPleers says:

How can a watch of this price look so cheap ?

Jorge A. Nieves Feliciano says:

Still can’t picture LV making watches, hahah. Looks like a quality product and it definitely has a unique style, but I’m not sure i like it.

Jack J says:

seiko tuna anyone?

Greg Stella says:

Intro music is *so* *loud* especially compared to the video audio!

Luis Ortiz says:

Interesting. Reminds me of a mix of IWC Cousteau and Tudor Pelagos

Watch Hobbyist says:

I like it; not sure I want to like it, but I like it

Croo ookie says:

Haha, are you trying to add some value to this watch before you inevitably get rid of it? Next, Gucci watches.

Jesse Prawiro says:

this is the first time i saw a diver with small second at six

MrMuttonhollow says:

Very nice, I have three LV watches and love them.

jlim200 says:

Many of you do realize that LVMH (Louis Vuitton with Moet Hennesey) owns zenith, tag, and hublot right? This watch is no less interesting or boring than the other time pieces.

RobReports says:

Price is about 3600 according your ABTW article from 2007

Ryan Manak says:

When did they start making watches

tripler says:

Almost but not quite

ryan lee says:

is this watch on ETA watch movement or in house movement???

Omar X says:

I already fell in love,, its simple yet chic!

Tom Saint says:

Thats one of the uglies watch i ever saw…

ck40711 says:

You mentioned this is in your Top 10 of watching regarding lume. I would be interested in seeing your whole Top 10 regarding. I am all about the lume.

RadiantlyYellow says:

its pleasantly exotic, very nice piece.

John Eli says:

naa, they should stick to making bags

Steve Smith says:

that’s a real nice looking watch, it’s just to tall for me

Watch The Hands says:

Unique shape and cool watch overall. Thanks for sharing.

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