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Neo rozario says:

Marlin! Hey marques’s brownlee’s Father’s name is marlin

FinnBoii says:

5:54 Dude Perfect billboard would you look at that

Edison says:

apple always limiting the personalization

Renan Ribeiro says:

“the most ostentatious watch one can buy” Yeah, have you seen the solid 24k Rolex Daydate with diamond/ruby markers? Apple ain’t got a thing on that!

ridebyben says:

Watched Vlog_073

Deadmeatslick says:

this video is in june why is the postman wearing winter mitts

Ashley Gar says:

“I wouldnt be like why is that man wearing a tiny watch” lol

Eli Cummins says:

I was wondering why you didn’t put your name on the Gold One

MrDoxFtl ily daddy says:

It’s weird how much of a difference the 4mm makes on these the 38mm is just to small to view anything

Sgt Brobee says:

When music was still good. Maxzwell times…

Tony Guirguis says:

What was the song they were plait in the spin cycle class?

13 Years. says:

Only wealthy people call a small smart watch a “girls watch”.

C OB says:

cooperate parpganda pusher..


Lydia .inplainsight131 says:

Pre Boosted Board era.

lietuveens says:

Ok, honestly, the LV Apple watch thing is f**king awesome! Love you Casey!

Fernando says:

Man, I really miss the vlogs!

BrickBAT LetsPlays says:

or what you can do is go to sleep

Matthew not known says:

4:45 Gigi the puppy!

max Hansen says:

Watching thai while eating Pizza

Dank Squidge says:

BBB, before boosted board

Murat Mert says:

those days when Casey used to skate, not drive that future thing

Kiwa Muru says:

dope what are those wheels on your skateboard

Deadmeatslick says:

the intro song was awful

preston gervais says:

RIP Poodle.

Kyler Cassel says:

Montana people?

Alienrookie says:

4:20 it is the new apple swich ^^

Kahurangi Millin says:

Casey, just go to the apple store and do a try on.

Forest Lent says:

What a perfect dude perfect ad

maidmoira says:

happy birthday Euan, my son

Mert Kabakci says:

Oh my god,why the f*ck is the L-lens laying around without a rear-cap (3:50)?

open092 says:

Just left the pen hangin! rude.

Javier Licourt says:

Really neat custom watch and charming personality. Congrats.

Blake Weber says:

This is the first vlog of Casey’s that I saw and I’ve been a fan ever since.

The Antichrist says:

This happened on my b-day!

Aaron Perry says:

I live in Montana! I don’t know why I’m so excited…

Brian Patrick says:

3:23 most expensive apple watch on the market

nathalie buzaglo says:

That footage of the boats made me laugh. That was amazing!

martin says:

in ally express one apple smart wach is 15 or 20 dollars

JakobLefkowitz says:

It was one of a kind until stupid Samsung copied them like they always do and soon android same with the iPhone and Apple Pay and that’s it not including android no hate but just saying

Driftcanon55 says:

The amazing race: White

JasonPlayz -Minecraft & More says:

5:54 Dude Perfect Busted

Rellapardy says:

Does anyone know the song?

Clorox Bleach says:

ayyy i live in montana

Yencey Campana says:

Just bought mine on Etsy after watching this. THANKS!

ThatSouthAfrican says:


sswag fresh says:


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