Battle of the Titans! | Louis Vuitton vs Cartier!

Louis Vuitton: Details from the Louis Vuitton website as below:


– Empreinte clous ring in 750 thousandths (18 kt)yellow gold
– One diamond
– Part of the Empreinte collection


Cartier: Details from the Cartier website as below.

Yellow gold
REF: B4085000
A child of 1970s New York, the A collection seals a love that defies boundaries. With undeniably elegant lines and stamped with the trademark screw motif, the creation is a timeless tribute to passionate romance. Studded with diamonds, yellow, white or rose gold.

18K yellow gold wedding band.
Width: 3.6 mm


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SuperBillionaire7 says:

Beautiful stuffs you got right there! Are you Indian?

Gilbert Delpasen says:

the love ring would definitely beat the Louis Vuitton one. dope wedding band though!

Stanleydragonjr says:

Two beautiful rings,for a classy guy ,love the comparison ,wear them both in the very best of health,xoxo MJ

Alex P says:

Can you imagine how Mr. Vuitton would have reacted if he knew his name would be stamped on so many things?

Lady Northumberland says:

Love both your rings, but in love with the LV box, lol! I have the Love ring and the bracelet. I am thinking that you MUST go for the Love bracelet too! Just sayin”! How can you resist!!!

Daniel Hammond says:

Yes, they are beautiful. Is the Love Bracelet the one that locks on and you have to use a key to unlock it? I would find that claustrophobic! You would need to remove it prior to travel as the security staff would crack it if you couldn’t get it off! But I do like the look of them.

alexiabrittin21 says:

stunning rings! the LV case looks gorgeous.
can’t help but notice that’s your left hand middle finger, not the right though 😀

iREVIEWitALL says:

thx for sharing what if u would do it all again what ring u will choose or say u have to pick one? cheers

Ahmed Murad says:

how much boy

Peter Wilkins says:

Never let all this money lose sight of what matters. Stick to the brands that have history example rolex for watches LV for leather goods, Montblanc for pens. I would not got Montblanc for a watch the same way I would not goto rolex for a pen. LV for jewels? I have to say what history do they have for doing that?

Chanel05 says:

Truly stunning rings hun!! So happy for you!! Xoxo

longitudes says:


I want to buy the love bracelet in yellow gold with 4 diamonds but I also want the santos de cartier necklace in yellow gold but I just can afford one of those 2?

Which of both should I get? What do you recommend?

Glen says:

Can’t help but ask, what does this guy do for a living?

Eva in the City says:

Great idea to compare these two rings – Do you not feel like LV copied Cartier? It’s an icon for Cartier but not something people would associate with LV… just wondering your thoughts on that? 🙂


Both rings are amazing I love he thickness of the LV ring but the pettiness of the Cartier.. thanks so much for sharing!

Nash says:

Hey bro!
Just wanted to say this: even though you have all this money, high end luxury items, nice car, etc, you don’t let it go to your head (from what I have seen from about 10 videos). You do seem very blessed and you just want to share it with the world. You are not snobby on air, but just living the lifestyle you have, not rubbing it in other’s faces. Your alright brother. 🙂

Thomas Farmer says:

Lol. “Holograms & Markings”….really? You must have meant Hallmarks, clearly. (clears his throat)

LouisV Lovely says:


V Thors says:

Ashley, please learn the difference between Engraving, embossing and laser etching

amit nagpal says:

You have a good voice, a great accent and absolutely fantastic pronunciation. I am not a big fan of jewelry but I saw the whole video just to hear you talk.

dolcevitausa says:

Great taste…you take excellent care of your jewelry. Not a blemish or scratch on that high polish finish.

Of Birkins and Men says:

so, which one do you prefer?

Thomas Farmer says:

Cartier is a jeweller and Louis Vuitton is a trunk maker. Whose core competencies do you trust?

Mylifeasishan says:

I dream to get a Cartier ring and bracelet one day!! Amazing review man great job

sith chan says:

How much is the love ring ?

sonny suxx says:

you’re so hot!

N li says:

Ooohhh ashley get the bracelet!!!! You will love it!!

max factor says:

My brother is jeweler. he says that ring (bigger one) carries around 300 USD Gold and the diamonds are fake not real and cost almost nothing.
the ring + craftsman ship (so easy to make he say) cost 450 USD.

Gilbert Delpasen says:

I’m still deciding whether I want a love ring on my index or middle

thida htut says:

I love Cartier ring and LV box

lemakeup13 says:

somehow i dont even know why people love to splurge some gaudy accessories esp. a simple ring like love ring from hi brand like Cartier. compared to other hi street brand or even another gold ring from a common jeweller in Asia, this ring is just a simple common ring with ridiculous price tag. cartier is pricey and i dont really think the quality is great. i only bought wristwatch from cartier yet my frederique constant is still better than my cartier. well cartier is well respected as a high couture jewelry brand.yet im not impressed with the accessories.

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