Why Jaeger LeCoultre is the Best Watch

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Jaeger LeCoultre is the best timepiece on the market. They are better than Rolex because they produce less units, dress up their movements and subject their movements (in the timepiece) to 1000 hours of testing. When you buy a Jaeger LeCoultre you can rest assured that you’ve purchased the absolute best timepiece on the market! Due to their limited production and annual price increases, Jaeger LeCoultre watches appreciate in value much more rapidly than Rolex, Breitling, Omega and other mass-produced Swiss watch brands.


FanTagHeuer says:


MrPerfectlogic says:

What the fuck is a JJLECOU. It’s known as JLC.

Ari Williams says:

what do u think of the jlc deep sea chrono or are their better watches in that price range? Btw great program 

gart97 says:

He correctly pronounces Jaeger LeCoultre!

MrChatelherault says:

Can you pronounce anything right

Chris says:

Jake- bell and Ross use a bog standard ETA movement, Jaeger are far superior in every way. Best manufacturers out there are Patek, A Lange and sohne, Vacheron, Gruebel Forsey and Audemars.
Up and comers Maurice Lacroix, Uwerk and Linde Werndelin.
Over priced ETA lovers Panerai, Bell and Ross, UBOAT and most Tags.

phototristan says:

You’re wrong about Rolex. Up until fairly recently, they used Zenith movements in the Daytona.

Tom Decko says:

This guy can’t even pronounce the name of the company.  Hilarious…


Sir, could you not speak with that accent. It makes you sound very unintelligent and boorish. Thank you.

Mh93Rs says:

TAG Whore!!!! That’s when I lost it… =))))))))

Mr Music says:

Never heard of a watch called JJ

Roman Grom says:

Thanks for the video. You’ve got a high quality time piece here, congrats. How good is the accuracy on this Jaeger? Thanks.

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

LOL this is just an entry-level JLC but yeah some of the complicated models are turbo expensive!

Jimmy Christian says:

Jay Jay Le Co is that Jackie Chan brother?

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

Oh I’m a dumb southerner that walks around barefoot. I failed to mention that. LOL it’s funny how many people assume that a southern accent equates to ignorance. Thanks for watching.

M3au says:

Fair enough on the Jaeger LeCoultre pronunciation, but I’m quite happy for IrixGuy to continue with “Tag Whore”. It’s a pity this vid has more down thumbs than ups. IrixGuy nails all his points and gives a true appraisal of the brand. JLC rules!!

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:


Milan Pintar says:

lol you totally butchered the name but otherwise great video

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

Thanks! I ordered a new leather strap and will post a vid of it soon! This is my fav piece at the moment!

NallePu83 says:

I think it Yay-ger Le-colt

Calogero says:

I’m interested in the JLC Reverso Big Date(steel) leather strap discontinued model(pre-loved). What prices would be fair on today’s market?

ripperx444 says:

JLC man.. Leagues above any Rolex

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

Good points! Thanks again for the feedback. It’s funny that you say that cause I have some Glock and AR vids on my channel too 🙂

Chuan Wang says:

JJ Le-Kole, Tag Whore, NICE!!
Looking to purchase either the master calender or the mut moon 39 soon, looks so nice! what are your opinions on those 2 models and which do you like better?

mario siaven says:

Also, JLC has the exclusive capability of making the movements for Patek and other top notch brands, that adds prestige and recognition to the brand.

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

Cool. If they pronounce it that way in the factory, then I’m going to start saying it that way too! I
Love the Master Control! It’s one of my favorites. Cheers!

substance says:

J J Lacough!!!

Mikhail Efumov says:

I think this video is more like why ROLEX is the best watch 🙂 Glad that I am a rolexman

pamplemousse2000 says:

jay jay le co oh god… tag whore hahahaa… how can you believe that you know something about watches when you can’t even pronounce their names?
and by the way, rolex used outside movements in its daytona line for many years…

Black Rose says:

I like this brand.

Nino Brown says:

JJ LACOU? Are you kidding me? You do not deserve to hold that watch with your ignorant pronunciation. I bet you’re one of those guys that calls an Audemars Piguet and AP.

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

Valid points and thanks for watching. Feel free to watch my Natty Light vs. Rolex video too :). Have a good day!

Rick Doder says:

I’m not sure exactly how to pronounce Jaeger LeCoultre, but would like to say that IrixGuy’s polite response to people who make fun of his pronunciation or his accent is pure class. IrixGuy is a real gentleman and makes JLC look good.

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

I think that you’re probably right LOL……I’m forever referring to this piece as “JLC” or “Master Control” from this point forward. It’s a fantastic piece but when I’m standing around a group of Swiss watchmakers I’ll look like an idiot indeed LOL Have a good one and please feel free to check out my timepiece videos playlist on my channel. have a great day!

Bidle Lt says:

Hahaha, you really made me laugh!! Kudo’s for your own reaction about JayJay-LeeKo! 😉
But JLC is a very good brand, but their even better brands. Just read a lot and become a member of a forum!! 

TheRealLucasLee says:

Okay, not gonna tear you apart here or anything, as for the most part your video was fairly informative and most of your points were factual or at least justifiable opinion, but please(!) learn how to pronounce the names of the watches you are talking about. I couldn’t help but laugh every time you said JayJay Lecaux and Tag Whore, it makes it hard to pay attention to what you are talking about.

Pulsonar says:

That accent is so distracting, he sounds like he is about to give a rundown of tonights football game for redneck superbowl! Not expecting a refined cut glass accent of a gentleman jeweller and horology specialist, but please tone it down a little. There is a vast world out there beyond the US… many may not think this is the English language.

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

LOL it’s a great watch I called their office after-hours and they say it on voicemail “Jay Jay Luh Koot”

ogostaboy says:

I didn’t say that you are “dumb”,you know a thing or two about watches,but you as most americans have no/basic/knowledge of german or french and and it is obvious.The name of the brand is not pronounced like this and the term “manifacture”.They are not just words but terms.Your intonation as well sounds like you’re talking about AR-15 orGlock 10mm.Fact.Marketing.

takutatanga says:

If you want to blow-arse about a luxury time-piece brother, how about spending some time in getting its’ pronunciation right. If I were Jaeger LeCoultre, I’d pay you to shut the hell up because your butchering my brand name. You come across as a pretentious, hill billy nitwit. 

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

Patek is part of the trinity of watch makers. Patek, VC and AP are all above JLC but JLC has made movements for their timepieces =)

Zane Carmichael says:


Lol in all seriousness however, Jaeger LeCoultre, is one of the best brands, some best bang for buck in the swiss watch scene, very nice craftsmanship. But I wouldn’t say it is the best. It still can’t compete with Patek Phillipe. 

Jim Heckel says:

You are correct on Jaeger LeCoultre – IF you can afford it! ;o) For us poor folks, I suggest either Alpha’s handwind watches or Timex’s quartz watches. Remember, very very few people can afford to drop the price of a house on a watch!

Bill Sanders says:

According to Watchtime pronunciation guide the correct pronunciation is: zhey ZHER leh KOOLT

djmocok says:

Now WHO THE FUCK IS JAY JAY LE COW? Sounds like a redneck with french descendant.

Ali Al-Elaiwah says:


ogostaboy says:

You could sell more John Deer equipment than fine watches with this accent.

whocaresfornicknames says:

So, where did you call? HQ in Switzerland? No? Your pronunciation is definitely completely wrong. Try to find an interview with the companies CEO and listen carefully.

David Crowe says:

You sir, are an idiot. JJ Le Co….Tag Whore…. And you try and present yourself as a subject matter expert….Pfft!

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