WHY I LOVE MY WATCH – with Adam Craniates, starring Jaeger-LeCoultre

All of raconteur and RedBar founder Adam Craniotes watches have stories to tell. Today he tells us about the lengths he had to go to to secure his Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving Alarm Navy SEALs.

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MrJKL Foams says:

Love the story of this guy last time mom lend money under the table so wife wont find out about it then here we go with helping friend to get the watch. In the end they are smarter than us coz they will find out no matter what. I Can freakin relate to this guy! Who els? Lol

shadyguy6600 says:

Isn’t this the same guy who asked his mom to lend him money to buy the IWC perpetual calendar ? 😀

Craig Comerford says:

Ha ha! Cool story. I think we’ve all told a few white (and not so white) lies about about watches…

Tim Archer says:

Great story. I’m working on a scheme right now to sneak a new Oris into the house.

Adam Craniotes says:

Yeah, shadyguy6600, this is moi. Oh, and don’t worry, Dr. Mom got paid back, never mind that she’s got more money than I’ll ever hope to have. (No, I won’t get the $$$ when she kicks it because she’s leaving it to charity.)

As for the situation outlined in this vid, you’d better believe that I got reamed out good and proper by Mrs. C when it all blew up in my face…

Darkvine says:

For some ppl hiding an expensive watch from their wife is a hobby in itself lmao

Amintas Neto says:

Just love the story. LOL

Should I Smoke This? says:

His raw honesty is AWESOME. I was laughing my ass off over here. THAT is a guy talking about his watch – well done.

ProCelestialEmpire says:

hahaha, it’s so funny

AjaxForever says:

Ugly watch

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