Top 4 Dress Watches – Patek , JLC , Piaget and Nomos – Episode 14

In this episode of Federico Talks Watches, I discuss my top 4 picks for dress watches. Patek Philippe, JLC, Nomos and Piaget. I think every gentleman should have a dress watch in his collection for a special occasion. These should fit the bill nicely and vary in price for most budgets. Everything from an art deco reverso to the bauhaus orion.


Seiko SKX:

Seiko SKX:
Seiko SKX Black:


Hamilton Khaki King:


Tissot PRS 516:

Victorinox Maverick:

Tissot Powermatic:


Patrick Pray says:

Great overview and summary, thanks! I completely agree on Nomos, will be interesting to see where they are in 5-10 years.

Connor Gmehlin says:

Could the Nomos Ahoi line pass as a dress watch if put on a leather strap? I like the fact that it remains classy but is 200m WR. Great video!

Dan H says:

Great Vid – are you in the business or selling pre-owned pieces?  I’d love to work with you – its hard to find trust worthy people in NY.

Andrew Steel says:

Good list! piaget, nomos I love… patek is good if a little passe. personally prefer VC patrimony over patek. but still great list.

Dario Conti says:

Great video, the next watch I buy must be a dress watch or at least close to it, in my radar are:
orient star classic (it looks similar to my 40yr old grandpha orient)
seiko cocktail time
oris thelonious monk limited edition
oris arthelier (handwindable)
and finally zenith captain central seconds (the one with paladium fume dial) (I wrote you a mail about this one, not sure if it arrived)

stelios kapayiannidis says:

NOMOS Club. The best!!!!

OG Wavy says:

ok,spot on on all your selections except nomos, your better off with a sturling original than that overpriced garbage!

medgasguy says:

Hey Federico great job, keep up the good work. What is your opinion of the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony collection of dress watches? I would have a hard time picking between the PP and the VC. Thanks.

Jim Slagone says:

great video from someone who knows his stuff! 😉

musicus77 says:

Hi Federico, what do you think about Baume et Mercier watches in general? Are they good value?

John Doe says:

I love the Nomos Orion and that Patek is beautiful!

Mickey Mouse says:

I like the intro. Now I want to go to Miami! Here’s an idea: Make a video about:
*Top 4 Dress Watches under $250*
You could start with the Orient FER24002W0 (not quite as sexy as the PP, but damn close!) [ ]
(out of your list, the JLC has, for me at least, the most “character”)

Eric L says:

Where is the vacheron patrimony and its modern 40mm?

Kadenbauer says:

I totally agree with you on Nomos. I own a Nomos Orion 38. I really don’t know any other brand that produces such a thin watch with a inhouse movement. The value for money is just great. Yes, i wouldn’t wear it as an everyday watch, but as a dress watch it’s just an awesome piece. The design, the quality of manufacturing, just great.

132elephant says:

Federico, you are very knowledgeable and always provides well balanced advice. I definitely agree with you on the Patek and JLC. Piaget as a brand not so sure. Still appreciate all the good contents in your videos.

fuckinmetal1982 says:

nomos metro is on my list 🙂

sandydenny lives says:

Your missing the VC patrimony traditionelle, a direct rival to the PP

Stephen Murphy says:

Great vid Fed

CG AWC Channel says:

Enjoyed the video…thank you for sharing!

Tobi 911 says:

I would have added the Hentschel Inselchronometer to the list, that’s my favorite dress watch.
Great vids!

DLH says:

Sorry Federico but the PP 5119 is the best dress watch!

4enginerule says:

Hi Federico! Love your channel and already subscrived.

Have to correct you on a detail. Like the 5107, the much loved 5127 has also been discontinued. Now PF only has (in similar type time pieces) the 5227 (with the lovely officer case back) but is 39mm which I think is on the big side for a dress watch; the 5196 and the 5296 (a more adequated 37 and 38 mm respectively).
The 5127 was perfect in size for a dress watch (37mm) and it had that lovely crown guard that you see no more in current calatravas. (exception to the 5153, it has very small crown guards, but do dot achieve the same visual efect in my opinion).
If the 5227 had the crown guards and were to be one or two mm shorter it would be the perfect dress watch… Just notice the small detail of the hour markers on the 5227 having a slight taper towards the center – beautifull!! – the other models we are talking about dont have that feature. Never heard a reviewer mention this, but that detail alone “makes the watch” in my opinion.

Keep the good work, all the best for the channel. Cheers!!

Christopher Bieniarz says:

Excellent reviews, as always. I like your polite and rational analysis. I only differ with your inclusion of NOMOS.
In the same Upper Saxony town of Glashutte there are two far superior manufacturers; 1) Lange & Sohne 2) Glashutte Original.
I prefer both of them to Nomos, but of course, the price difference is tens of thousands of $$$$.

Indigo Five Alpha says:

I really like the Saxonia Thin!

Jerold Moore says:

Refreshing and rewarding to experience observations which are the result of real knowledge and personal experience.  Thank you.  Jerold Moore

Luke C says:

grande taille is a classic I’ve had one for a couple of years now in stainless and have zero buyers remorse.

Jeffrey Alindogan says:

Is JLC Master Control the 5th best?

We are done says:

Saxonia, 1815, patrimony, master control date, Cartier tank, Breguet classique ultra thin to add a few to your list.

Julian Bassoonist says:

I dare say my Speedy Pro goes pretty well with a suite (not black/white tie of course).
However, I was actually thinking about getting the Nomos Orion 38 no-date. Does it retain its value? Or should I wait and save for a PP Calatrava?

Solomon Li says:

Love Nomos… I’d love to get their world timer. Something about it just draws me.

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