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077LR says:

I love the intro.

malpigwalt says:

Kościuszko was fighting for your freedom.You know shit about Poland, motherfucker. Poland belongs to the European Union and we are honest people. Your mother was a whore from Nigeria.

Romam Yakhin says:

The best way to save on *Reverso* is to buy *Cartier Tank* 🙂

Kelly Zarro says:

what how to buy a high end japanese hooker
can archie afford a japanese hooker

Piotr Zielinski says:

Fuck off!!!! Have you ever bought something from Poland ? It’s risky- based on what? Piece of shit luxury channel with pathetic host!

elmin2323 says:

Gayest intro make u look rich! Haha how’s the basement fucker

playsport88 says:

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster was a huge tragedy for Japan . That will be nothing compared to the waste and contamination Archie leaves behind in Japan. Just to name a few…. STDs, lingering body odour. skid marks as far as the eye can see, a 1USD tip to a lucky lady, free juice/shower to a granny and an “economy no good” interview with a Geisha.

Alex P says:

Good advice all the way around! That’s Paul speaking, not Archie…

Blu Brad says:

Archie, how would you value a Steel Reverso Grand date. 8yrs old, original strap good condition, B&P excellent condition?

IntotheFire says:

*Hair looking phatastic Fat Boy!!!!*

Graphicstodiefor says:

wtaf . …people are legitimately here for watch reviews.

Andrew Piatek says:

Nigeria and Poland. Good one. Nigeria is obvious, but so is Poland. Nearly every dealer in Poland, cab driver, anything in Poland would be almost certain con.

Nick Liechti says:

Great advice. Thanks.

Peter Morris says:

You are so gay

Ralph Sheppard says:

Archie , you ve gone to the light great quality for once , congrats.

Brandon Lee says:

You fat slug

BigJay says:

_Glad to see you’re making some quality vids Archie. Keep up the good work!_

The General says:

2 straight vids with great content! Keep em coming big boi.

Stewart Hunkler MGTOW NUTJOB says:

Movados are nice and you can usually find them on sale at a price most guys can afford.

Tomasina Covell says:

I’m off to watch Andy Hunter’s show!

Lance Anderson says:

This vid is a quality vid, stop producing fillers and produce more of these! Go Archie

apan gurra says:

Nice one Archie!

The Greek Decca Millionaire says:

Great advice Arch, I have a trusted Canadian dealer, he thoroughly cleans the watch with an old toothbrush, uses a hair dryer to get any condensation out of the watch and mists the movement with WD40, I got a ferrari hat with the sweat band stained with grease free with my last purchase.

Luxury Duck III says:

Picking up a dozen skx-007 in Japan?

receo11 says:

It’s a genuine piece of shit.

Ming daMerciless says:

Arch would rather buy a second hand JLC than a lottery ticket. The chances of winning the lotto is 30 million to one you dumb kunt!

lolhleplol says:

What’s going on! A sensible video

David Rich says:

What I think of this is that your fluff to substance ratio is so out of balance that I won’t waste my time watching more of your videos. This particular video didn’t fulfill on the promise.

LeicaBob says:

There is one JLC dealer within 500 miles (Atlanta, GA) and maybe one in NYC and Miami. Never seen one in the wild, much less finding a repairman or dealer to authenticate. A Reverso Duo is in my future and it will likely be retail.

hcavn says:

Jewelers On Time – Simply The PHIST

Mike Dennington says:

Even I think this is a good review, instead of all the depressed shit, the anal sex shit…….get on with it and do decent reviews.

hewhohasissues says:

Quality video big boi

Tomasina Covell says:

I HIGHly recomend Simon Beech. “Swirls”, “lines”, maybe Strata, there? Is this really about Salted Caramel Ice Cream? You can’t even tell a tribute Philippe from the authentic ones.

Christopher Chen says:

This vid has an unusual amount of quality content. I approve highly.

Jamie Parker says:

I know a guy who buys watches for a living and well he goes to Poland and Nigeria as you can get high-end watches for nothing other than the Rolex which is dominant but he has bought a Patek AC in yellow gold cost him £10,000 sold it for £35,000 when he got back to the uk

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