The New Geophysic True Second From Jaeger-LeCoultre

Today we will be showing you two new watches. They are new in the sense that they are completely never before seen references, with not only entirely new calibers but entirely new calibers built an entirely new way. But these watches won’t shock you – Jaeger-LeCoultre is too clever for that. No, these two watches are a continuation of a theme first set forth by the watchmaker’s watchmaker in spring of 2014. It was then that we saw the rebirth of the Geophysic, a classical watch with a specially tuned movement that would provide amazing accuracy and durability without sacrificing elegance. Today, we take this idea two steps further. For the full story, go to


HextyVision says:

It does make me laugh that they spent all this time trying to develop a complex movement to make it look like a quartz. Other end of the spectrum Grand Seiko spring drive have almost eliminated any jerkiness at all. Interesting the different directions companies go. Its like they are running out of idea re complications and are only doing it to see if it can be done rather than following the old adage of necessity breeds invention, and developing features and complications that actually fulfil some real need.

Mr Green says:

So make it look like a quartz watch… I mean I get that it is complex but come on.

logwind says:

It’s a beautiful watch, and certainly more interesting than a Datejust but if I’m faced with an expensive mechanical watch which moves like a quartz, I’d rather just have a Grand Seiko HAQ and call it a day.

Artisan Rebel says:

Good looking piece, really like the contrast between the brushed and polished finish. The additional full second stop on a mechanical watch is indeed a mechanical feat and I expected to hear at least 100 extra parts, truly amazed, however, I find a full sweep second hand more pleasing to look at, it’s just reminiscent of that constant energy a watch movement provides, with that said, it is a beautiful watch to look at, I especially liked the taupe faced version

John says:

“This is a GREAT and very rare complication. We took an automatic movement and make it look like a quartz,magnifique!” Talk about bells and whistles. Only because they`re JLC.

Kai Tse says:

nice watch but only 50m wr not good enough

Time with Don says:

This is absolutely spectacular! I love my reverse grande ultra thin duoface but this would be a perfect compliment.

Riposte says:

I hope JLC representative will read this. Please, improve the movement. Habring have better implementation for true second type movement. I can see the second hand still moving few micrometers, it doesn’t exactly stopped at second markers. But on design, I love it so much


One of my favorite watch models in the world.

Panerai Ferrari says:

you should have just made it a quatz

William Albert says:

With all due respect to the engineers,why make an analog watch act like a digital device? I know that if you look closely at the second hand of a mechanical watch you can see that it jerks along at one sixth of a second intervals so that, strictly speaking, it’s not totally an analog instrument. But the illusion of having a sweeping second hand with the minute hands moving in a continuous one sixtieth ratio is part of the charm of a mechanical movement. It matches the continuous passage of time and the movements of the heavenly bodies. Does the sun and moon go jerky-jerky across the sky. Nooo!

Loek Lodewijck says:

I was like quartz??
Ok it’s an automatic, but why the sweeping hand is better looking

Frank An says:

Habring2 jumping second. Much cheaper and in my opinion much better looking.

Truth and Downfall says:

One issue i feel, wich was never adressed was accuracy. In no hands-on / review. Sure there was a lot of talk about it, but we never got to hear any facts or nummbers. Unlike the previous Geophysic wich was within -1s to +4s.
Does this watch even have COSC certification? Anybody know?

ripperx444 says:

Wonder what happens with reliability.

phototristan says:

Great, the second hand is just like a Quartz watch…

craig pinto says:

Dead beat second is disgustingly gross.

m4mario says:

Why are people so obsessed with Patek movements? Jaeger makes marvelous movements at a better price point.

fer557 says:

I prefer ticking versus sweeping so I like it. However, I wonder how well the seconds hand aligns with the indices every time it ticks.

Rich Paul says:

Feat or no feat, creating a movement where the second hand mimics a cheap quartz has to be among the dumbest ideas ever in watchmaking.

Brian C says:

Great looking watches but this will take some getting used to, paying premium dollars for a watch that acts like a quartz. Not sure I’d spend the money. Dead beat seconds may not fly.

TheJaegerlecoultre says:

Simply the best !

heima053 says:

a shame to see so many people not being able to appreciate a watch for it’s movement and the effort and craft that went into creating it. This watch has nothing to do with a quartz watch. Many people won’t understand this watch. Educated watch lovers and conaisseurs will.

Dylan L says:

So they made a mechanical movement that does Quartz …

JP Verwaard says:

Beautiful watches and intricate engineering. However a quartz movement seems somehow a more elegant solution to me, regardless of my love for mechanical timekeeping.

Yemenjapan says:

how much ?

Roman Jeremy says:

Ultimate snobery, why not

Bobby Wu says:

$50 quartz movement.

Gio Kakhniashvili says:


Zhen L says:

by adding another 16 component on the top of the true second watch, you can have a sweeping second Jaeger-LeCoultre…

Edgar Shahnazari says:

What information could you provide on punching a hole in leather strap? I recently purchased a watch which doesn’t have enough holes to allow me wear it snug and so I was thinking about taking it somewhere to add additional holes. I just wasn’t sure if in the long run the hole would get bigger. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

metropolitan6C says:

Pour probablement une fraction du prix de ce nouveau modèle, l’amateur pourra se lancer à la recherche de la série de Rolex oyster Tru-Beat avec module Chézard, qui était déjà un chronomètre à secondes mortes et aux critères COSC, avec une boite bien plus fine et élégante.

Bill Hartsfield says:

Wish the Worldtimer came with a date, then it would be an ideal travel watch.

Gio Kakhniashvili says:


Gold grinder says:

Having an automatic movement that look & act like a quartz movement is quite repulsive to me.

jeffnnj says:

I love that watch, especially the hands. Incredible.

Agentxphile says:

Lovely watch, but it looks dead. Not alive. That is for me what is enjoyable about auto’s or mechanicals. Had the left the second hand out completely, it would be nice, but that quartz looking movement…………..why go backwards? A world time watch with no date……….come now jlc. Lets see a year after release how it did worldwide.

millwrightman99 says:

And in the beginning there was darkness , then came the sun-dial , soon after the Timex was begat , many eons after brother begat sister over & over the Casio was begat .
Soon after there was an illumination & Rolex appeared yonder the ridge line .Of course many imposters followed suit & many rich pervs became richer .
But time kept on ticking and the Timex took a lickin & the earth slowly descended into the suns corona .
Good night kids .
Its time to get some sleep.
Moral of this story .its been a long day & time waits for no man.
Plus if we were all begat from Adam & Eve , some of you fuckers are related to me ?

TheRedduck1 says:

This is a very nice watch. I think that we’ve become so accustomed to seeing the sweeping seconds hand of a mechanical movement that we automatically associate the dead seconds hand with a cheap quartz movement. I have to admit, it took me a second to wrap my head around this watch at first, but once I past the notion that this is not a quartz movement, the more and more I like this watch. Strange at first glance, but the movement is more beautiful each time you look at it moving.

Jack WC says:

The real feat would be to have the ability to change the second hand from a ‘dead second’ to sweeping.

Connor H says:

The date font is so uninspired…

Gabriel Gan says:

Pay crazy money for something that looks like quartz and non-hacking seconds hand? Seiko people are laughing

The Real Ethereal says:

These comments are giving me a headache.

If you’re afraid that people will think your watch is a quartz, you’re into watches for the wrong reasons (and btw there are flashier ways to parade your wealth than a sweep seconds hand). If you think this complication is ‘unnecessary’, you should realize that all haute horlogerie is unnecessary.

This dead seconds movement is awesome. It’s engineering for engineering’s sake, guys – that’s what this whole game is about!!!

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