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Everything’s smart these days: smart phones, smart cars—Teslas, not Smart cars—smart refrigerators, smart socks—you name it, if it exists, it’s been reimagined as a ‘smart’ product. It’s like the clock radio of the modern age, a necessity to give everyday items the ability to participate in the inevitable robot uprising. One company you wouldn’t expect to be dabbling in that arena is Jaeger-LeCoultre, but it has—and has done all the way back to the 1950s.

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Sanghoon Lee says:

The triangular lume looks like somebody applied wet snot with a q-tip. I mean what the hell

MrMercSoldier says:

Not a smart watch by any stretch. But clever idea, and great video

Joseph C. says:

First, the 15 and 45 are way off. Second, it’s not smart at all. Wtf are my calories burned? Where are text messages? Is it going to tell me all this info with Morse code?

mena seven says:

Wonderful Jaeger Lecoultre alarm diving watch. The alarm is very loud, Jaeger Lecoultre is a very innovative watch company.

jamb0y says:

The lume application is appalling I couldn’t help but by myself distracted from your review by the very poor application of the lume and also what look like contaminants in The Lume

ChawenHalo 008 says:

Big want!

Daniel Kvasnička says:

Russian Poljot can be had with a mechanical alarm for the fraction of the price (I bought my pristine 90s version for less than $100 but you can have them new). Yes, JLC’s movement quality surely is a lot higher but GBP 10k for a watch with this level of lume application quality is ridiculous. Ah, I forgot… it’s the “heritage”, right… a magical incantation!

مصري وهذه حال العرب says:

لو امك المال لاشتري واحدة
هل يمكن الحصول علي وحدة مجاني
انا مندوب مبيعات ناجح يمكن الترويج لي هذه المنتج في بلادي

Doom Father TM says:

1:19 that lume application is shocking!

Johnny Guitare says:

Nice watch, but the lume on the triangle markers is shocking. A bit like on the Aquanaut you reviewed some time ago. How is it that JLC and PP can’t get this right when a standard Seiko does?

Xaviera Yayaell says:

Does it do facebook?

Daniel Ortega says:

1:21 What in the hell?

Rishi says:

Another brilliant narrative. Full of interesting facts, whitty, smart and a wink and a nod. Makes me want to have the watch!

Rohan Joshi says:

This is THE smart watch I want..

Crazy Piotr says:

I still prefer my 30 years old Poljot watch. Too much smart stuff these days. No thanks.

pkk9318 says:

Could you do a review on the jlc reverso tribute to 1931 line please !!! There is no good review of this watch on YouTube anywhere

Sir Bufton Tufton says:

Someone in JLC’s QA department needs firing for not picking up that lume application.

Paulo Gordinho says:

Please make the review of PAM00320…

David V says:

I really like how you do lume shots. Thank you!

Giovani Altelino says:

Fuck that horrible date… Well I don’t have enough cash to buy it anyways lol

Christopher Wall says:

Top video on a very interesting watch. Please can you do a video on the Jaeger-LeCoultre Joaillerie 101. Be great to understand more about the smallest movement.

Chris Beckman says:

This Timepiece from JLC is not just “smart”… it’s genius!
-Nashville, TN


Does the memovox complication qualify as a “smart device”? As per definitions electronic device and communicate with other devices is always mentioned. Can anyone give insight on this?
Otherwise a alarm clock would be considered a smart device as well ha ha

Yaax Arr says:

Love your vids❗️❗️and Seiko Bell-matic does a great mech alarm cheaper than JLC.

batman Arkham says:

Apple should hire you to promote their iwatch.

Alex Michael says:

Garbage !

James Gomes says:

where is the backgroound music from?

Richard Northwood says:

I’m surprised that the watch industry hasn’t snapped you up to promote their products. That was such a great advert for the watch. You should work in marketing.

Dwido DERALLY says:

Price pls

sheik ayaz says:

1:22 is pissing me

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