The Evolution of the Gyrotourbillon by Jaeger-LeCoultre

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Find out about the evolution of the incredible Gyrotourbillon family of watches by Jaeger-LeCoultre with Stéphane Belmont, International Marketing Director of the brand. @thewatchestv


Jeremy Andria says:

Omelette du fromage

Half Prince says:

A lot of filthy peasants in this comment section. Please go away with your chinese piece of crap Casio and let the master race appreciate this wonderful JL.

flyingphoenix113 says:

Is it two or three axis?  Presumably three if it actually works like a gyroscope, correct?  If not, technically, Girard Perregaux invented the first 3-axis tourbillion in 2014, one year after this.

강병국 says:


Alex Cornell says:

Not gonna lie for all that engineering and thought, I don’t blame them for selling it for the price of a house, such an ingenious idea.

Koku Rou says:

You know you’re rich when you own a pair of golden tweezers.

HaiasI says:

That shit’s worth so much but would be useless at night if you need it….CAUSE YOU CANT SEE SHIT LMAOOO

Michael Pachos says:

an 100 $ Casio does the job for me…

Dino Rod says:


elukok says:

That thing that its not effected by gravity is bullshit. But it looks nice i suppose.

sallymaggiespotty says:

This level of mechanical genius leaves one such as myself awestruck while admiring the design, construction and the complexity of this most marvelous tiny machine.A true piece of mechanical art worthy of it’s own place in a museum.Five stars!!

Kenneth Solomon says:

if gravity does not affect it, does lack of gravity affect it?

Altar of Disgrace says:

only case when apple watch is better investment

Andrew Elias says:

Drink every time he says Tourbillon.

Keith Mailhotte says:

be cool to see a large version of this.

Yep Yep says:

take a shot every time he said Gyrotourbillon

osha nefa says:


Musey A.J.L Yu says:

this is the power of human being.

MrMathWR says:

Awful french accent

spalkin says:

It pains him to say aluminum. I think the aluminum cage should be more refined and polished.

MrF3nox says:

why not pick it up and show the gyroscopic nature of the mechanism. why display it in a fix position on a preset gyroscopic path


These guys are still living in dark ages

Hashida Tackey says:

What does it do?

lyrasimo says:

0:47 and here it is your award : a trasparent dildo

FragPoppa says:


Kj16V says:

Completely pointless waste of metal.

I want it.

MackP says:

Wow… if you’re not impressed by it, there’s something wrong with you. 😛

TheDaniel366Cobra says:

The mechanism is pleasant to look at, but pointless. Why buy this if a 5-dollar quartz watch offers the same, if not greater precision?

smaz eleu says:

whats the purpose of this? will it stop the species extinction?

Mi 28 says:

Just goes to show how absurdly overcomplicated the shit can get when left with no requirement to optimize things. All that crap just to counter gravitational effects? Yeah nevermind that gravity affects speed of time flow as a whole, not just makes watches go at a different rate. Mechanical watches run at non-constant rate because the spring strength varies with pressure, humidity and temperature, and so does its reciprocation period, making it run faster or slower. It has jack squat to do with gravity.

Aidy Madd says:

A tourbillon watch is something I know I will probably never own but it doesn’t stop one from appreciating the fine mechanisms and beautiful precision of it as a piece of original artwork. After watching this it makes you appreciate why such amazing time pieces cost as much as they do. Simply put, breath taking……

Dama says:

pretty gay watch, should really need to learn to do something more rugged

Tom Smyth says:

How many times does he say tour billion………

tony sparks says:

This is a watch for space cadets.
So will living in space colonies continue using the earths rotation to track time, and the same calendar year?

ÆRational says:

Hard work pays off.

King Julien says:

wich more accurate automatic watch or digital watch ?

Yt8462719350Omega says:


Alucard Pawpad says:

Overpriced… But it’s still pretty awesome.

ferney Calderon says:

muy bueno

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