Rolex DateJust 116233 or Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moon 1368420

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jas zg says:

I dont understand why you saying all the time he will hard to sell a JLC? He wanna buy watch because he like it not because he wanna earn money on him.

Eugene Maggi says:

The JLC is obviously a better watch horologically better .Surely the advice should be buy a SECOND hand JLC the person who bought it new,took the hit,and it’s a better watch.

buddyb 5555 says:

Get theJLC, most definitely.

Lee Brooks says:

He’s wrong. The JLC is far the better watch.

ThinkinGuy says:

lol his advice has nothing to do with the quality and characteristics of each watch, but with resale value. paul is a rolex man who can’t be bothered to appreciate a watch as art. get on chrono24 and see how many used ultra thin moons u can find. i count 4. are you buying a watch to turn around and sell it?? my advice is wait till your 50 to get the Rolex. i guess Paul is right… if i’m stuck in Mozambique without my wallet, i can sell a Rolex. give me a break.

Lycosa says:

Both awesome…. Love that. DateJust and JLC Master Control though ultra thin can be bad, more delicate and hard to service.

Lycosa says:

Yeah white gold beehzul fluted bezel is good and steel model otherwise its steel

Honk your head horns says:

such a homos watches, no wonder you LOVE the, just like you LOVE GAY MEN. archiehomosexuality.

Z Wagner says:

Two-tone steel/gold is hideously tacky, IMHO. I have one Rolex and love it, but would NEVER buy a watch with resale value as a primary consideration. How can you enjoy your watch if you’re always thinking you’ll have to sell it? I am currently saving for a JLC, and couldn’t give a rip about resale. I think they’re the coolest brand on earth, with the coolest history. When I get it, I plan to keep it for life.

toocoolforu says:

If you buy a watch and care for the resell, then don’t buy a watch at all…

fully mechanical says:

those colleagues sound nasty and vicious

CK ROY says:

Rolex DJ Two tone on a leather strap is my favourite and the most versatile watch in my collection. On point Archie!

Mike Hydropneumatic says:

Get a Reverso, it tells you got taste and do not care phor depreciation. A classic timeless piece.

A Rolex otoh is a posers watch and your phinancial situation is a risky one and might have to sell in the future.

So iph it is about the watch, get the nicest and not the one that holds value. The latter actually says you’re not certain.

Troy H says:

Rolex, while definitely nice timepieces, are not the better of the 2 watches here. If you are buying a watch to resell it later, than you probably should not be looking at buying watches. People who do not know watches, only know of Rolex and think they are the top of the line because of how fantastic the brand markets itself. People who are into the “functional art” of watches, their history, movements, etc, will appreciate someone wearing a JLC over a tired Rolex that has become pedestrian. Everyone who thinks they “have arrived” owns one. Show some individualism people. Put an A. Longe Sohn on your wrist and hardly anyone would know what it is. But we enthusiasts wear these for us; not others, nor to resell them.I bought an Omega AT that surpasses the most common Rolexes in every category. 8500 series in-house movement, co-axial escapement, 15,000 Gauss. And yes Archie, I can swim with that too. (Limited Ed Spectre)

summerrr1 says:

The guy is 21 and looking to buy a JLC. Probably in his first year at an investment bank or top law firm. He doesn’t give two hoots about depreciation. Anyhow, there are unwritten rules in those kind of office environment. Nothing above an Omega until you get to 28/29.

chikpom says:

apart from his weird personality, this guy actually knows his stuff.

Eugene Maggi says:

Surely If you have half a brain,with the JLC so poor on the second hand market,you should buy a JLC,much cheaper than a Rolex.The ones who lose are the plonkers who buy them new.

Shaun T says:

Why buy a luxury watch and just sell it in the near future? When your collecting watches doesn’t that mean that you keep your watches forever? You buy the watch because you like it you love the design the make and the history behind it…but before buying make sure you have enough funds to sustain yourself coz seriously buying a luxury watch then selling it to get some of your money back for me is just stupid…its like telling a woman you love her and when you get tired of her you just sell her of like some shit that lost its value…personally..a lot of people might hate me but i never liked the design of rolex i think its redundant everything looks the same and although i dont own one i know people who do and personally i would pick the JLC its a more elegant watch with a lot of history behind it a lot of reviewers said for people new to watches rolex will probably turn heads but to the ones that are knowledgable JLC will be the choice…and the hell with resale value you buy a watch because you intend to keep it forever and pass it down to the next generation not just wear it off a year or two and just sell it off when you get tired with it …thats just not cool

Chris_Audittr2108 says:

If JLC are “soft” in the used market, get a used bargain then!

team zissou says:

mm hmm. we have all seen the DateJust and its a beautiful watch. its a standout, its not a stealth watch. while i appreciate AC3’s advice regarding future resale value its not everything. in other video’s he mentions he would have liked a watch his Dad could have handed down. I do agree the DateJust is the watch to get for this gentlemen but don’t always agree with the reasoning behind AC3’s recommendation. the JLC is beautiful too.

Jake Roth says:

Spot on.

Romek Sokolowski says:

If you get a Rolex now you will purchase JLC a year letter. Having a Rolex is quickly boring once you get into the business. However if you skip the ‘Rolex phase’ now, will be thinking of it everyday and you will buy it later anyway. JLC is better watch, but you can’t get there without having a Rolex first. Good luck bro!

DamonOfTheWind says:

thanks whoever asked this. Saved me 20 bucks

Robert Dickson says:

Date just , Oyster bracelet, blue dial, romans. Class.

PlanetPowerHD says:

Yeah but the jlc 20 years later is like having money in the bank

Joseph Gamble says:

Now, this is the stuff that Paul made his bones on and he gives sage advice. Good vid and nothing to make fun of here.

Jas Hoo says:

as much as i like jlc (sometimes better than rolex), first luxury watch definitely have to be rolex. there are so many unknown factors for new collectors: what if they decided that they are no longer into watches? they can sell the rolex easily, get the fund to do something else. without experimenting with different watches, how would they know which styles/brands suit them? rolex is more versatile. get a jlc as a second watch when one feels they need more dressy piece.

Urbex Fam says:


ajt222 says:

My recommendation Edward is leave the office job and go work on the land , fresh air , hard work and closer to nature.

Tom Smith says:

Worrying about resale value is for the peasants

Tree Dillinger says:

He had to sneak in that little passive aggressive comment about friends being willing to lend you money… I don’t know the guy but considering he has a real job I’d guess 1) his friends would probably lend him £500 if he really needed it and they could afford to; and 2) he’s not the type of guy to ask a friend for an interest free loan while holding 40k in toys.

james lovie says:

Gmt 2 Batman. Tell your colleagues to piss off.

GunsCarsBikeCigars says:

if its. sales position go with the “IS THAT A REEEEELLLL ROLEXXXX” if not in sales go JLC

ahpadt says:

The JLC is infinitely more interesting.

artefact says:

JLC=ILITS ice cream left in the sun.

john sullivan says:

i heard on tv that drug dealers use rolex as a currency

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