JLC Master Calendar – A timeless beauty

There is something about classic elements and complications done to a high degree- so satisfying to see in person and wear on wrist. Definitely impressed with this JLC. Thanks for watching guys!


William Coolidge says:

If that watch was 35 or 36mm, it would be my perfect watch. I’d wear it 6 days a week.

daltonjr says:


Lewis Hall says:

JLC, the watchmakers watch. Check out some Patek watchsmiths on YT and you’ll see them wearing JLC timepieces.
I’ve got two, a Geophysic True Second for its unique complication and a MC Sector dial chronograph. Stock straps are a disappointment but thats easily fixed

David says:

I have the Master Control Date 158420. I love it. It is my “go to” dress watch.

Wu-Blood Kin says:

Great review, the watch is ok!

Sunny R says:

Excellent review and a beautiful watch.

Jeff1809 says:

If you want to buy a dress watch, you go JLC.

devilevic says:

Beautiful watch. The only thing I don’t like about it is its thickness. A question, it’s not an annual calendar, right? It’s just a triple calendar?

wernerjacq says:

One of the best dress watches imho. Classic beauty. Perfect.

Feelings Chat says:

What is the reference on this guy? First time I’ve seen this watch with the new full gold jlc rotor

Juan Carlos Martinez says:

Excellent review, congratulations!

Jean-Marc Brechbühler says:

Thats what l call a nice watch. Congrats!

Del Corbett says:

Absolutely stunning!

Marc Yaptinchay says:

Just a question . Why do they bend the minutes hand (because of the Chrystal?) I see it in some iwc watches too

Graham Wiles says:

Yes please

Neuro says:

The texture on that dial is sexy. So is the movement. I truly love JLC

Eddy Hou says:

Although JLC goes through extensive testing, it is not certified by a (non-partial) third party. I’ve read mixed reviews on the accuracy. What has been your experience of the accuracy?

Tim Lara says:

Wow. Stunning watch. Thanks for the great macro shots!

David V says:

Thank you for great video for awesome horology piece!

UptickWatchReviews says:

Great video as always Bruce. Does JLC perform another 1000-hour test when servicing the watch to make sure it holds its original timekeeping standard?

Watch Show and Tell says:

Excellent video quality, the closeups are very good! Thank you. BTW let us give proper credit, the statement “JLC is a Patek Philippe level watch at Rolex level pricing” (and some of its variations) was first introduced by Paul Pluta at Archie Luxury channel. It is nice to recognize the work of other content producers. Cheers.

Michael Andersen says:

It’s stunning for sure, from both sides alike. Albeit there are alot of watches more refined when seen through the caseback.

Robert Sanchez says:

All I can say is , Wow! That is Gorgeous !

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