JLC Grails: 3 Jaeger LeCoultre Wristwatches: Memovox, Reverso, Master UltraThin Watches | 555 Gear

Quick casual coffee shop video where I talk about some watches I’m watching on eBay. JLC is a brand I’ve always really admired. Alter my debacle with my Rolex Air King I share some transitional headspace wristwatch conversation and talk about three models that I particularly like and respect, call any one of them grail wristwatches. Hope you enjoy the vibe & the conversation…what do you think about Jaeger?

References Mentioned:

JLC Memovox Reveil 144.98.94
JLC Reverso 250.8.86
JLC Master Control Ultra Thin 145.8.7s

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David Jones says:

Tough choices! I would go Reverso due to it’s very unique characteristics. It would be a great conversation starter. It is a classy watch. However, I also like the the Ultrathin very much – such a classic!

Donjon Armory says:

I would go with the Ultra thin, especially if it has a display comeback.

pblockification says:

be wise and ask Archie Luxury for advice

Jonathan Ocab says:

I would get the MUT Perpetual in SS. While it is supposed to be a JLC Boutique exclusive, they have made their way to authorized dealers. Plus, some used watch dealers have them from time to time and they go for well under MSRP.

rrp925 says:

Ultra thin for sure. Cool video!

Michael jensen says:

looking sharp 🙂

Wilson Ton says:

I have a MUT Moonphase 39 and love it! You should get that one too.

David Taysom says:

Love your channel,always great content.reverso so iconic get one.

stephen taylor says:

Great video about a great brand,any of those 3 would be a superb choice,love all of them.

hanshichin says:

Reverso—- and a duoface one!

gmshadowtraders says:

You seem like a more practical guy, even when in a suit, so I have to go with the Memovox as it has an alarm function. The ultrathin is indeed beautiful but you could probably break it just by looking at it lol

sharpdad33 says:

Looking sharp buddy. Where are you?

Reel Issues says:

Hmm that’s a tough choice but if I would have to chose it would be the master ultrathin, its beautiful.

I’m actually looking to pick up my first Swiss automatic watch soon as a gift for myself graduating college. Been looking at an Oris Artelier Date or a Ball trainmaster. Something I could wear to interviews and/or formal events.

hervé Chretien says:

The magic of JLC is unfortunately lost in the background noise level. Sounds like you’re standing on Heathrow tarmac

JoeyJoe says:

reverso classique is a timeless style that never gets old . Not a fan at all of the oversized GT version .

Kyle C says:

Reverso every time

Håkan Bäverstrand says:

The master ultra thin would be my choice every day of the week.

Watch Collecting Strategy says:

I may be biased because I own one. But the Master Geographic is a phenomenal watch!

wpherigo1 says:

JLC? Very nice.

silkhead44 says:

the first one you would wear more

Jonathan Lagarde says:

Ultra thin wins as I am a sucker for the window on the back, but every man needs a Reverso in his collection. Too classic to not have one.

Christian Burns says:

Ultra thin looks incredible and it’s obvious you really lit up talking about it and the original article that got you thinking about it.
A basic Reverso is so cool.
Tough one.

Chris Zietz says:

My pops owns a Jaeger reverso. One stunning watch.

A. M. says:

the ultra thin, for sure. you could need a Dress watch 🙂

Nathan Carter says:

So I would love a Memovox one day too and I’m watching this while wearing a $400 Wakmann alarm watch

Oni FraKiMarq says:

I think everyone needs a rectangular watch!

The Moto fixery says:

You ever look at ball watches? Thoughts?

Dawn Keebolz says:

Wast ist JLC??

Claus-L. Müller says:

I’m thankful that I have been able to add a Reverso to my collection already. I decided to go for the Reverso after I tried on the Master Ultra Thin Moon I was lusting after at this time. The sales associate brought a Reverso as well, so I was able to try on both watches. And I realised that the Reverso fits my wrist better. A little more than six month later I pulled the trigger and bought the Reverso Classic Small Second Midsize at my favourite Wempe boutique.

Russell S says:

A slight critique on the video itself; I don’t know what you’re recording your video with recently, but I’m noticing that everything looks really sepia saturated. If it’s a cell phone, depending on the model, there might not be much you can do, but if it is a real camera, you should manually force your white balance a little more blue. Just a thought. Cheers!

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