Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moon 39 stainless steel watch unboxing.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moon 39, stainless steel, brown alligator strap, in house movement calibre 925, 38 hours power reserve, moon phase, silvered dial, gilt hour-markers, dauphine hands, deployant clasp. I wanted to make this video to show viewers out there that may be interested in this watch. I haven’t seen too many videos of this watch when I was trying to decide if I wanted to purchase it. I hope this helps someone out there if you are looking at purchasing one also. Please like my video and leave comments. Thank you in advance.


MrFrischi says:

Very nice watch!

mavericksf16 says:

very nice but it will always be considered a poor man’s Patek Annual Calendar 🙁

Alperen Safi says:

JLC. The Rolls Royce of watches. Along with VC, AP, PP and maybe
A.Lange & Sohne.

Mad Man says:

A little bit wanky…

TheGPlank says:

When I watch this video I see unabashed love between man and watch.

Samuel says:

Nice watch! Oh by the way, thanks for not putting on white gloves before handling the watch. Some of us can’t stand that.

Sandro Gämperle says:

Thanks for this video – watching this countless times made me order the Ultra Thin Moon! 🙂 Are you still happy with your purchase?

scrapethebottom says:

so classy!

MrsRandomMadeMeDoIt says:

At that pricepoint u cant beat it.!

132elephant says:

For this price point, this is probably one of the best dress watch available on the market. The dial is clean, classy & beautiful. This time piece has “future classic” written all over it. When I think of how an ideal dress watch should like, then the picture of this watch comes to my mind.

Burak Akun says:

hi, thanks for the video and congrats on the purchase! I’m considering this watch but i’ve no experience buying a JLC; could you please tell me how much of a wiggle room there is with the pricing (ex: gold rolex usually means ~30% discount; what should i expect with this steel JLC). I suspect JLC isn’t a huge seller, so discounts might be expected. Correct me if I’m wrong?

Charles Ambrosio says:

Great video, we can see all the details on this great watch, thanks a lot

Ronald Onggo says:

Wow nice… whats that metal thing on the side of the pillow?

Adnan Ali says:

absolutely stunning! just curious, where did you purchase the brown strap from?

kimsaeter says:

I have been looking for a dress watch in this range, and have been very intrigued by the Moon 39. Thanks a lot for the video, helps a lot with the decisions to come.

mustang77ism says:

Gorgeous piece!!

as K says:

amazing watch

webking185 says:

Nothing against SS, but a watch that beautiful has to be in gold. JLC moon 39 is one of my favs all time.

chr1s60 says:

Congrats on the absolutely beautiful timepiece. Very few are as beautiful and well made as JLC.

enriqueali says:

I’ve only seen the stainless steel model offered on a black alligator strap. Was the brown strap a special order? Looks pretty good!

Paul Gavin Chaplin says:

Such a work of art….Wow, beautiful!

Slick Tires says:

beautiful watch. what is the lug to lug dimension?

piripro piripeep says:

I especially hate how the stars also seem to shimmer in the light. Damn you.

pinot noir says:

Hi , I owned a same time piece  as you. Do you have any idea why the rotor stated 30 jewels but the manual showed a 32 jewel rotor. Even the website shows a 32 jewel as well.  Cheers!

LoveIt Loud and Sharp says:

Beautiful Piece. I am still deciding between this or the IWC.

Great Vid.

TheDorapapi321 says:

what a dogshit in house movement 38h power reserve, worst than a dirt cheap sellita or ETA, it must be made out of dried poop, it has an annoying moonphase complication, combine that with a boring Frank Sinatra type music you have the ultimate bad taste out there

Marc Rose says:

Awesome! Love this watch

Anthony Tam says:

I love your video Sir. It truly brings out the beauty of this watch with the way that you presented it in the video along with the music. I’m getting this piece at the end of this month. Can’t wait!

Chenqi Xue says:

Just bought the same watch in black dial. Absolutely love it!

Brian K says:

great choice of music 🙂 stunning watch…video reminds me of 1950/60s new york jazz scene

zipitar says:

wastage of money to the tune of 8000 usd humbugs, one could have a car in that price, this steel in 8k usd is piece of steel shit artficially price like gold with studded diamond,

i love watches and have it but above 1000 usd it is all wastage of money , i have 20 watches with me , best part, tissot prc and prs, i have both but i get it at 20% discount in a knock off sale

best part all swatch and richemont group uses more or less same movements i mean, they share technological novation and remission of old technology

TaG hEUEr says:

very elegant and refined video, it allows to see everything. It was exciting seeing the final part when the watch is worn on the wrist… and the watch… simply amazing!!! a serenate of moonlight. I can’t wait for have this watch

loxxrider says:

Beautiful watch and beautiful music

A.A. Photography says:

Stunning video well done. Amazing watch as well.

Olivier Scheer says:

Thank you for your video! After the weeks have passed, what do you think of the watch? Will receive mine in about 2 weeks, also with brown alligator! It’s such a subtle elegant watch, the one you can pass down to your children to come!

najibs says:

What a beautiful watch

23chicco says:

very elegant watch my compliment

puffyheaven says:


labrada painting says:

what a stunning piece, i love the strap also. i never dress up enough to justify a piece like this. but man its hard not to want one. great job

jgydtd says:

Thanks for uploading…what is your wrist size?

Pascal Flück says:

love the video, happy there is one of this great watch! really considering buying this watch too, tried it on at our local JLC boutique but somehow can’t decide between the silver and the black dial. black is somehow more modern looking but I also would love to have a brown strap which I think only goes well with the silver dial. I think a brown strap fits better with less formal attire than a black strap. thanks again for the video and greetings from switzerland

Umer Waziri says:

Love how the Sinatra in the background elevates the watching experience through a perfect match of class and elegance

Arham M. Khan says:

Hi there. I absolutely loved your unboxing video. I simply love this watch and was just curious to know if its movements have actual gold components or not?

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