Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Geographic Luxury Watch Review


This 18-karat rose gold Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Geographic represents the fusion of JLC’s 42-day Master Control timing test and its signature “Geographic” complication. Two time zones, a power reserve indicator, a radial date, and an exceptional rose gold “hunter” hinged display caseback make this Master Geographic a standout in any of the world’s time zones…

While the Jaeger-LeCoultre Geographic line launched in 1990, it didn’t become subject to the revolutionary “Master Control” testing regimen until the 1996 debut of the 38mm model you see here.

JLC developed the Master Control test to evaluate and validate the timing stability and proper function of its watches as fully-cased and regulated products. Unlike the COSC chronometer test, which evaluates only uncased movements, and only in limited circumstances for 15 days, the Master Control tests cased watches through innumerable positions, temperatures, shocks, magnetism, dynamic winding, water exposure, and full power reserve.

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Geographic function operates like a selective world time complication. A user-configurable reference ring features the names of 24 cities corresponding to the 24 primary time zones.

By synchronizing both time displays to local time with the current reference city at the index, the system is primed. Simply rotate the reference ring to place a reference city at the index, and the current time in that city can be read. There’s even an AM/PM indicator to avoid accidental 4AM phone follies.

This 18-karat rose gold Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Geographic can be viewed in high-resolution images on www.thewatchbox.com. Video and content by Tim Mosso.


vladinecko says:

Tim, your horological eloquence is only matched by the wonderfully diverse collection of timepieces in your channel. I probably viewed 95% of them and will continue following each and every update. But for the love of Yoda, don’t let your camera/iPhone statically focus on the mousepad, or whatever it is, that you use as a background for the videos. Because you shoot most of each video with the watch hoisted up in the air on your wrist, the star of the show, the watch, is always out of focus!

Please, please, please, review a couple videos in HD and you’ll see I’m right. It’s most apparent when you finally put a watch down and see it in focus, in all its glory, for the first time in ~ten minutes. The dial, all of its indices, all the detailing, all of the nuances are dimmed for 99% of the length of your reviews. Can you please reverse that ratio?

Other than that, you have a gift of speech, my friend, well done!

Roelf van der Merwe says:

Awesome watch! I love it

ProCelestialEmpire says:

My watch aesthetics keeps changing as viewing more and more ur videos…

Will_b133 says:

Can’t understand why this channel doesn’t have a good 50k+ subs yet… It’s a mystery. Such great reviews.

94808 43190 says:

Tim, I have watched almost all of your watch reviews. They are top class. I have become such a big fan of JLC because of you. Why don’t you just get a top notch marketing position at JLC? I’d just send a few links of your best JLC videos to them and I have no doubt you can get a great position within the North America marketing department! If I were you I’d definitely consider it. I mean, why not? You love watches, you love the brand, just give it a shot with one application!

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