Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving Chronograph GMT Navy SEALs Watch Review

See more @ http://www.ablogtoread.com. One of the coolest sport watches around are the limited edition Navy SEALs watches from Jaeger-LeCoultre. This model is the Master Compressor Diving Chronograph GMT Navy SEALs in a 46.3mm wide gray titanium case.


killamist666 says:

that needs a deployment clasp.

Mandy Lion says:

Awesome watch and great review as always! Thank you!

aBlogtoWatch.com says:

Thanks. There are a number of minor differences here and there so just compare the two models side by side.

R. Aranda S. says:

Same here

Crater777 says:

The dial does look a bit like Blancpain Fifty Fathoms… doesn’t it?

amps3 says:

Awesome stuff!

Drew Flanagan says:

nice watch,  too bad it would look like one of Flava-Flavs clocks on my wrist. 

weaponsdrawn says:

How much?

SB SB says:

Awesome watch, but I like this model without complication.And if you are the real Navy Seals guy. Than you can’t really buy this watch with your salary.

phillsteward says:

Hi, love your reviews! Do you prefer this over the standard master compressor 2 chrono? How is it different apart from the seals branding?

brian litke says:

10/10 watch
5/10 strap
3/10 price

Visceralpleura says:

too big

HachiZenki says:

You know, the Sinn UX GSG 9 costs 1/8th of this monstrosity and yet is rated for 500 bar or 5km.  Basically you could drop it into the Mariana Trench at it’s deepest part and the watch will still be working when it hits bottom.  Also, as the name suggests, this watch is issued to the dive unit of the German GSG 9.

Jeevaka Leanage says:

Guys, I have this watch
Jaeger LeCoultre Master Eight Days Mens Watch 1602420.

How much do you reckon it’s really worth? Its brand new and I’ve never worn it.

Cesar scarambone menezes says:

nice watch and also this is a nice review. it helped me a lot when i bought my watch 3 years ago… i also got the artiulated titanium/rubber bracelete! it’s so nice and confortable!regards

mikocok10 says:

This is a nice watch, never had a diving watch before. Can you wear this under a long sleeve or under a suit?

92point5 says:

it’s pronounced “Yay-ger”

Rein Tan says:

Thinking of getting this or SDDS..

aBlogtoWatch.com says:

Yea, it is a great watch! Enjoy it.

El Guapo says:

I have actually dreamt about this watch 🙂

aBlogtoWatch.com says:

@d49191 That is an interesting request. I spend most of my wrist time reviewing watches that brands let me play with. That means I don’t buy pieces very often anymore. I don’t think I bought a single watch (for myself) in 2011. If I did, then I would be all over a state-of-the-collection style round-up. Thanks for the suggestion!

Ben Nakajima says:

Since when Swiss watches became weapons or tool for people who kill people.

LaBarbichette says:

Love Jeager-LeCoultre, but I don’t get the “Navy Seal” part. I mean, it’s a luxury watch, not a tool watch. First how would the seals afford a 13K watch, and then would they really take it to the field?

S Chris says:

i want a navy seals alarm so badly !!!!

John McCann says:

I frankly don’t like it. Too bulky, too stealthy with that dial lost into a black morass. Doesn’t look like a 13K JL at all and the bezel isn’t readable enough to be a true divers watch.

thieyacine Fall says:

lol what Navy Seal on a government salary can afford this watch?

My beautiful and amazing mistress says:

It bugs me that JLC discontinued the compressor line, my favourite sporty line from the premium swiss brands, other than Rolex

xrendezv0usx says:

I understand that the case is titanium with ceramic bezel, but what material are the pushers made from? Not the metal “compressor keys” but the pushers themselves… they look sort of rubberized are they actually a PVD metal or are they black rubber?

Winny732 says:

You can get it cheaper in Switzerland 🙂

David says:

this one is real nice and beautiful diver watch.

phillsteward says:

Hey Ariel, Is this watch essentially the same as the model with the articulaed strap or are there differences I should be aware of when comparing the two pieces? I see you loves this watch – do you like the articulated rubber strap version just as much? Love the channel. Thanks. Phill

Wong Kokan says:

How much does this cost in the market?

iAMChrisCC says:

Would the real Seals wear this? Probably would go for a G-Shock or some other CBP piece.

john doe says:

everyone says something like “jasher-la-coolt” but that`s wrong its a mix between german and french “yai-ger- le coul-tre”
jaeger (in german jäger) and french le coultre 

ferelman says:

im in love with the extreme lab 2 , it would be amazing if u can review it , specially couse there are no videos of it on youtube , and the features of the watch are amazing

aBlogtoWatch.com says:

@amps3 Glad you all like it.

aBlogtoWatch.com says:

@xilpa Glad you all like it. It might be a bit of a misdirected piece in terms of “what it is,” but the sum of all parts is pretty satisfying.

nwl213 says:

LoL.. real navy seal wears G shock

d49191 says:

Hey Ariel,

Ever considering putting together a state-of-the-collection youtube post for end of year? It’s sort of a tradition over at timezone, and I bet your readers would be curious to see what watches an “expert” spends his money on.

oszen says:

PM indicator is not new. See for example Oris Worldtimer watches

OMGitsRiz says:

Aside from the Navy Seal branding, it’s an awesome watch. The DLC is wonderfully scratch resistant in a couple months of wearing it.

As usual, great review 🙂

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