Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrotourbillon I & II Watches Hands-On

See more @ http://www.ablogtoread.com. These investment-grade limited edition watches are extremely rare and very special. They contain gyroscopic style tourbillon escapements that rotate around themselves. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrotourbillon is one of the Swiss brand’s most famous high complication watch sets. There is Gyrotourbillon 1 in a round case, and the Gyrotourbillon in a large Reverso case.


rjv123 says:


Zane Carmichael says:

How much is the reverso gyrotourbillion, I can’t find it online to buy 

gulfstorm99 says:

IS this a diving watch? How deep can it go?

DumpsterDoofus800 says:

That is a hell of a lot of money you got on the table there!

Adriel Wen says:

Google “watchsounds” u should get the chronometrie website that have audio to watch brands. =)

Dust s says:

Damnn nigga how old are you ? BALLING !!

ugirl2 says:

about 75 made for 300 grand a pop? dang

badpool says:

No john smith, that is not correct.

xrendezv0usx says:


DesertRat2044 says:

And basics of German.

jjlwis says:

buggy video…. audio is buzzing

David Grimes says:

Go to Basel. Learn how to pronounce it correctly.

A Fluffy White Kitty says:

What do the gyros do? Are they just for aesthetic appeal?

aBlogtoWatch.com says:

@staalhaan87 That works.

JLConawayII says:

I have a plan to be able to afford one of these.

1. Don’t get married again.

That’s the entire plan. I figure my savings over time will be several million dollars.

aBlogtoWatch.com says:

@dkm0nsta Yea, I was in Switzerland for a while.

canbark321 says:

Jaeger lecourt is the best watch.

One Man On Fire says:

wish i could have one i would just look at it alot

alexneszmer2 says:

For the record, from what I’ve read, you’re pronouncing it correctly 😛
Mind you I have heard both ways accepted :/
Great video as always!

Sascha von Bornheim says:

sheh-sher lecool… wtf lol

fastcougar3200 says:

Very deep in your pockets

darklit says:

@aBlogtoRead Hey! I watched in 1080p and the video had some pixelation now and then troughout the screen, but it didnt bother me at least not enough for you to take steps imo. The sound was ok. I could make out everything you were saying.

John McCann says:

And Zenith.

Alex O says:

If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

wuyeah says:

Besides JLC, what are other companies can build a Gyrotourbillon today?

aBlogtoWatch.com says:

@DarklyBishop Good to know. YouTube acts up sometimes. If needed I can reupload even though it is a pain.

Matt Finley says:

how does one get their hands on 1/2 million bucks of watches to put on youtube?????

please let me know!!!! Im a HUGE watch fan!
316 807 5427

DesertRat2044 says:

żeżer lecult – no myślałem, że pęknę. Nie, żeby chodziło o “jaeger” = myśliwy z niemieckiego

no chyba, że jestem w błędzie i pije się “żeżermąster” (jaegermeister)

To the author – you can not even read in right way the company name. A little clue – in Switzerland not only french is spoken (as well in other european countries). Żeżer. khmmm

Ger says:

Franck Muller, Thomas Prescher, Bexei

aBlogtoWatch.com says:

@jjlwis Weird. I didn’t hear any of that on review. Where in the video is the audio messed up? Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Julius Godinez says:

A 3d printer helps

John Smith says:

I didn’t know it was possible to mispronounce Jaeger Lecoultre that badly, but apparently it is.

Javiercito El Crack says:

I actually found a site that trades “fully functional” replicas of the Gyrotourbillon 1 and 2 watches.

neettim says:

because this is worth $400,000

SimpleUser11 says:


borbel46 says:

Need to brush up on your French, my friend.

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