Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Duoface Watch Review

See more @ http://www.ablogtoread.com. This beautiful version of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s iconic Reverso is the Grande Reverso Duoface dual time zone watch. The fiipping case is here in 18k rose gold and have watch dials on each side. Gorgeous and classic.


Steve D says:

Beautiful watch! Also, great job showing how to properly open it…I’ve seen a lot of videos out there where people just push up right away…I always cringe when I see that.

Mia Xu says:

nice review!

djmocok says:

This one is for tall guys with large wrists – you can’t pull it off if  you have small wrists. In which case the normal sized reverse would fit you better.

Dumitru Dumitru says:

Can I set the same hour at bouth of the faces ???

Lana R. says:

For a lady, should I go with single dial or the reverso duo? Is the duo face too thick for a lady’s wrist? Thanks

Mike Brown says:

What’s that on your pinky?

Chronondo Chronondo says:

one of my favs among reverso watches

Diego Menendez says:

Awesome review! Thanks for making this. Reverso videos on YouTube are very sparse!

anish shrestha says:

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Mont Michel says:

yeah its ok-by the way have u heard of the mad men reverso edition?

Commacal says:

Ariel, great review on this JLC. I noticed on your reviews you are missing a watch from JLC that seems to have no video review anywhere on youtube/web. That would be the JLC ultra thin moon 39mm. I do have one on order which should be here sometime in November if you want to do a review on it, im located 30 minutes north of Los Angeles.

Rektifi says:

My father has this watch. I can only wish that he hands this down to me. I’m in love!!

TheJaegerlecoultre says:

Yeeeees !!!

MrWatchman76 says:

I adore these watches…Reverso in particular. I would love to add one to my collection….Some day

logwind says:

Very nice review sir.

fastcougar3200 says:

The watch is just ok; something I would wear to play softball, but not something I would wear to a fancy dinner with my wife at Denny’s. It seems to lose .0025 seconds each month, causing me to have to reset it every 18 months.

benvolio mozart says:

To DB : it is Jejair because ……………………….. Jaeger was french .idiot !
So, it has to be pronounced in french !

Bruce Wayne says:

Round watches doesnt look good at all , rectangular are more stylish and fit better .

aBlogtoWatch.com says:

Why hold back in the privacy of your own home? Live a little…

aBlogtoWatch.com says:

Thanks. I try to show proper usage and handling when possible.

spambucket99 says:

How much would it cost to service?

Oscar Zhao says:

like you video. A big fan a JL, bought a pre-owned reverso 986 in SS. Love the style and fit and finish, however, i found that the hands in the dark face are not so bright in dark. kind of difficult to see the exact time. Can u comment on this.

felipe carneiro says:

hhaahhahaha, rear of watches you saying?

just joking, keep the good work ariel, love the videos.

NEKNIM says:

as soon as you said “no one is going to get pissed off”… queue to the hoard of watch snobs lol

Calogero says:

I’m interested in the JLC Reverso Big Date leather strap discontinued model(pre-loved). What prices would be fair on today’s market?

KingRichard says:

This is one of the most beautiful watches ever made.

Blu Brad says:

Really nice video. I have the Grande Date in steel. It wears slightly small I would prefer if was a tiny bit larger. but small wrists would not need larger.

Russell Franks says:

Great review of an amazing watch. Love the large size Reverso and with two faces and also Rose Gold its the best. Love the limited edition 986 duodate more but that’s harder to find.

MostEasterlySteve says:

His pronunciation of Jaeger-LeCoultre is not even close! Lovely watch though and I enjoy the Blog to Watch reviews.

dieter schanzer says:


jelkicamala says:

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