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Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre a Chronographe Watch Review

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Ariel Adams of aBlogtoWatch reviews the Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre a Chronographe timepiece. See the full review on aBlogtoWatch.com

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Graham Webster says:

Sorry but “reading the chronograph is obviously very legible because of the high contrast of the dial”, yet it took you ages to work out what it was reading 🙂 Obviously just for show, these kinds of chronographs …. Split seconds haha, useless in any stopwatch anyway but this one does look very cool I’ll give it that. Nice looking watch overall.

Mandy Lion says:

Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for this review.

Michael Vanhessche says:

Shouldn’t the foudroyante hand also jump to zero ( 6 in this case ) when the chronograph is reset? Now it just jumps to a position around 3…

killamist666 says:

Watching that jumping second hand would give me a seizure lol.

Jason Simmons says:

Simply stunning. I’m curious how you get access to such high end pieces?

TrilobiteTerror says:

Can’t afford paying $47,000 for this watch? You’re in luck, there’s one on ebay right now for the low low price of only $36,000!  Too bad I still can’t afford it 🙁

Chinaman Champ says:

that flying second thing gets on my nerve

steven gardner says:

Awesome eye catching watch,

40000pirate says:

one sixth of a second is next to useless

Emin Tahirov says:

Every time I look at watch reviews, I go “hey this looks cool, wonder how much it is?” And of course all the ones I like just happen to cost $8000+

William Adama says:

Do a review on a Grand Seiko!!

Ian McKnight says:

“ger ger le coultre’ is that how its pronounced? not like Jaeger as in the liquor ?

gulfmen86 says:

Does this watch come in Platinum? Or SS?

Henry Ishza says:

I love watches how can I get to wear this just to have the feeling..

thorn wood says:

Buy a bloody stop watch  ok some of these momevent are works aad i would never lire of looking a it , but by 5 buck stopwatch ! who really uses the chroronograrph

Cactaceae33 says:

Waw, thanks for this comprehensive review and HD video footage. Fantastic watch, but I will always dislike how it is so massive! How come they can’t bring watches back to the classic 35-40mm range? 

Trevor Bohnsack says:

haha $47000 ……Ridiculous!!

Greg Miel says:

Stopped at 41 minutes on chrono and took about 41 minutes to read the chrno. Fancy impractical chrono

Chris Kelly says:

Thank you. There are some geniusus knocking about. How else could you describe some1 that makes something this special.

Denis França says:

Absolutely beautiful. The foudroyante is hypnotic. Beautiful and complicated.

gmshadowtraders says:

Gosh the readability sucks. A $20 Casio has a better chronograph probably than this. Not as beautiful but c’mon man, talk about burning money on another swiss time piece.

Watch Collector says:

That’s the dream watch !!! On my Christmas List for Santa !

Bruno Moorthamers says:

Nice, but man, it bothers me how the small hand jumps in between the digits and not ON 1, 2, 3 etc..

TheJaegerlecoultre says:

Perfekt !!!

Time with Don says:

I wonder why JLC does not use a free sprung balance on these watches?

Papi monster says:

I love the way Ariel sounds embarassed when he mentioned the price yet keeps a straight tone in respect for the manufacturer.

555 Gear says:

Out of control awesome

Douglas Morton says:

JLC make some of the very finest watches in the World, easily comparable to Patek Phillippe but much more affordable. Sadly, the clown doing these so-called reviews is useless and never seems to prepare what he’s going to say. Tim at Watchuwant is the real deal, knows his stuff and talks sense!

matt t says:

Great review of a astoundingly beautiful marvel of a watch

mackexr says:

how much does it go for?

werehavingaparty1 says:

Thanks for posting this review.  I own the Duomètre à Quantième Lunaire (Moon phase version). I absolutely love the watch.  That said, my only disappointment is the strap doesn’t come with a break-away clasp as most nice watches do.  Already, the strap is starting to wear down due to having to slip it into the buckle.  For this amount of money, a break-away clasp is fully expected.

Mike Lojko says:

one of your best reviews

Colton Davis says:

The MSRP for this is quite reasonable given the finissage of the dial and movement as well as foudroyante complication. That being said, I feel it is a bit too superlative for a daily-wear. JLC is somewhat sporadic in their pricing, but this is a good value no matter which way you slice it. I’ll stick with my Langes, but can enjoy this for what it is. Thanks Ariel, great review!

Justin Sabbatini says:

I don’t understand why people like quarts so much

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