Jaeger le Coultre Reverso Tourbillon UNBOXING AND REVIEW

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I’ll be regularly posting these candid looks at some of the coolest watches in the world. Highly edited photos and brand videos are cool to learn about a watch, but I find that a candid, low production HD video is the best way to really get a sense of what a watch is like “in the metal”. I want to try to give people a true idea of what these horological wonders are actually like and why people like me are nuts over them.


M Edmond says:

A truly impressive wearable work of art. Thank you for presenting it.

이규호 says:

예거 리베르소 뚜르비옹… 열심히 살아야겠다

May Kai says:

Amazing. Love it!

complex2034 says:

this watch is superb

Айгуль Ершеева says:

супер часы

manduheavy vazquez says:

Is a beautiful machine. Greatness. I have ultra thin tourbillon but this Watch your is much better. Awesome.

Richard Stevens says:

Breahtaking, I’m literally Floored, Floored I tell you.

Claus-L. Müller says:

It’s a marvellous piece of art! Thanks for sharing.

Peter K says:

Wow! very nice how much did that baby set you back? Love it

gmshadowtraders says:

How much did you pay for it boss?

Kanishk Bhardwaj says:

I love the fact that tick tocking comes up with grail watches reviews, some of these watches, people can’t even touch!! So nice man, keep up the good work. (Already had subscribed months ago :P)

Andrew GoodNightWatch says:

That is a fine work of art and a great example. Thank you for sharing. I love that gloves are included. Nice touch. The very notion that folks from awesome independents like MB&F are involved with JLC makes this world of horology even more charming. It’s as if awesome neighbors basically hang out in the best place on earth and make the best watches together. Cheers!

Polar Roller says:

This watch is just amazing….I’m soon jelous!

sakkfanatik says:

what is the purpose of the gloves? Driving a Rolls Royce in white gloves is OK, but in this case…?

davudvl says:

Great review as always, Steve. Miss you at the gtg.

TDG Croco says:

Hi .

I want to buy the watch JLC 828 CAL. you can sell it?

coojsta69 says:

you rich rich bastard! !! im jello

matt short says:


Levent ÇOLAK says:

this watch so perfect 🙂

Abhishek Srivastava says:

I would just wear it reverse.

Daveyboyz says:

Burr walnut?

Mono Shah says:

Beautiful self wind. I just recently bought me a self winding converted Patek Phillipe pocket watch to wrist watch dating back to 1903 for just £2600. Total bargain.

Watch Geek says:

well I guess I know what I’ll buy if I win the lottery one day

Svetoslav Popov says:

sooooo beautiful

5252dan says:


floridaBMW says:

Just stunning

Kevin Spears says:

Good review on a rare and amazing piece. I have a bit of a soft spot for Rose Gold JLC’s.

扫盲工作不可放松 says:

Bad brancard reset gesture

Tushar Bhambane says:

Beautiful watch. This is the watch to aspire to

sophak chhun says:

keep it up dude, i love ur reviews and ur watchs

Steve K says:

Keep it up Steve ! You make one of the best watch reviews in YouTube!

Gino Mattetti says:

Meravigliosa opera d’arte della grande orologeria .Straordinaria classe,complimenti .

ripperx444 says:

Just got my first JLC.. deep sea Chrono. This is a little nicer lol!!

patrick bateman says:

winding seems to be pretty smooth aswell. even some Pateks have that high pitched grinding sound.
jlc is one of the best movt makers. thank for sharing

tripler says:

Do you mind clarifying are you a collector or a dealer?

Very nice taste indeed.

SmokeRingsPipeDreams says:


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