Idiot Move: How NOT to Buy A Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox

Idiot move here: Tim bought a Jaeger-LecCoultre Memovox, was very happy about price and condition, but realised then: There is something badly wrong with the dial.


Tony Hill says:

I avoid vintage. So much out there that has been changed. I worry more about what’s inside the case. Thanks for sharing the info. I apply a general rule about buying anything. If it’s such a bargain why aren’t others chasing it?

Jack Purcell says:

Sorry you got caught. It happens to all eBay buyers, I bought a “mint” Seamaster it looked great. Got it and I think some sand was in the movement, at least something quite coarse. I immediately notified the seller and got my money back in about a month. EBay does protect buyers, if you report problems right away, you are in for a fight though if you wait. I’ve had 3 problems total and all disputes were settled in my favor. In all cases I reported the problem within the first 1 of receiving the item.

Joseph says:

I would have asked for a price reduction and kept the watch. I think there is something charming about the imperfections and the strength of the dial is still present.

philips defreville says:

The JLC Jumbo Memovox from the 60’s is a classy watch. I had a beautiful example with the original Gay Freres bracelet. When I decided to sell, I was surprised by the lack of interest.

U L says:

It happens to all of us …. dont feel bad

mrg1911 says:

I’ve hear the pontiph is unloading a few watches…..
Maybe you can get his Reverso.
However, the only patina it has is fried chicken from his hands.
Say no to wintage….buy new….so many great offerings awailable today.
I love your channel, and give us more guitar when you have time….
Thanks Tim!

Smith John says:

Before the 11 o’clock mark the gap is bigger than everywhere else on the dial.

oscar gustavo arcos ruiz says:

Shame of you 🙂

Stefanie Newman says:

Thanks for sharing your experience.

jas zg says:

Hello.I done the same mistake as you and even worse because i had a watch in my hands and I didn’t notice the refurbished dial.I didn’t had the magnifier with me of course.Some idiot even repaint the hands..It’s about Jaeger-LeCoultre p478c from 1947-1950..

Ted dibiasi-JLC-Sinn says:

caseback watches…..machen sie mit….dann werden sie fit!

Michael Zuccardo says:

Thanks for your honesty and info. I got taken on an Oris big crown pointer date. All looked good until I checked on the serial number which turned out to be fake. The seller was unaware it was a fake, and I got a full refund. Always pays to buy from someone reputable. One ones perfect.

x thx says:

You’ve a great channel, Tim; honest, informative, different.

William Miller says:

You’re lucky the seller is willing to give you a refund Tim, that’s not always an option.

Lester Loves Watches says:

Reprinting dials is more widespread, as an industry, than some people would believe. The problem with ebay is that you can sometimes get an auction that fewer people are looking at, and grab a bargain. How do you differentiate between that, and an auction which people are deliberately *avoiding* because they know it’s dodgy? Magnify every image and never bid on company or on impulse. Glad you got your money back Tim.

David Moynahan says:

Tim, thanks for being honest and giving us some great info. Your mistake is now benefitting a bunch of us!

Tim Schubardt says:

There also was a commercial for the Tag Heuer Monaco with Luis Hamilton:)

x thx says:

I mean, these are issues only you – as the owner – can see & determine.

I mean, you didn’t notice anything wrong w it prima facie.

As far as the indices and so on, they look fine. You are examining them under the highest degree of scrutiny, under a loop.

This will only affect its resale value, I guess, and I’m sure you’re the type who likes to trade, buy, sell – keeping your rotation fresh.

Jack Purcell says:

Should say first hour

Justin Boudreau says:

There’s a LeCoultre Futurmatic model 497 on Craig’s list for 1500$ Canadian….should I pull the trigger. It’s almost mint (considering the its from the 1950s)

I keep looking at the damn thing.

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