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Mike Dennington says:

get a job like the rest of society and stop it with the shit.

Goh Tee We says:

Anyone who charges $1k+ for a one time  service is not good ppl Archie.

C Mason says:

If you look at the prices on the Jaeger website they have droped in price to about half of some dealer websites.

Mad Man says:

Come on, Archie. Only fools sell their watches to dealers.

Richard Lennie says:

You said that about Panerai a couple of months ago and there now as expensive as ever..! So what next Timex have crashed too and are flat on the watch market..??? lol All it means is when you buy new or used from an AD you will get a better discount than before period..! Like everying in life you have highs and lows you just have to ride it out big boy.!! R.L.

Steve Camasso says:

Archie, sell it on ebay and take the loss like the rest of us have to when they”re desperate!

Dee three says:

Get yourself back to Nana Archie!

phranzluke1 says:


gmshadowtraders says:

4:38 – “Rolex is so BORING”…. he let the truth slip out phuckers.

Ming Damerciless says:

What do you care? You said that you would never sell your Jaeger!

CrystalClear vlog says:

Would never buy a jaeger. Only rolex or patek

Zeddington says:

Archie is suffering from toxic shock.

Polar Roller says:

Ya Archie, don’t try to sell your Patek or IWC, keep the Archie 5 and just enjoy them. If you sell them, you will have all this cash on hand, then off to Bangers, you will soon be broke ’cause Nana Kim would have given you the dick.

Alistair Nieuwoudt says:

Oh look. Archie is trying to trump up prices on watches he just happens to be selling. How refreshing.

Stephen Boyle says:

Scottish JLC AD in Glasgow has had the same window JLC for last year. Asked the manager, has sold 0 JLC in last year! Can’t get enough steel sports Rolex!!

hcavn says:

once you started spruiking JLC, they became a shitter

angrydachshund says:

12 minutes of complaining about Jaeger prices. Zero data about Jaeger prices. O.o

william banks says:

I doubt Tim mosso agrees with you

nejjk says:

It’s a buyers’ market. Perfect! Buy what you like. Consider it a sunk cost and enjoy your timepiece for the rest of your life.

ajt222 says:

Nobody wants a watch you can turn back to front , who’d a thunk it .

Lycosa says:

HUH? STINKER? NO IT ISNT. It’s an awesome brand yes….. and good stuff. Beautiful watches. JLC Reverso is strong still

Chairman Rules says:

Had the DICK

Tomtomtargus says:

Yet the morons always running Rolex down. Yet guess what holds its value?? Don’t be buying these other stupid brands because nobody wants them and this is what happens.

AngryPistons says:

jj le coot shitter

JDave Foster says:

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, Archie!

Polar Roller says:

JLC are excellent watches…this is sad news, but it’s now a buyers market….so good for us punters who want a JLC, they may have good prices now on the used market.

Dave Lee says:

Rolex is so boring you won’t lose your shirt if you buy the right piece…the herd mentality and YouTube vloggers have created this Rolex nonsense.

Steven Monash 62 says:

If you are going to get a second asshole.. you might as well buy brand new. At least the watch will be new.. and box and papers.. and guarantee. If it is second hand you have to service it.. probably no papers and box.. and probably pay a fortune for it. Okay, if you know what you are doing… and are a flipper.. buy second hand. But for the novice surely buying new is better.. yeah you pay more.. but at least you do not have to worry (I hope) about the thing being minty. It is hard enuf buying new .. let alone dabbling with the fuckers in the second hand market.. especially when you know fuck all.

Steven Monash 62 says:

The thing with the Reverso.. is things will turn around

Amintas Neto says:

100% right big boi.
Good for buyers; terrible for sellers times.
Nasty, vicious, foul mouth market.

Seamaster73 says:

The new 2017 automatic Reverso Classics are very worthy pieces, but you need to buy and hold. Not a watch you want to flip unless you’re prepared to take a haircut. A few too many horror stories about Richemont servicing, too.

George Grasser says:

Glycine, a watch most of us could not afford four years ago can be had for $284 in Automatic and about $500 for a Mechanical. I own four Incursore models and I could not be more satisfied with the quality.

Adrien Faust says:

Great vid arch, keep up the content. remeber, all about quantity and not quality!

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