An Introduction To JLC & 1940s Military Watch Review, The Story Of Rolex Book + Eterna Unboxing

In todays episode I finally review a JLC! But not any ordinary Jaeger LeCoultre, this E109 officers watch is from the 1940s and belongs to Christian of Theo & Harris. I give an introduction to the highly innovative and prestigious brand and take a look at this beautiful vintage WW2 Era military watch. I also share a stunning gift I recently received, “The Story Of Rolex” book. I look at some of my favourite parts of the book that is entirely about the iconic luxury watch brand. Then lastly, an unboxing and initial impressions of a dress watch, the first Eterna to feature on the channel sent in by my good friend John.

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Edward Ledin says:

That GMT Master II looks absolutely amazing on that blue leather strap!! I actually visited the official Rolex store in Budapest this summer, supreme experience!! Budapest is a lovely city that I think everyone should visit at least one’s in a lifetime!!

Gina M says:

Would you consider making a series of videos about women’s automatic watches?

kk Cheow says:

In the video you mention you own 7 Rolex, if you don’t mind can share which are the 7 ? I see you are wearing more on the GMT and Submarine in the Chanel. That be great to share. Thank you Sir

ashtomar says:

Hi TGV, I just subscribed after coming across your channel. Really enjoying your vids, keep up the good work!
One question, do you know (or anyone else) where I can buy that Eterna watch that you unboxed? I’m quite new to collecting so don’t know all the places to look. I did check amazon but nothing 🙁
Thanks! Martin

Santhosh Maruthi says:

TGV , excellent show, so much information. The JLC is the kind of clean look that is timeless, only thing I do not like about this JLC dial is the sub dial cutting the 6 in half. I find this a problem on any watch, absolutely do not like cut numbers!!! Thanks.

F1 YMS says:

TGV – Have you ever visited SalonQP exhibition in London?

Xombiticus says:

That JLC is stunning.

hellotabasco says:

in love with that JLC!!! excellent video as usual! keep the good work! cheer!!!

CK ROY says:

The Rolex book is a necessity and a useful resource for the Rolex product knowledge. The vintage JLC is beautiful piece of history, I absolutely love it, what an extraordinary brand. TGV sets the standards others follow!! What an episode.

Roelf van der Merwe says:

That JLC is gorgeous! Its spotless for a 1940’s watch! I would do unspeakable things to own it!

Ben Dixon says:

Great to see the Eterna, only central seconds for me. Thanks bloke

HokeyBear says:

That Eterna is a real beauty. That particular model is known as the “Soleure” and it also has an Arabic numeral dial version. It houses a Sellita SW-200 (equivalent to ETA 2824) movement, and has been out of production for a couple years (which explains its larger proportions — the newer ones have smaller cases reflecting more current trends). There are a lot of “NOS” (new old stock) pieces out there at about $1,000. It’s a great deal for such a high-quality piece. I like the Arabic dial version personally, but they’re both extremely well balanced and beautifully finished.
Eterna cannot generally be purchased in the United States because the company has, for various reasons, never chosen to enter this market formally. The only way to get one here is through grey market and close outs, but owning two myself, they’re worth the effort.

Antoine Thisdale says:

Thank you for the amazing review of the Rolex book TGV. i have made the purchase. Which reminds me. You might want to consider making yourself an amazon account. Using your link(s), you could get a bit of extra for the channel on any purchase “we make”. Just a though.

K.D.P. Ross says:

Totally not trolling: I’d love to see the Eterna on a brightly-coloured NATO strap!

Robert Schwaiger says:

Hi Tristano
I really enjoy your videos and I have learned a lot about watches. I appreciate mechanical watches but I go for quartz because of the accuracy. I like the zeppelin quartz watches from Germany they are very nice. Have you seen that they are putting the swatch sistem51 in a metal case. it looks very nice.

MaritaBarita says:


Claus-L. Müller says:

The JLC is a gorgeous little watch. I wonder where Christian finds such pristine vintage watches. Maybe I should ask him to find me a nice Omega, Zenith or JLC vintage watch, too… 😉
Best regards,

Martijn Groot says:

Great video TGV! I hope all is well 🙂

Edward van Berkum says:

maybe you can do a three side to side? the tissot visodate, the eterna and the sarb! love the curve of the second hand on the eterna, nice detail.

JuventinoSpeedella says:

Can you please update the download page for your wallpaper files???
Great video!! the intros are always amazing very original

Brendan Leadbeater says:

That watch is incredible. Where did Christian locate that piece? I would love to acquire a piece like that!

J.f.w. Ny says:


Ineke Mateman says:

No Rolex for me, I can buy 8 different watches for the price of one Rolex! High quality watches! Pls remember. Like the Airman base 2 luminous watch! Or the Hamilton and Eterna watch for example and can still afford five other 1000,00 Dollar watches! Just love the ball bearings on the eterna watch! Well done this review, mister?

Paul S says:

Nice to see Eterna getting a mention. They are an under-valued brand with a long history for innovation (Remember that ETA was born out of Eterna) They have always made very elegant watches, Centenaire, Kontiki etc. They have developed a new movement 39 read all about it
Established in 1856, long may they continue!

Ante Samarzija says:

Greetings tgv…..Very nice

munal mazumdar says:

Love your Videos… keep it up !!
How bout a giveaway?:P

Themod says:

Stumbled onto you channel and am now completely hooked and can’t wait for more updates. Your Omega speedmaster videos were a huge help in deciding my first luxury watch purchase so thank you and keep up the good work. All the best from a fellow Englishman.

ProenskiKaproensky says:

Always turn pages on the corner and not from the center as you might “fold” the paper. Ok, ok call me @n@l… 😉 Interesting book though

Ed Wri says:

Can you wave your hands around a bit more…

Nickutoz says:

what does TGV mean?

Dan Mac says:

I was wondering what do you think about the Apple watch 2 that just came out..

Kakashi Hatake says:

Really enjoyed this swap and review!

dufferjuice says:

Really like look of the Eterna, but it looks like it may be quite large. Thanks for another great videos… Cheers!

K.D.P. Ross says:

Lovely; completely agree that it could pass for a dress watch on leather. That aged radium lume: So nice!!!!! Wish they’d omitted the ‘6’ entirely rather than clobbering it with the subdial — never understood that æsthetic — but by no means a dealbreaker. #DontWorryBecauseSellotape

Ryan Mead says:

Hi tgv great vid thank so much, its funny as much as i love listing to review the vintage jlc, vintage is not my thing , i would be to scared to wear them lol, but the eterna ohhhh yes, that’s i bit of me cant wait for the review, keep up the good work, your friend Ryan, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS.

C0rill0 says:

Hey TGV! Great video this time, really enjoyed the show 🙂 Would you mind telling me what song is played during the intro? Thanks a lot, best regards

K9USA says:

The Seiko Kinetic is model number SUN065

robbiecox says:

Love the Eterna

K9USA says:

Nice video TGV!

Being such a big Seiko fan I am very surprised to date you’ve not reviewed any Kinetic watch!
Just purchased the special edition, Seiko GMT PADI Kinetic 200 meter with sapphire. Check it out and try to review it or any one of their kinetic watches!!

Jorge C. Diez says:

Very nice watches!

Mickey Mouse says:

Quality! Good show T!

Patrick Marlett says:

Christian’s watch inspired me to search for a classic, military-style 1940’s watch with that near-orange patina… (Same as you) Started with JLC, and slowly moved to a brand I have been wanting a model from for some time now: Tudor. I am now the proud owner of a 1940’s Tudor/Rolex (“Little Rose”) Calibre 59, Two-Toned (Rose Gold/Chrome) w/Bombe style lugs. I lucked out – supremely – on eBay and have the watch shipping over from Canada. I cannot tell you how excited I am; savoring the wait. Thank you for sharing his piece as it’s been a huge inspiration for my search. Tristano, keep searching, those finds are out there.

Patrick M.

Philip Allen says:


George Grasser says:

I learn something new every day in this hobby. Some Eterna models have crowns that do not sit 100% flush to the case. Just 99% flush. You can see just a little bit of the stem. Legacy 1948 and Adventic. Any other brands do this and if so why? My $50 Parnis IWC Portuguese Homage looks better that my $277 HAMILTON Jazzmaster Thinline H38511743. I guess Hamilton thinks it’s funny to show pictures of a crisp clear watch on their website only to have it arrive with no AR coating whatsoever reflecting glare in every light except outdoor daylight. I told Hamilton I will let everyone that I meet know of this flaw. I will spend the rest of my life posting this every chance I get until Hamilton is out of business.

The Wrist Fund says:

TGV going through the Rolex book like its a Playboy lol nice

complicatedtime says:

I recommend “Grand Complication”” by Manfred Fritz which is a massive, collectable book that chronicles the complete story of IWC’s pursuit of building the Grand Complication for series production.

john g says:

a really nice book for reading and reference is:  1001 Wristwatches from 1925 to the present by Martin Haussermann  Discusses all type of watches and complications: divers, chronographs, alarms, calendar, turbillon, etc

Deadly Duddly says:

Vanessa you need to put that keyboard down and finish the washing up .

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