A Week On The Wrist: The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Date With Sector Dial

The annual Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) is, as the name would suggest, a show predominantly made up of watchmakers creating watches that represent the upper echelons of watchmaking. Six-figure price tags are a dime a dozen on the show floor. When I first saw the new Master Control Date with a sector dial at Jaeger-LeCoultre’s booth, I knew I wanted to get some time with it on my wrist, but when every conversation I had with collectors, journalists, and other industry friends kept coming back to a $5,700 time-and-date watch, I knew we had something special on our hands.


rgd1977 says:

Really great watch but you’d think you would be told how to pronounce the name of the company for this a̶d̶v̶e̶r̶t̶i̶s̶e̶m̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶ ” review “

Leevaan waheed says:

Please post more videos

JR LEE says:

$11,000 is too much… There are other great watches at this price point. But JLC is a brand that I’d like to have in my collection.

Anti Midas says:

How can you be so enthusiastic about watches and not find out how to pronounce Jaeger-LeCoultre correctly?

Kevin Chan says:

I watched a JLC promo video not to long ago and I swear that is not how you pronounce Jaeger.

445CR says:

Listening to an American pronounce Jaeger LeCoultre is like listening to someone running their finger nails down a blackboard.

jeromeo12 says:

Looks like a Timex watch from Sears man. Don’t kid yourself.

Peter L says:

Want to love based on the price, but it’s just so bland. Would try to target another MC piece, maybe RDM or moon?

V P says:

REAL in-house from Jaeger? Jaeger-lecoultre means in house all the way, every piece. That being said they are getting cheeky with pricing compared to say 3 years back.

Itsaty T says:

The comments below make me laugh, if youre not here to appreciate an in-house movement / mechanical watch then go get a quartz, wait do you even know the difference?

M.Poorvesh Muthraman says:

You guys really need to post more often on YouTube!

Gold grinder says:

Only 5700$!!! Someone need a reality check!

stikowsky says:

it reminds me of the seagull

ETO YA says:

The watch looks cheap, like $500 Hamilton.

Ping says:

dial looks like a casio

felix pinto says:

I was thinking meh, then he said the price and i did a double take, might get rid of one of my subs for it

Bill Evans says:

Reminds me of a Hamilton Khaki automatic. Pick one up for $300.

Auto Correct says:

I thought child labor was banned in this country….. seriously how old is this kid? He looks like a 10 year old.

Egon Schiele says:

Looks Like a Swatch. mehhh

dimitri pappas says:

I’m living for the syringe hands!

Should I Smoke This? says:

Definitely an attractive price point for a JLC with an in-house movement. I actually went from “eh” to “hey now, maybe I should be looking at one of these” as soon as you mentioned the price LOL. Good stuff.

James Hooper says:

Really interested in a JLC master control date with this strap but I can’t find this strap on the JLC website, any ideas?

B. Knut says:

considering that the patek 5296g-001 sector dial, which looks similar is starts at $27,000, i don’t think that the statement about the jlc is that far off.

there sure does seem to be a lot of “reverse watch snobs” around now a days. if horology isn’t your hobby, or your focus is on more affordable brands, then by all means, please enjoy that. no need to be superior or snotty about how much more affordable your watch is compared to this one.


Where can I find this strap?

Alex Tan says:

I hope JLC release a no date version of this watch. Whoever designed this date location needs to be hanged! Would have been far much better if they move the date window out by 1mm with a new date wheel.

Umar H says:

Why would you think that a simple steel Master Control Date would seem like a watch worth above $11,000? These sort of statements are giving Hodinkee a reputation lately that they’re advertising, rather than reviewing some time pieces.

Michael Cote says:

I don’t see it either. That teeny tiny crown would drive me mad. And that white chapter ring, circling the dial, looks like a white piece of plastic (cannot be unseen!).

burger6599 says:

my sarb033 looks better and it keeps my wallet in check too

rado19901 says:

My omega co axial auqa terra is 5000.- and it looks better and has a 60 hour power reserve

Alex Dragten says:

still great but hard to truly trust hodinkee now that they have sold out a bit. can’t know if this was paid for or not anymore. wish Ben was true to what made this idea and company so important. most won’t see in the beginning. hope they don’t go completely commercial

Anderson Rosa says:

I’m not so impressed by the print of de hourmarkers and black center ring…in macro you can see that the black center ring is no round…

ripperx444 says:

JLC is the best….but i think they are going out of business soon

V P says:

REAL in-house from Jaeger? Jaeger-lecoultre means in house all the way, every piece. That being said they are getting cheeky with pricing compared to say 3 years back.

Fabio C.G says:


shon wooldridge says:

I love it very clean and classy

Watch Geek says:

it somehow reminds me of the SNK SEIKO 5, which is not a bad thing

atl3630 says:

I’d rather have a Grand Seiko. And I love JLC

ryvr madduck says:

My god that time/date version is stunning. Great price at five thousand dollars.

Nickfivelol says:

Geographic is simply stunning


This new Managing Editor Stephen Pulvirent is doing a shity job for Hodinkee. WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU THINK IT SHOULD’VE BEEN WORTH DOUBLE ?????

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