A Jaeger-LeCoultre Exclusive – Tour Of The Luxury Watchmaker, Grand Complications & GyroTourbillon

Today we kick off a series recently filmed during my 2017 Switzerland tour. In this first episode I visit one of my favourite Swiss luxury watch makers, and share the journey from raw materials to finished timepiece with a brand renowned for their in-house manufacturing. Jaeger-LeCoultre is like no other brand, with a long history of innovation and a plethora of iconic timepieces that proudly bear their name. In this exclusive, behind the scenes video, we take a look at some astounding ATMOS clocks, highlights from their museum, and awe inspiring watches featuring many of their grand complications. From the famous Reverso, to a duo-metre chronograph, a perpetual calendar with a Tourbillon, and of course, their insanely cool GyroTourbillons, Jaeger-LeCoultre is truly a legendary brand.


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Taylor Zalewski says:

what a great experience, awesome video

Katrina Lopez says:

This is one of your best videos of all time, TGV. Thoroughly enjoyed this. So glad to see you really moving onwards and upwards! <3

Stevee Oneders says:

Wonderful opportunity to view. A classy production as always and a watch manufacture that is also pure class. Well done sir. Illustrates why I and so many others participate and enjoy this channel.

team zissou says:

TGV. u must be the bravest person i know walking away from JLC without purchasing a Duometre for yourself. or did u ?? .. 😉

TheGohaaron says:

the correct pronunciation is JAH-JER LE-COOLTRE… lived in Switzerland for 3 years! 😀

Bruce Thivierge says:

TGV well done sir! I really enjoyed this tour , thank you so much for bringing it to us. I look forward to the rest of your trip videos!

Tamás Takács says:

Awesome video! Watching that tourbillons, the following scene came into my mind from movie “Connections”: Some celestial event. No – no words. No words to describe it. Poetry! They should’ve sent a poet. So beautiful. So beautiful… I had no idea.”

Bluci T says:

I did enjoyed your JLC tour. I felt like I was in there too. Their creations were extremely beautiful and they have been creating exceptional watches way above the high standards of Swiss watchmaking. JLC for me should be one of the holy trinity watches. JLC have more impressive history and creations than AP ✌️

kevin shaw says:

Quite staggering. You can pick up futurmatics at pretty reasonable prices. Might be time to pull the trigger and have a piece of their history.

Mats Brunnberg says:

Wow thanksTGV!

Sebastian Sony Pein Gaarn says:

Dear TGV,

first of all.. Fantastic video – it saved my sunday! My new favorite JCL has to be the Master Grande Tradition Tourbillon. In my opinion the watch really comebines the best of both worlds with beautiful complications and a visual tourbillion mechanism.

Since JCL officially has priced the watch as a “price on demand watch” it’s sadly not realistically affordable for me.. SO.. How about a review of the stainless steal Master Calendar meteorite dial or the Master Geographic? Yes. I like watches that are classic but with complications.

Best regards from Denmark!

Dishant Patel says:

do you know about perrelet watch?? I am interested can you do a review on that watch??

Adam Licht says:

Loved watching this segment! What a fantastic experience; thank you for sharing it with us!

Watchman_Allan says:

What an amazing experience! Thank you for sharing it with such a well done video.

vonSchneiderXXL says:

Very interesting. Thank you for the effort and the nicely arranged video.

TURBINEator says:

5 times world snooker champion Ronnie O’sullivan owns a Reverso.

zaco21 says:

Great video! This is a pretty good explanation for the prices.

monkeypawism says:

Nice pen Cedric.

Taylor Zalewski says:

what a great experience, awesome video

Ali Hussain says:

Great video! What is your opinion on the Seiko Sea Urchin?

john cussens says:

U top bloke I am getting a omega seamaster my first luxury watch I got it from a very good jewellers who been in Margate since 1880 it is pre owned one owners and Jewellers it’s mint con I got it for 1.599pound’s do u thing I got good deal Jon from Margate

Benny D. says:

Very nice.

Shadi Iskander says:

What a video! Thank you for taking us along with you on this incredible tour! Love the new website too!

Abv21 06 says:

What an incredible video. Bravo man!

gonzo0626900 says:

The new Master Chrono

Herbert Lye says:

If any friends asks me for a YouTube channel about watches, my recommendation is none other than Urban Gentry, exquisite infos.

Richard Mankins says:

My grail is the Atmos clock. The first time I saw one it was amazing especially being conceived so long ago before all the technology today. Thank you for the tour and your channel.

mistermynini says:

That was the best youtube video I’ve ever seen. Amazing!!!

alchemistoxford says:

A fantastic tour of a fabulous watchmaker, I have been a serious fan of JL since the early 1950s when my father received a gold Futurematic engraved to him by his employer. Sadly, this family heirloom was lost when it was shipped to me in England. Please, review the Reverso in all its many models. The platinum Reverso with the Tourbillon was magnificent – at once an astonishing and admirable achievement. However, I would prefer to own a non-Tourbillon Reverso with those enigmatic faces engraved with the unmistakablly complicated, beautiful and precise finishes that set JL apart from so many of the other great watchmakers. My grails from JL are the Reverso and Futurematic. The Futurematic stands tall as a triumphant achievement of modern design that eclipsed the Art Deco, an elegant icon of the immediate postwar period, sometimes described as Streamline Moderne. Introduced in 1951, this sleek automatic with the concealed crown inspired many innovative designs from other watchmakers. The Futurematic remains a design still fresh and relevant today. The Reverso ranks as my favorite watch of the Art Deco period. In 1931, the Reverso displaced the Cartier Tank that was introduced at the leading edge of elegant watch design in 1918. In 1931, the Reverso became the iconic watch at the avant garde of horological innovation and creativity. Any reviews of the works of this highly revered watchmaker will certainly attract my attention and admiration.

Loren Sangster says:

Did you go on an invite or is this an open tour you can book with them? I’m curious because my fiancé and I️ are thinking of going to Switzerland for our honeymoon and there is absolutely no way I’m going without touring a few of the best watch companies in the world. Especially JLC.

דוד קפלן says:

I love your videos,your energy and enthusiasm! keep on with the lovely presentation

Jonathan Peck says:

Congrats TGV, this type of video is an accomplishment you should be proud of.

Wonder Woman the Great Gutierrez says:

Simply amazing thank you for sharing!!!!

WEGO says:

Such a mesmerising experience and your camera angles and lighting capture the beauty of such wearable art pieces.

vclelee says:

Thank you TGV yet for a great video. Nice view as well. LIC?

BILL E Kidde says:


Andres Kosberg says:

Oopoph this is GOOOOOD

Davide Perini says:

great videos. how many days you stayed in Switzerland? what are the brands you visited?

Renato A. Sousa says:

Thank you very much for this video. I absolutely love JLC! This is one of the few brands that make wonderful movements in stainless still cases… what matters to them is inside de case (sorry Rolex). Bravo! Cheers from Brazil

Mark C says:

Tubular machine… also known as a lathe

trashkwekwe says:

TGV looks like an 8 years old boy in a candy store…

Miglant23PL says:

If only this could be an hour longer 🙂

BlueThe3rd says:

Superb video, congratulations! great camera work, excellent editing, balanced choice of topics, 5 Stars for each aspect. But what really tops it, and what is less of a technical achievement, is your natural attitude throughout the video. The joy and excitement in your eyes, posture and voice actually work as a kind of magnifier for the beauty of JLC. By being so authentic, you are less of a character – like so many others, who pose on Youtube – and more of a physical channel, a medium for our common interest. Respect.

Op dawg says:

Fantastic video!

OldM8Alfie says:

what happens when the glue butterflies go extinct?

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