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It’s well known that Jaeger-LeCoultre has played an important part in the last century or so of watchmaking, serving as the backbone of the industry by—amongst many, many other achievements—making movements for virtually every other brand worth talking about. That’s no exaggeration: Jaeger-LeCoultre has made movements for—deep breath—Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, IWC, Chopard, Panerai and Cartier. It can be easy to forget that the brand also makes watches for itself, and here’s one of them, the Master Chronograph 1538530. Here are three reasons why this could be your next and even only watch.

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Ahmed Attar says:

No seconds hand?!! Sorry not for me..

San Jeev says:

That is one beautiful watch.

Ahmed Elnaggar says:

I’m looking for the perfect bracelet only watch that is not a Rolex Sub. I do own a 76100 Tudor, but there’s more to be desired in terms of a more sturdy watch… (attempting to change the time lately, the crown came off!).

Darren Thomson says:

It has a vertical clutch so safe to just leave the chronograph running (if your that bothered about a running seconds hand) ?

Jon Söderqvist says:

Nope will need a date complication if it is to be the only watch.


What a watch

Donald Sayers says:

40mm is too big for me.. Great chunks of watch are not for me.

Firmin Shepherd says:

Agree: great looking watch, really. However, lume and real-world water resistance (read 100m) would be a necessity for my one watch. The Breguet type XX-XXI are closer, for my taste. Enjoyed the video in any case!

brynmawr27 says:


smudger671 says:

Funny how the price doesn’t get a mention.

ripperx444 says:

Just got this. Wholly shit did JLC do a good job here

Roland Harris says:

It has an identity crisis…dress watch or sportwatch

COLLABERATORZ Sean Huang says:

Would have been greater if it had an open caseback.

rhodesiano says:

Im thinking, why this jlc, if you can have a patek 5170p. Even thouht this is a beautiful watch, the 5170p has the power to make this jlc look ..a different class, another league.

Phyrexian GHXST says:

Is it yayger lecoultre or jaeger lecoultre

byzobalidis says:

I was very close on pulling the trigger on this one, ended up getting the simple date and price was not the deciding factor. When I wore it something was bothering me on the dial which I couldn’t quite pinpoint.

Then it hit me: the mix of different typefaces! Once the eye goes past the beautiful sector dial design and the outer 6 and 12 markers, the font in the chrono subdials looks way different and simply does not match the rest of the design. It looks like they used a Windows default font setting for the subdials. Once seen, cannot be unseen.

All the other models in the lineup (simple date, geographic dual time) also have open case back, it’s a shame this doesn’t. It is for a reason too, the movement simply does not look the part despite the JLC pedigree.
Gorgeous watch overall, just triggered the OCD in me.

Sanghoon Lee says:

A. Lange & Sohne 1815 Up/Down. Now THERE is a complete one-warch collection.

Ted dibiasi says:

JLC all the way!

vegass04 says:

This could never be somebody’s only watch.. What about when you go diving, or jogging? This could never work as the only watch. Maybe as the only dress watch, but not THE only watch you would ever need. This was a click bait. One could give this title to almost any Rolex watch review..

Alfredo Rivera says:

Every time I read “why this could be your ONLY WATCH¨ I can´t avoid laughing
But apart from that, excellent video, and one of the best channels

Kyle Lopez-Vito says:

I’m eyeing a JLC Master Ultra Thin Moonphase right now for my dress watch. How would one rate it as a dress watch? I currently have a Datejust as a dress watch and honestly it’s so boring now, or maybe because so many around me wear one. I want to keep only one dress watch, but I’d like it to be a bit more special or unique. I’ve been told to get the Calatrava, but its look simply doesn’t appeal to me. I feel like it’s so difficult to pick a great dress watch.

Douglas Johnson says:

My only watch is 38mm, and I’m quite happy.

James Radovich says:

I love your channel and videos. Since 1960, I have owned among others; Rolex Submariner, Omega Seamaster, Unversal Geneve, Marvin, Doxa, Eterna, BlancPain, Seiko, Citizen and a Rado Diastar (COSC) which I purchased in 1982. Of all the watches listed here the only one left is the Rado. I just keep coming back to it. I have it serviced once every 5 years. It keeps time accurately and the look is endlessly mesmerizing. Time has not touched it at all thanks to the tungsten carbide shell. The only thing that is hard is winding it manually. The spring is hard to wind. I keep considering other watches you mention on your channel, but am not sure how long I will keep them. My Rado has stood the test of time for over 36 years now.

Doom Father says:

At £7000 it sure would be my only dam watch lol

Aushaf Abyan says:

Rolex Explorer absolutely the only watch you need

Chau Hai Nguyen says:

Zenith elite class grande date moonphase is the better choice 🙂

Super Family says:

Please review Sevenfriday.. Thanks

John Harris says:

What a beautiful watch.

Greg Arends says:

So suttle colors, yet so sharp and eye catching in every angle.

The Slender Wrist says:

What. A. Beauty. I don’t like most chronograph – dials are too busy for me – so I never really paid much attention to this one. But that uncluttered and beautiful silver / off white dial is magnificent. So now I want one. Okay… I’ll put this one on my grail watches list, even if I wished that it was 38mm (because, huh, small wrists). But 40mm can still work is the bezel is large enough and the L2L distance not too big, which appears to be the case with this one. Datejust and Oyster Perpetual are cool watches for a 1-watch collection, and versatile enough to tackle every situation, but this is something else. This actually says something about the wearer. Or maybe it’s just me… thanks for the video!

kundai g says:

…. did…. did those 2 hands rag on Zenith?… *weeps*

Daveyboyz says:

Are these voice overs done by Alan Davies? It certainly sounds a very specific accent of Essex/London border and certain class, not quite posh but not chav either.

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