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The International Organisation for Standards, under ISO 6425, states that a recognised dive watch should meet the following requirements: a unidirectional bezel with five minute markers; clearly distinguished minute markings on the dial; readability at 25cm in total darkness; shock, chemical and magnetic resistance; an operational indicator; oh—and of course, a 100-metre depth rating. This covers the bare minimum to qualify—but what if watchmakers went above and beyond?

Featured Watches:
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving GMT 187T170
Oris Aquis Depth Gauge 733 7675 41 54 MB
IWC Aquatimer Split Minute Chronograph IW3723-04

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Harvard Ford says:

It seems I need to add another 3 dive watches to my collection haha!

kiwifix says:

And now you are dead

Max Meier says:

If you go for a dive and cant memorize the time you went in, you probably shouldnt go diving at all.

Harvard Ford says:

So the IWC is almost like a ratrappante?

Canal West says:

Awesome watches… Awesome videos. The IWC is kind of complicated though…. Wud hv to practice it in a cave underwater.

Jake Roth says:

*how about tide mechanical watches?*

Q Nguyen says:


Silver Surfer says:


Piotr Koba says:

That IWC complication should be present in many more watches. Amazing

SoCal Entourage says:

“And you’re dead” lol! Great video!

Lord With A Passport says:

JLC at it again, with impeccable time pieces! #TWMWM

Marcus Rees says:

“And now you’re dead”
I love this channel so much!!!

Jay H says:

The IWC is insanely good looking.

Jason Wan says:

Please do a review on the rado.and their hyperchrome series

highnrising says:

I wear a 300m Omega Seamster dive watch all the time, simply so I can set it to how much time I have remaining on a parking meter. You can get charged $100 in NYC for blowing a meter.

Aeneas Izichi says:

Dive watches do look cool, but then so does an O’Neill wetsuit. What they both have in common though, is they look pretty stupid if worn at a cocktail party!

Stanley Johnson says:


Lacroix en fonte says:

Great great great!

Ashton Kee says:

Haha ‘the watchmakers’ watchmaker! ‘. Well deserved praise indeed for JLC.

Blaise Ortiz says:

Another great video. Thanks.

afarhan21 says:

I was never a fan of dive watches, its not like you go diving every now and then. But these watch makers sure makes you go more! Excellent video.

Kevin C says:

I always thought that IWC was a split second never seen a split minutes

George Scarlateanu says:

Suggestion for a watch review: Porsche Design MONOBLOC ACTUATOR series. Perhaps as part of an episode tackling the smarter mechanical chronographs out there.

Suresh Obhan says:

It is you who makes the watches look and seem even more interesting than they actually are…

Ces1um says:

I was wondering if you would review the Philip Stein brand of watches? They don’t have the same pedigree of the magnificent watches you typically review but they are considered an introductory “luxury” brand at a price point that eases people into buying more expensive brands.

Roelf van der Merwe says:

Damn that split minutes complication is nice.

Ben Wright says:

You’ve got to get a phenomen in to review! Saw it for the first time at Baselworld this year and it is AMAZING! https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.ablogtowatch.com/phenomen-axiom-watch/amp/?source=images

Salva Avlas says:

What about dust (…) for the Oris? I’m not confident … in pure chemical H2O ok but in real life water?

Shane Isaacs says:

These are all unnecessarily complex. All one needs is a Submariner, it’s perfect.

Stephen Rudberg says:

Amazing Dive watches. Beautiful time pieces with a difference.

Harvard Ford says:

Belated congratulations for hitting past 100K!

MDPaull says:

How could you show us that cool Oris and not demonstrate the depth gauge? I really wanted to see that. Regardless, thanks for showing us some less well known divers. The IWC is especially nice.

enjOi47 says:

the JLC face looks awesome but i cant get down with the bezel

pouya delavari says:

IWC was descent

chronoevolution says:

I have the IWC’s little brother, the 3719. Great, unique, and interesting watches.

Matt Lang says:

I believe it should be pronounced with a soft “J” as in “je ne sais quoi”. So that it sounds like “Jey-Jer Le Cooltre”. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddAy6UEGa_Q

But these videos are amazing, thanks for making them!

abhinav bodas says:


MikeZ32TT says:

Great video. Thank you.

Alex Smith says:

That split minutes hand is one of the coolest complications I’ve seen!

Simeon Aleksiev says:

Seiko Tuna has features that actually make sense. Shroud, monoblock case, l- shaped gaskets, best lume in the business, vented strap.

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