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A mechanical watch can cost less than £1,000, and a mechanical watch can also cost more than £100,000. For something so small, can there really be such a difference to warrant such a disparity in cost? To answer that question, we’ve assembled a group of three watches—starting with this Nomos Glashütte—and we’re going to see just how much value you get by comparing it to one of these: a matchstick.

Featured Watches:
Nomos Glashütte Club Automat Datum 774
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moon 1368420
A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia Langematik Perpetual 310.025

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Ahmed Faraz Khan says:

The Lange is so beautiful, this channel is surely doing justice to how much attention to detail a watch of this caliber deserves.

M Jamil Hoque says:

Ever since I got into horology, Nomos has been on my wish list.

I want a Oris, Big Crown Pilot and Nomos.

The WatchBox says:

The JLC looks like there is a lot of dust on the dial in the close up shots

Garraffe says:

What a great, great video

kingtiger4444 says:

another enjoyable video……….. thanks

Viel A says:

@5:05 i-is that a shaving inside?


Sensor wipes. 😛

Roberto Sánchez says:

“enlighten review”, Thanks

winston twu says:

This video has my favorite background music that you use. Is there a name for the track or a way to find it outside of your videos?

jeromec says:

Truly amazing video

Warakorn Asvaraksh says:

Ressence Type 3 please

sanjursan says:

One slight nitpick: what you are calling a bevel is actually a chamfer.

Miguel Padilla says:

Another superb video!

Wilson Ton says:

I own a JLC MUT Moon which I love, but Lange is just in a whole different league.

Priv Info says:

Why anyone would spend $3600 US for that Nomos when you can get an Omega Speedie for the same is beyond me ..

GTpcGaming says:

I already had that JLC in my grail list, but now Nomos is added to it as well. Such a stunning watch for that price range.

Hemaworstje hemaworst says:

Glashütte, a margin of 110% profit…leader of the pact. now that is marketing.

ahjwille says:

Can you do a video on how the Moon Phase work? Thanks.

R. Inkhaurt says:

Watchfinder is scared of doing a Grand Seiko video because they’ll be shocked by how it decimates most of the big guys up there xDDDD

CK ROY says:

JLC is Patek Philipe build quality at the price of Rolex. I went to buy a Riverso at Watchfinder at Brent Cross and the two sale lady were discourteous, I digress. JLC is fantastic value for money and I look forward to my JLC ownership. Lange is a masterpiece!

Alasdair Smith says:

Possibly the best video on the subject of watches I have ever seen

Energetic music says:

Videos like this, help me realize how fucked up the world is. The fact that someone has that much money, and spend them on a watch, or whatever else.

Dan Tan says:


Suaran Sidhu says:

Never stop making videos.

Noor Kareem says:

Do a review the Richard Mille pls..

adibee88 says:

Excellent review and comparison!

irkibby says:

Is the Jaeger-le Coultre balance wheel supposed to be off centre like that?

Soarin8 says:

Britling and longines review please

Tom Smith says:

What a brilliant film!  Thank you very much for sharing.

Dundlele Bundy says:

Excellent video, to be sure. Last line positioning Nomos as an accomplishment of “adversity” is a bit much. I hardly consider the production of a watch for people paying 3k is an experience of “adversity”!!

Barry Maskell says:

Big markups on these overpriced really old mechanical watches

Umberto says:

Keep doing what you’re doing. Kinda feel glad that I bought my Speedy Pro from you guys in Leeds; there’s some great competition but you’re by far the best watch channel on Youtube.

Kevin says:

Kindly bless our souls with a review of the iconic 116613LB

killamist666 says:

Just wow.

DiscoFalcon says:

Still see imperfections in the ALS…something is on the seconds hand at 7:43

Abs says:

My favourite YouTube watch video of all time. The quality of the production is as good as the watches discussed. Congratulations.

Loy Bond says:

It wouldn’t hurt to learn how to pronounce Jaeger

Ted Davis says:

Excellent video!

Faisal Haq says:

There is one brand that I have always found impressive and that’s JLC, and I would truly appreciate it if you would make a video about their efforts in making 3 dimensional tourbillions. Please make a video with your commentary on the gyrotourbillions 1, 2 and 3 and the spherotourbillion?

Derek Lorimer says:

Thanks for this. Very interesting video

dial4711 says:

Sorry to say that — it’s first time I see a balance wheel on a 8.000 Pound watch wobbling – Watchfinder should have noticed as well.

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