In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I am joined by my partner John P and I rant about the new Hublot Big Bang Limited Edition Block Chain watch. Hublot has really lost it this time! Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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Dale Taylor Jr. says:

And I thought getting a tattoo design out of a vending machine was a bad idea.

Aziz Hussein Z says:

LOOLLL. So, the thumbnail is the ACTUAL WATCHH???!!!!! I thought it was Scar from Lion King

photo3338 says:

A friend in HK asked me what I think about bitcoin. I said well, I don’t have any. Do you? He replied yes, he has some. Because of the availability of cheap electricity, a lot of the miners seemed to have been in mainland China. But I read that the Chinese government doesn’t like bitcoin. So it isn’t really legal to own bitcoins in China. In other words you aren’t supposed to exchange Yuan for bitcoin. But these miners seem to still be around. But where in China? who knows. But I think a bitcoin watch has to be some sort of marketing gimmick for the Asian market where some people actually own them. I’ve never met an American who owns any bitcoins. I’m sure that they are out there. Would they buy a Hublot watch if they had to jump through hoops in Asia? Would you? I don’t think so. i agree guys. To me, the word tulip bulb comes to mind. That’s an inside joke intended for only people that I’ve known about who own Hublots: Wall street bankers, traders, etc who are in their 20s and maybe 30s. I looked at one and thought. Who would want a watch that may have a case that has parts that are made of something else besides metal and ceramic? i wouldn’t. From that photo, you don’t know what that watch is made of? Rubber, plastic? Who knows…I’m sure that it is mostly metal. But are there any other materials that make up the case? I would buy a carbon Royal Oak. But not a carbon Hublot. I don’t know why…you ask? maybe because it’s hard to tell what they are made of while the Royal Oaks are obviously Carbon and look like the Carbon fork on my bicycle.

Luciole Dizerot says:

Actually I think that if Bitcoin doesn’t go well, the prices of these watches might be high in several years due to the fact that it would be a reference to a niche and perhaps nostalgic period for some people. Obviously we can’t predict anything, but the watch might be so comical that it might actually become a collectible in the future (like the cheap service watches that nobody was giving back for example).


I don’t get the Hublot hate. I personally don’t like the style of the brand but at least it is trying to be different . Please explain why the hate?

Diego OG says:

definitely not a Jean-Claude Biver idea… SMH

Ale Ben says:

Completely out of topic Federico but do you actively trade stocks, options, Forex, cryptos, or commodities?

Niall says:

Loving the watch content guys! Aside from that however, I’m surely not the only one who’s noticed that John has great skin! What’s the secret?

Mohammad Sheikh says:

You gotta give them credit for creative marketing. But with that said, I find the Spirit of the Big Bang line of watches pretty cool despite being similar to RM. The big bang was cool but kind of boring now.

Young Alwyn says:

Rant if you want to, but do you need to use all that profanity?

Michael Andersen says:

Stupidity knows no limits. Hublot has really lost it this time.
The mookers even wants me to send a picture of me holding my passport and another of my passport. To buy a watch I don’t even know what looks like? Shiit, what the f*ck are they smoking? And can I have some?

Juan Olmos says:

I dont mind hublot, but they just have sooo many limited editions that its devalued the brand , kinda crummy for original followers who enjoyed the brand .

Maurie Barnes says:

Agree. Seems a really odd way to market a product.

Diego OG says:

Giving a bad name to the “watch industry” and the Crypto industry… Great job Hublot?!

Robin C says:

Hublot …bog chain

DoubleA says:

I saw one of the promo ads for this and pretty much had the same reaction. Not that I’m in the market for any of their watches, but the vagueness of the ads turned me off instead of getting me interested in what they have to offer.

Khalid Akkad says:

I’m new to the watch space, and you guys have just ruined Hublot’s reputation in my eyes lol

Ale Ben says:

I think Cryptocurrency and blockchain are in their infancy stage. However, yes, i think Hublot is late to the party. Maybe Hublot thinks Bitcoin will make a higher high and they want to pile up Bitcoin?

John AMG says:

Hublot never appealed to me, I thought it was only stupid rich sport guys buying that crap and Hopefully they will stop now and the brand can die. 🙂

EDC with Aaron says:

But what makes it a blockchain watch? Does it have a bitcoin logo or do something other watches don’t?

Adam says:

I actually quite like hublot, to me they have a modern appealing design on a few of their pieces, but I don’t really consider them a watch-collectors brand, but rather products for people who just like to buy expensive things. There will always be a market for stupid expensive things for people with more money than sense. I have friends who owns Hublot but barely know how to set the time on them, they just bought them because they were expensive and pretty much see them as consumables, but I guess that’s kind of the back side of the entire watch industry, most people buying expensive pieces are not interested in the horology, but just like owning expensive jewelry.

Guillo Tine says:

Gotta admit Hublot knows its demographic. New money tards for the most part.

armando cardenas says:

I reather wear an Invicta than a Hublot .

CrimFerret says:

This was hilarious. Patek or Rolex could put out a pre-order for a new model they didn’t show a photo of and probably sell out the run, but people would know they were getting a really good watch that, if they didn’t like, they could turn around and sell for at least what they paid.

Abdus Samee Azim says:

Is that wall clock for sale …???

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