The Best Rolex Value ? Hublot New Smart Watch ? Q and A

The Best Rolex Value ? Hublot New Smart Watch ? Q and A

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches it is time again for the monthly Instagram Q and A where I answer your guys’ questions. Watch questions like what is the best value Rolex? How durable is a vintage Rolex? Omega Speedmaster professional vs Speedmaster coaxial and what do I think of the new Hublot Big Bang Smart watch? All that and more in this months q and a video.


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Matt Mar says:

“…any team but Juventus…” Fed you’ve just made my day!!!!!!!! Continua così!

shaHorology says:

Hublot smart watch….no need no need… is there???

oscar gustavo arcos ruiz says:

With that whole head shave you look much more sharp than in the previous video.
And … Yes: I also hope that the Hublot smart watch burns in hell

armando cardenas says:

You will be missed , brother .

Mark Playford says:

Hey Fed enjoy your birthday. You ought to take a complete break from watches really and pick it up when you return. Love your enthusiasm, but when it’s your job too? I don’t know how you find enough hours in the day to do YouTube and keep us fed as well. Chill, life is short buddy.

sdm107 says:

And best thumbnail 2018 goes to….

San Tindick says:

Really Fed with Hublot? Lol

Robinson Ang says:

You look so nice and healthier fed… keep it up… great video again

wooster says:

I don’t understand the hype over Hublot. To me, these are show off, bling bling watches. I am pretty sure that the fashion will go away sooner or later.

andrewst12 says:

Federico… why you hate Juventus???

Philip Tian says:

Best thumbnail

Older&Wiser says:

The Ogre freeze frame…you should consider recycling it for Halloween. 😉 Watch out on those Speedys …they seem to have a lot of trouble centering the lume pips on the 12 marker.

bigmoslim says:

your ability to do the whole video in one take still amazes me!

Jay S. says:

Thumbnail is him pushing out a big one lol

Martin Dimitrov says:

Would you visit Tristano?

Ondrej Scerbej says:

Happy birthday!

Marc Gains says:

That Hublot is vile. I am a Man Utd ticket holder and I saw Jose Mourinho (A Hublot ambassador) wear it the other day in an interview. I have asked United to move my seat further away so I don’t have to see it.

von Schweissguth says:

Lovely!!! Thanks!!}

Michael Curran says:

Never change your intro its classic at this point

Franki Maglaras says:

Came for the thumbnail, stayed for the content.

weerobot says:


ripperx444 says:

Wait till the unloved air king is discontinued!

S A says:

happy b day

Leon James says:

Sorry Federico but Liverpool are going to kick Roma’s ass

J Boomhauer says:

This could be the greatest thumbnail I’ve ever seen.

artefact says:

I love the new Milgauss but I have to go with DJ41 because I need date.

Tobias Henriksson says:

Imo it would be really fun to see some watch reviews on some of the watches you get in to delraywatch.
It would be some nice watch content for us and good advertising for you!
keep up the good work!

MrBusytimmy says:

After the ads, video starts at 2:34

Mika Sommer says:

Ur a legend man! <3

Robin C says:

Say hi to TGV….

Paolo Marinaro says:

”I hope it burns in hell!” LOL!!!! Love you, Fed! You’re so funny! Keep the videos coming please.

acrophobe says:

Love the true radius on the F.P. Journe there, seeing numerals switch upside down and right side up willy nilly has always bothered me, love to see a watchmaker have some cojones and leave the numerals the way they ought to be.

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