Talking Watches With Jean-Claude Biver

Today we’re talking with Jean-Claude Biver. If you don’t know who Mr. Biver is, I’ll tell you. He’s the current director of timepieces for the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) group. That means he oversees not only Hublot, which he bought, built, sold, and then directed as CEO until early 2012, but also Zenith (from which one of his “disciples” recently departed to helm a little company called Rolex), and mega-brand TAG Heuer. Biver is one of the most fascinating, innovative, and creative minds in the history of watches, and his influence in the industry today is simply unrivaled. Biver was responsible for the re-birth of Blancpain in the ’80s (we’ll get to that), and several other brands, including Hublot, but today we aren’t here to talk about his incredible accomplishments as a professional — no, we’re here to talk about his personal collection as a watch lover. And it might surprise you. This is your official HODINKEE Talking Watches with Jean-Claude Biver. For the full story, go to:


Issa Haddar says:

Look how focused Ben is when Mr. Biver is telling the story of the royal oak and the big bang. And then he is extremely delighted when he goes through his collection.

ThePoiuytrezap says:

22 000 CHF into 60 000 000 CHF holy shit i have some money for you to invest

George GL says:

Did he just admit to giving insider information about Blancpain to AP, as he was working for Omega???

ben guy says:

are there any other channels like this?

Watches 101 says:

good video , biver make good designs and watch

Paul M. says:

Best one EVER

JF schnell says:

found about him from the days Hublot was a time sponsor for a famous Premier league football team. Vividly remember him talking about that watch that he is wearing on the video. Since then my sort of obsession for mechanical watches started.

We are done says:

It quite funny actually but this guy is a genius in the watch industry. He know what is the best of the best( which he collects for himself). He also know what the ignorant masses would gravitate towards. Hence his collaboration with jokers like Alec monopoly.

Rocket POWER! says:

That’s hilarious

Denny says:

My current collection of endless Timex shitter but one of these days I will switch to this pathetic Phillip if I can spell it correctly.

Luca Brasi says:

A priceless collection from a true connoisseur.

alex verde says:

best collection I’ve ever seen, better than a museum, more than 20milions on that table:)

igotnoideawhattoput says:

Where on earth do people find these decades-old Pateks that look like they’ve never been worn? I mean, do the original owners just buy a Patek one day, put it in the draw and forget about it?

Viceroy M says:

Please tell me those van Gogh’s on the wall are not original…

Jenson Lee says:

I would love to have lunch with Jean Claude Biver.

Matthew Struthers says:

JCB is a legend this is like Enzo Ferrari taking you through his personal car collection

Not really sure where he is taking Tag Heuer but people are sure standing up and taking notice!

Mr. Gong先生 says:

Yes, it’s a watch maker leader

thepanos1 says:

That dog needs a vet. Pushing its head against an object is not a good thing.

LongFinger says:

He seems to get a big defensive when questioned about the Big Bang using a similar design as Royal Oak. They did take the idea as Genta designed both RO and Nautilus, so Hublot did take GGs porthole idea. He admitted it.

Anthony Chesaro says:

Jean-Claude Biver is genius. Maybe Steve Jobs of the watch world – (I’m sure he won’t like this comment) 🙂 🙂

gabb05 says:

casual van goghs in the background! damn!

Luca matureli says:

Best talking Watches episode ever! I was hoping that he would say something about the Lange.

Jaikumar Bhatia says:

I love how hes passionate about watches, not like others just spending money just to show off and stuff.

7IRAM says:

9.15′. So basically he is where he is today because he was a snitch. Working for Omega but passing on information to AP! No respect!

Captain Zed says:

might be the single greatest watch related video ever…

P Leon says:

Wow!!! The history and knowledge this man possessed is phenomenal. What a collection and in mint condition. I felt truly bless listening to this man. Thank you…

Scott Timmermans says:

Ben, simply one of the best, most entertaining, interviews I’ve ever watched. I’m grinning. Love the passion and joy shown by you two! Thank you.

Dusan Veselka says:

now I wonder if anyone has a better watch collection…

Paul Joseph says:

Mr. Biver is always such a delight to watch and listen to. Great video.

Allister Caird says:

What a character…this is one of your best Ben!

Garry Perkins says:

Just so everyone is aware, I bought a FAKE ON EBAY and they found for the seller. BE CAREFUL BUYING ON EBAY!

Mac Arows says:

Incredibly charismatic guy. This was pure enjoyment to watch!

todd piasecki says:

Brilliant. A dying breed.

maka2211 says:

Those poor knuckles. But what an amazing guy.

Vartan Pashayan says:

Doesn’t he work for Tag Huer

maka2211 says:

RIP knuckles. What a guy.

Matthew Hedges says:

Jean-Claude Biver is as loopy as a cupboard full of eels.

Mila repa says:

Right thing with the right guy!! Very inspiring

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