R Hublot Wrist Watches Good Buys?

Style Khan talks about Hublot wrist watches being overpriced for what you get and poor resale value.
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Tom Smyth says:

Smoking a big black dick

Richard Burns says:

I agree, hublot is for rich boy tiddley wink FUCKAZ

SB SB says:

Great channel Bro.I see myself wearing some Hublot models. People who buy Hublot,Richard Mille or Harry Winston watches are so loaded, that they only buy new pieces, and can afford to flush the toilet a quarter of a million bucks on a watch. Everyone else buys Rolex praying that they will keep their resale price. Apart from Rolex every other Luxury brand will loose 60%of their value.

Santiago Del Rio says:

Thanks for the mention – Hublot is the brand of watch I dislike more than any other.  The kind of person that buys Hublot is not interested in curating a sensible watch collection.  They are interested in impressing others with their big obnoxious bling.  Hublot has no horological significance and you’re right, their prices are unwarranted and insulting.   

I really do wish people would understand that watch collecting is more than just going to the store and throwing down the AMEX.  A watch has a soul, and a collection curator is capable of understanding said souls in various horological significant brands.  Breguet, JLC, Rolex, Patek, even Cartier are brands that have shaped the world of horology – Hublot is tantamount to graffiti on the wall.

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