PAID REVIEW FOR JAY – Bullshit Luxury Wrist Watches and Best Watches for me

My name is Jay, please do not use my sir name for you have a bunch of vicious nasty fuckers out there and this is my second request. I have sent $50 US for your opinion.

Archie I am a man of some means that has worked very hard and long to get where I am. I am quite frugal and I believe in educating your self prior to making any large purchase on tangible items. I would like you to please do a video on this subject so more people can become educated on what is really under the hood of items they are spending their hard earned money on.

I am needing your expert opinion and thoughts on this vicious and nasty world of Horology deception!

After hearing Floyd Mayweather praise on his sponsor Hublot. WhenI heard this crap I referred back to the article “Time is Money” in the Economist. Of the whole article the he part that stood out most is this,

“Many big brands rely on Swatch. LVMH (owner of Bulgari, Hublot and TAG Heuer) and Richemont (owner of IWC, Piaget and Vacheron Constantin) use Swatch components. “

Listening to Mayweather and his horological ignorance tout the “best watch ever” as Hublot, I could not help but think there are a lot of ppl paying a shit load of money for a watch that has the same movement as my son’s $150 Swatch Sistem 51.

Archie please help get this word out so people can be educated about their purchases!!

Link to article:

Link to the real cost of ETA:

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Blitzkrieg Betty says:

I don’t agree completely… how easy a watch is to sell doesn’t only depend on brand, it depends on model as well. When it comes to Rolex, there are quite a few models that you will have no problem shifting at market value; some examples would the the Submariner, GMT Master, Steel Daytona as well as a more modern Datejust. (I find the ones that are under 40mm aren’t very hot these days). However, if you get a dog model like the Air King, Milgaus, Explorer II or even the wrong type of datejust (like the ones without fluted bezel) you will have a tougher time selling it than you would a hot model from another brand. You’re right that you should buy them second hand and as cheap as you can, then you will not lose any money when it comes time to sell. In the end, I would advise anyone buying expensive watches to take at least a month to consider if they really want what they are buying… the worst thing you can do is rush into a deal, overpay because the seller see’s your interest and then get buyers remorse a few days later, panic and sell the thing at 60% what you payed for it after no one is all that interested in it.

David Spin says:

Jay sounds like a nasty fucker…

Truthseeker says:

I am a watch dealer. Patek and Rolex. And sadly, yes the cheapest ones like submariner, sea dwellers. I have become fond of Grade AAA hong kong copy watches lately , believe it or not. haha. Watches that I think are sub par to begin with. I amuse myself with $500 dollar copies I really like. But I am Chinese, so there is pride there, I think.

HachiZenki says:

Well, Floyd Mayweather is also illiterate (google this) so his horological ignorance isn’t surprising.

Stuart Lomas says:

Good to hear that you think its NASTY NASTY NASTY that people do stuff for money Archie, I mean you would not be caught doing that would you?……Hang on a mo !!!

Midnight Phister says:

nice one archie, good to see you especializing in watch vids again.

opiewontaylor says:

You buy your Rolex for $5000, five years later you get $5000. So you’ve just tied up five grand for years, earning no interest, and losing money every year because of inflation. Once again, watches are not investments. Buy what you like, and try actually keeping the fucking thing.

lawrence tendler says:

We get it .you like Rolex…..yawn.

Mad Man says:

Patek? Why not JLC? Last time you told us it is Patek quality for Rolex prices (and I agree)…

KrytenP says:

Good video Archie. I actually unsubscribed from this channel because of the endless stream of shifty filler videos you’ve been pumping out lately. This is the Archie your audience wants, Archie the watch guru, the man with strong opinions. Bring back this Archie.

V Cccc says:

You and your paymaster here are chatting shit.

1 Mayweather said Hublot was the best watch COMPANY in the world, not the best watches.
2. the watch he got as a part of his deal wasn’t an ETA watch but a unico watch
3. Hublot have grown astronomically through marketing to people who aren’t 50+  you aren’t their demographics and they don’t want you to be! If YOU liked Hublot, they’d be doing something very wrong.
4. Most swiss watch companies use ETA movements or modified ones for most of their watches – including Ulysse Nardin – bulk of whose watches are still generic, they are slowly shifting because of ETA sales policies. You cannot diss a brand because some of their watches use generic movements – that’s retarded.
5. ETA movements are much cheaper to service and likely of superior in durability, you know this. Enjoy getting an AP/PP/Breguet with issues fixed.
6. Most brands don’t hold their value (PP, Rolex, Hublot/AP for certain types do at the moment, it’s not a fkin investment)

That said, as somebody who was sold a BROKEN Hublot $50,000 unico watch… I do agree with you to a large extent that Hublot has major issues. Nevertheless, as far as a cool pimp daddy fk off watch for somebody under 50, Hublot is top of the pile unless you spend three times that for a nice looking AP. The hoes love Hublots, FACT.

From Australia says:

“jaeger lctrtchuuu”

JB Video says:

Sorry Archie I think you have this wrong. Rolex are now producing around 1.1m watches every year. They are completely flooding the market. Supply will soon outstrip demand and prices on the second hand market will suffer. If you want a safe bet investment it’s best to snap up a watch that is on longer produced but is in high demand. Things like zenith based Daytonas are in high demand and will only get rarer over the years. I think anything ETA should be avoided if you are looking for decent ROI.

CK ROY says:

All watches will lose value or depreciate in time unless rare sought after vintage watches. My Rolex is losing value but my IWC is holding its value better than Rolex. The bottom line is watch is not an investment rather it is a liability just like buying a car unless you invest in an Enzo or similar rare models McLaren F1. Archie you can never make an investment out of massively produced watches maybe if you hold it for 50 years plus when the model becomes rare with demand for it going up.

HachiZenki says:

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.  Why would you want to put $5000 into something only to get $5000 back 5 years later?  That’s……stupid.  Inflation alone (CBs around the world are adamant that inflation is either too low or it’s actually deflationary.  I call BULL-FUCKING-SHIT on that.) will fuck you over.

dhsilv2 says:

There is something truly just wrong with someone who buys any good with the expectation of selling it.  Rolex makes a great watch, they’re just dog shit ugly.  Why waste your time on it, even if they go up in value?

DLH says:

Jay, little knowledge is very dangerous indeed. You sir need to up your horological knowledge!

hcavn says:

Hublot – PHIST PHUCK me dead

Apollo Prospector says:

I really think myself there it’s really an interesting question and this is the whole thing

Jose Bautista says:

where are these 7 percent less Patek watches? I have been checking all the time and same price

Milan Horvath says:

Only idiots buy watches for investments, just like this fat nasty fucker…

mikokuijn says:

“sir name” Archie you dyslexic?

lombady banker says:

Archibald, very interesting article. BTW, have you sold your Rolexes yet? Thought not – Money in the bank old boy..

David Spin says:

I notice an advertisement over the fuckers left shoulder, for Polar brand beer.  Its from Venezuela.

Ed Wri says:

You will keep having your $5000…

Midnight Phister says:


DJZ says:

Big Bang UNICO is all in-house

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