John’s new Hublot watch bracelet

This video is about John’s new Hublot watch bracelet


sharkzf6 says:

Roger that! Live in Vegas. I’ll stop by there and check it out, tell ’em you sent me…maybe they’ll give me some “special pricing” 😉

Vince Ruffing says:

I love that watch and one day very soon will get me one of them thanks for these great videos.

alexkidca says:

goes to show when you a good customer they will take care of you, and cool watch with band

Derek Dahl says:

I FIGURED that thing would not come in a ups envelope. 

Sean Robbins says:


Garrett Kaczmarczyk says:

And here I was thinking my new Reactor Trident was a nice watch, hopefully one day I can afford one of those watches.

Dion Yong says:

Love the strap and the watch!! Just got my first hublot classic fusion.

Blu Brad says:

Im a fellow Hublot owner and lover. The correct pronunciation is not “Hugh Blow” as you say. its more like “OO-BLOT but with a silent T at the end. It means Porthole in French, they dont pronounce the H or the T. Most people pronounce it “Who-Blo”  which is at least closer to the correct way.

texas says:

Do your employees that do good work, get a nice bonus at the end of the year?

Sumanth K S says:

Hublot watches represent Royalty! That piece you are wearing is amazing! Feels like a King huh! Just waiting to pick up mine Bro!

jack rynczak says:

looks good nice pice

DrA says:

New band much nicer. I agree with the other being too
Much red

rockco222 says:


Nino Brown 11B says:

I’m still watching for the haters to come, while you are staring at your Hulbot! You are pushing Tac nylon like a sumo! If the haters get too close Louisville slugger to the dome Pujols! Haters don’t like JW they are a bunch of PUTO’s!

steelrain202 says:

sweet i love my black magic

Nino Brown 11B says:


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