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New watch collectors always ask me if I ever regret ever buying a specific watch. The answer is, “OBVIOUSLY!”

When collecting watches, this is bound to happen to you too. It’s almost inevitable. That’s the reason I made this video and came up with a top 3 list. I could have easily come up with the top 10 watches I regret ever buying, but this short list will give you a quick idea of mistakes that I have made as a collector [and mistakes you can try to avoid].

First watch I regret buying: Chopard Superfast Chronograph

I don’t really buy Chopard watches, so this mistake was a result of a night of excess intoxication in Las Vegas. What a mistake that was! Buying a stainless Superfast at full retail price is an experience that still haunts me until this very day. Lol.

2nd Regret: Rolex Deepsea

Even though I collect many watch models from Rolex, this particular Deepsea purchase, really irks me, especially because I traded a crispy 50th Anniversary Rolex Sub (LV with the black dial and green bezel) for it. Even though it wasn’t a bad trade financially speaking, the Deepsea was too big and heavy for me and I hated it after a while.

3rd Watch I Regret Buying: Hublot Big Bang

I am not much into Hublot Watches and this might be my worst regret ever when it comes to purchases. This rose gold Hublot Big Bang buy turned into a loss when I sold the watch. Given the fact that Hublot has released special edition watches like there’s no tomorrow, the loss shouldn’t have come as a surprise! Another reason I hated buying the Big Bang is because I passed up on a potential purchase on an 41 mm stainless steel AP Chrono because of it. Darn Hublot!

To avoid having regrets like these, make sure that when you buy a watch, it is a classic model that you’ll love forever.

What about your biggest regrets? Comment on some of your worst watch purchases ever and let’s compare.

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Jay Sikes says:

Next video: Top 3 girls I regret getting with….

Fatz MotoG says:

at full retail…. man. I am rolling on the floor. and Hublot ….. really dude… I feel sorry for you.

pandora p says:

What would you recommend for a first all-rounder AP?

john strachan says:

I bought an Invicta once.

James West says:

Did the exact same thing with the Deep Sea, only I flipped a Batman for it !!! Idiot move. Bell & Ross was my Chopard, equally shitty.

We are done says:

I literally LOLed when the word chopard came out your mouth!!!

Marc Judge says:

I feel your pain Eric,however I thought I was making a right decision. I bought a Tag Heure carrera 1887 blue dial 3 years ago new from a retailer. yes got 25 % discount. It looks great. But now I have much more knowledge of horology I realize my mistake. Now looking at a Audermeres piguet royal oak 41mm in S’S. Great vid my friend.

ripperx444 says:

Man I am the complete opposite with the deepsea! I had the hulk, batman and regular sub at one point or another and wound up selling all 3. I got the deepsea and it’s by far my favorite rolex. Maybe I got used to the weight but ever since I removed that diver extension and put the regular links in the watch fits and wears very comfortably. What’s the market on the deepsea now since the new one came out?

Timbucktoothed says:

You quite the actor Eric.  Puts Marlon Brando to shame.  Street Car named desire….No Street watch named Chopard Super Fast!!Love U Eric!  You the best!

Mikkel Rasmussen says:

What’s your job?

hervé Chretien says:

Very wise comments.

V Cccc says:

not a fan of the deep sea either, it’s gigantic. and a bit ugly.

Andre 1,000 says:

Another great video Eric, thanks. LOL, there had to be a Hublot and a DeapSea Sea Dweller in that list.

How about doing a video of your favorite watches right now?

emmanuel rodriguez says:

What you think about the magnifier problem that is been happening on Rolex watches.

Cool and good says:

Shit man, you passed on one of the nicest watches in the world for a Hublot? Come on!

The Macarena says:

hey you could of returned it…24 hr return policy or 7 days i believe

Daniel Kim says:

Great video Eric. Did you buy new Hublot big bang rose gold ? As you said, the used one seems like a real deal. Do you recommend a used Big Bang rose gold then?

Greg Valenzuela says:

take those stupid sunglasses off. How can I believe anything you say if you wear those ridiculous glasses. makes me not trust a thing you have to say. Very east coast Guido douchebag imo.

Vinod Wadhwani says:

I am getting it for 10800

Greg Valenzuela says:

I do like watches and I want to believe the person who’s talking about them but all I’m picking up is phoney shallow unintelligent show off

Benjamin Kissick says:

How sunny is it inside today!


SUB FOR SUB !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Garrett Hu says:

Lucky for me most of my mistakes buying have been low dollar amounts in the sub 1k so at that price range even if I got nothing back, it’s not end of the world but probably lost more money because I sold a watch I shouldn’t have. First was the GMT Master II Pepsi, if I held it I could have got $2000 more, second Longines LD no date, probably could have gotten $500 more but you just can’t even find them anymore. A few more after that…but I also made some money on a few too. That’s just how it goes, don’t look at what you made or lost on one watch but as a hobby as long as you net decently it’s all good.

Vinod Wadhwani says:

I am super confuse, i am debating between sea dweller and sky dweller all steel blue, please advise all of you out there which one is better and for its value too, thank you

Tom DiBella says:

Great vid. Almost nobody is this truthful! Great to know I’m not the only one with watch regrets.

malone001 says:

Exquisite collection! When is the bully (RM) joining it?

Iceberg Dawkins says:

Thanks for that #1 on the Hublot Big Bang. Sometimes I’d look at the special editions with the color spectrum diamonds and such and wonder how I would’nt be caught out in the street with any of them, if even for a special night out at the club. The most I’d go for is a plain look, no ice, but never at full retail. Never.

Simon S says:

Eric. What a super video, from the heart, I can feel your pain….

AngryPistons says:

very nice sub you’re wearing 🙂

Larry B says:

People who buy watches say they want to keep the watch forever in the beginning, but most end up selling the watch in a few years or even a few months and taking a big hit in the process. That’s why I buy what I really like and take into account resale value these days. I made the mistake of buying a Franck Muller and paying almost full retail 15 years ago and took a massive loss when I resold it in 2012. Granted that I’ve used it for around 10 years, it’s disheartening that all I got was peanuts for it!

Jon Carter Voice says:

Great points on these watches. I’ve had similar experiences, esp with the Chopard.

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