HUBLOT tourbillon JCK 2011

Videos from our visit with Hublot at The Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas during the JCK 2011 show. We view the new products and prototype pieces from their current collection.

-Dr. Ming Woo


Juan correa says:

Deseo comprar un reloj hublot skeleton réplica

Kenny N says:

Yes it is true. Only 30 of them were made but it was all sold out on their 2nd day, now they produced about 50 (i’m sure they are almost sold out as well).

This watch is quite interesting, it has the ability to let the master control how fast and slow time will go. For example, you can make 1 hour become 20 minutes and 20 minutes become 1 hour. BTW, it is also a tourbillon mechanical watch, which are VERY expensive. But, many people still buy them .

Mystery Painter says:

why show it if its not even running?

DanielTseng100 says:

can I em… marry to this watch? xD

heather santoro siguenza says:


Сергей Павлов says:

Шикарная технология создания часов марки HUBLOT

Lokmen Haddad says:

i guess this is Optimus Prime’s watch -_-‘

Narvalodesource says:

Bon bah c’est une fausse, aucun sigle Hublot sur les boutons de réglages, très peu courant chez eux, de plus le caoutchouc du bracelet est recouvert d’une poussière de métal, ce qui est fréquent chez les imitations chinoises, et oui c’est fabriqué a la chaîne chez eux, d’ou cette poussière.

Kevin Wilmott says:

Love it

Max Had says:

What is that monster’s price

Yugo Nebrat says:

that’s a ugly watch

Ramiel says:

Its clearly stolen.

Downtime says:

Dr. Ming Woo, are you a Doctor?

Karel Zukal says:

tyhle sluchátka musím mít marek hulbo

adwnee1 says:

nice watch but tooooooooooooooooooooo dirty

Nordmann61 says:

Looks liks something Ripley would have worn on the spaceship Nostromo….

Carl Franklin says:

i dont like hublot

Luxury Watches says:

Could be designed by H.R. Giger

Raúl Inestal Angulo says:

Increíble quien lo pillara que maravilla

moises gabriel gutierrez gomez says:

nice watch how many in us dollars

MrBawsauce says:

Its a fucking time machine

sonick808 says:

omg WANT

TheBlackAndWhiteCow says:

had Flux Pavilion – The Scientist playing in the background weirdly enough it describes alot of the parts in the video

GunDog143 says:

most amazing watch ever 😀

Luis Madafaka says:

whats up with the obviously glued saphire in the back? is this a replica?

PRC1972 says:

This watch allows you to divide the hour measurement into different increments where the hand measuring the hour moves faster or slower. You are still measuring an hour regardless, but the philosophy behind the watch is that when you want time to move “more quickly”, you would set the hour measurement to a faster moving hand increment. Whereas if you want time to move “more slowly” you change the hour measurement to a slower moving increment. It’s silly if you ask me, but a cool complication…

matrich2010 says:

stupid comment

cocodrilo1313 says:

Is that a mini lawnmower?

Lee Wang says:

it’s not Optimus Prime’s watch, but it’s a “watchacon”, it’s gonna transform into a robot and shoot ppl.



tippo81 says:

WTF is this?

cenk kaya says:

Looks Like a Crysis 3 watsch :;D

Jonas Clark says:

There was a bit of a scandal a few years ago when some tiny luxury brand created a tourbillon-showcase watch that actually did not show the time at all.

Jeff Choi says:

this is $290,000 watch. I don’t believe it

Andrew Calvarese says:

Um, this watch costs as much as 40 Rolexes and looks like shit to boot.

Kriston Madhoo says:

It’s clearly an omnitrix

ATLcameron says:

What do these watches even do

tomdiams says:

People who buy this watch already have houses and lambos. True story…!

Weles Anderson says:

indeed stupid, laughed hard when i pressed “show comment”

Manuel Blanco says:

That Ugly Are these watches are Best

MrCosmin94 says:

Optimus Prime called, he wants his watch back.

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