Hublot new watches at Baselworld 2018

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Hublot announces the Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, a connected watch designed for the FIFA World Cup, during a press conference filled with a plethora of soccer stars this Baselworld 2018 along with the Big Bang MP-11 housing a movement inspired by La Ferrari. It does not stop there! Raphael Nussbaumer, Hublot’s Product and Purchasing Director, introduces two new materials; a vivid red ceramic named Red Magic showcased in the Big Bang Unico Red Magic and a 3-D carbon fiber.


zoostation64 says:

I feel like Hublot actually have a lot of potential, and I don’t hate them like some do… but some of their design choices (military-style fonts/numerals, everything being skeletonised etc) ruin the overall aesthetic of their watches. I feel like if they had a little more restraint in the design department, and made their timepieces somewhat more legible, it could be a substantial improvement.

Alican C says:

respect their open mind.

manduheavy vazquez says:

The smart watch is for kids…….the mechanical watch is for Elegancy, beautiful, amazing, great, is another lever over the technology. Greatness.

George Boaru says:

I can only feel sorry for the engineers who hat to put up with this shit.

Rafael Rodriguez says:

Interesting the world Cup watches, no so much the others, not into Hublot designs myself, anyway thanks to the for show all the Brands and their novelties

Abhishek Srivastava says:

2:37 I love the red ceramic watch. so bold! 3:31 4:19 Stunning

pokojoindis says:

Hulbot, true to form are slumming it, going after the quick buck, always chasing the latest gimmick.

Michael Andersen says:

I happen to like their way of thinking smart watch, but they need to cut the price to around €500 before I will even be considering getting one.

aovint63 says:

I wouldn’t criticize Hublot watches anywhere near their booth. If they get angry and throw one of their watches at you, you’re in for a painful injury.

UXXV says:

Loved the dig at Rolex and their pink and purple BLROs

Jay Remi says:

Basically once the World Cup is over, you got a pretty pointless piece.

JusAr Tin-ado says:

That chick at 0:03

Thomas Lee says:


Bobby Sebastian says:

I personally agree with you Marc Andre, I’ll not buy the smart watch. I’m personally not a hublot fan. Thanks for the updates

Timmy says:

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a FAIL! Does the smartwatch come with a sledgehammer?

ryvr madduck says:

Hublot and the WorldCup, a fitting match. I have been a local amateur soccer referee for the past ten years. I referee about three hundred games per year, so my view of soccer is from the view of a burn out. I’m burned out on soccer. Sorry. I use a Timex IronMan when I referee, and I found an electronic digital watch that some kid must have thrown in the street, it did not work and the strap was broken. I took off the broken strap ends, slapped in a fresh battery and voila I have a new watch for the soccer. I must wear two watches in a match. My off time I wear a Rolex Daytona, or an Omega SpeedMaster, or a Rolex Sea-Dweller. I wonder if Hublot would give me one of their watches to referee, and I could again find that passion and fire to referee with style and class?

Abhishek Srivastava says:

The biggest problem with all non-apple smart watches is the crappy android (and android like) OS.

Timepiece Perfection says:

I love Hublot. Simple❤️❤️❤️

Legendus Vrenko says:

Such a great musical intro.. cant get enough of it..

Carlos Jaros says:

They should either line up the screws or change the design to something less obvious.The only reason I wouldn’t want one.Very distracting and kinda contradicts with precision which is what it should be about in fine watchmaking.

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