Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Ferrari Watch Hands-On

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Hands-on look at the 2013 limited edition Ferrari and Hublot designed Hublot Masterpiece MP-05 LaFerrari watch with a tourbillon and 50 days of power reserve.


DzoLe says:

well this is the most ugly looking watch i have ever seen…crap

mistervanderveer says:

The LaFerrari watch is a precision piece of engineering almost as complicated as the car. It was designed by Hublot engineers along side the car. The sapphire crystal facade is sculpted to imitate the lines of the automobile, and the casing is constructed from tough PVD titanium. The movement is powered by 637 individual components — a record for Hublot. Another record, the MP-05 has a 50-day power reserve. No other hand-wound Tourbillon wristwatch has come close.

Jacob Pesquera says:

I can’t comprehend why someone would pay a good 2-story house worth for that ordinary looking watch? There’s so much you can do with $300,000.00 and people buy a watch!?

Cristiano Sterrelo says:

For a limited “time” only, yours for only $300,000.99 😀

Tommy Nutz says:

My Pokémon watch is way better then this…..

Alex says:

Ok but before I buy this piece of shit…. what time is it?

A 300K watch that costs more than a Ferrari and can’t give you an accurate time reading at first sight? Yes… Give me 2 why don’y you!

lachidiuk84 says:

… in the meanwhile Gaia go fuck herself. No words (F**k you Money).

neil matthew palapala says:

it cost $300,000 and here i am wearing a $200 G-SHOCK hahahaha

Uptown NYC says:

This nigga Floyd was on TMZ saying lookit my new Hugo watch, lookit my Hugo watch…I was like WTF he bought a Hugo Boss watch and he tryna stunt on TMZ?? LMAO

Saish says:

wearing 300000$ watch and have no fucking idea how to check time *CHECKS TIME ON PHONE*

Nick Nobrega says:

Blows my mind that this is a 300k watch, ill stick w my rolex for a fraction of that price

Matthew S. Jackson says:

Truly hideous.

Heindrick Millien says:

i prefer to buy a real Ferrari with the money

LF Contra Todos says:

look China Watch

whoelsebutthekidace says:

This damn watch cost $248.400.00 and that’s the dam discounted price!!! I wouldn’t buy that shit even if I had a trillion dollars.

Arnav Dahal says:

it looks more like a transformer robot’s head…300k seriously??

Automotive Vlog says:

cool ..

F. says:

Floyd Mayweather got me fucked up

CDFury says:

A watch that cost $300k
But how much does it cost to make ?

Prince Goro says:

The hours are on the right to and minutes go from left bottom to bottom right

Elijah Thweatt says:


Wil D says:

1:18.. Oh um “about $300,00” that’s all just $300,000 (note the sarcasm)

H H says:

Just like a LaFerrari, you would of locked it in a room dust-free, temperature controlled, atmosphere controlled, and advance security.

Business man says:

Buy a ferrari not an ugly ass watch that says ferrari

For ce says:

와 진짜 취저다

Kanal Kapandı says:

255.000 $ OMG

fika bir says:

Can you fly with it?????

Coyote says:

All I Want to know how much that watch cost Hublot to Manufacture???

Fight Talk says:

That’s a good way to flush 300 grand down the toilet. Rich or not, you have to be incredibly full of yourself at a disturbing level to purchace a $300,000 fuckin watch.

boogie27896 says:

300,000? I’ll offer 150

Sabina Sag says:

how the fuck you see time on that ugly ass

srkkroh791 says:

what ugly and expensive watch.

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