Hublot goes full diamond

The latest Hublot extravaganza; a 141.5 carat diamond Bang!


Ian Horwood says:

another peice of blinged iced out overpriced crap

Blake Kucera says:

That watch is ugly. There is such thing as to many diamonds. Like the saying you don’t go full retard. You don’t go full diamond.

MK Heyerdahl says:

I’m sticking to VVS Lab Diamonds.

TheStereo941 says:

2 million euro watch-Doesn’t even wear gloves to hold it

lifebeyondrepair says:

1:21, wait Jay-Z has a casino?

Abdulla Abdulaziz says:

Bought already

mikeyb says:

looks like a pain the ass to tell time on that watch.

Interstellar Lapis & the CCCP says:

I want to say it’s too much diamonds but my real problem is that it’s a Hublot. Even if you coated a Honda Civic with platinum and then laced it with diamonds I still would not want to drive it. Maybe if it was a blinged out Audemars Piguet I would consider it from time to time… but that’s only when I am in the mood to be really douchey. There is no escaping it, wearing this many diamonds makes you look like a douche but if you own it then you can turn it into something positive and that can be your thing. A guy that wants to keep his cool and remain classy… this won’t work for him.

BlackNapoleon says:

you guys wanna sponsor me with one? 😀

MrHectrod211 says:

U kno Floyd Mayweather has one…

slick slicker says:

That presenter is so hot love his slicked baock back look

Wes D says:

This company makes some fugly watches. They look like designs straight from the ghetto; when you go for rich, pass over kill and end up with a pimp named slickback.

Ill Vill says:

cost all that money still look gaudy and cheap.

appie D says:

The poor Africans that dug up the fucking bling are still hungry bloody basters!

joey alfaro says:

why not just make stick on blood diamonds save jeweler fees.

Emmanuel Bongomin says:

looks like a rappers watch

Steve Gilbert says:

I make sure I get all of that

Prema Ganesh says:

Brother plz gift dis hub lot

Ryan Palmer says:

I see anyone with this, I’m cutting their arm off with a machete, easy money

SunSon29 says:

So cheap, just bought 10…

Perfect Diamond says:

they have 1 million copies of that watch!?

Andrew Flood says:


benz d'immortal says:

Im gonna buy one!!!!

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