Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Titanium 521.NX.1171.RX Functions & Care

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Greetings, and welcome to the world of Hublot. Today I’ll be your guide to the proper usage, care, and maintenance of your Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph in Titanium. It’s important to note that this is an automatic winding timepiece that energizes itself. Nevertheless, it can be manually wound by taking the crown in the first position flush to the case and turning it in a clockwise direction 20 to 30 times. This will be sufficient to energize the main spring such that the watch can be put on the wrist and the natural course of kinetic motion on the wrist in conjunction with the case back winding rotor will continue to energize the watch for daily use. Should you wish to wind the watch to its total 42 hour power capacity, simply continue turning the crown. Due to the bridle style main spring, you cannot accidentally overwind this timepiece, and you cannot damage it by doing so. Simply continue turning until you hear the subtle slip or click of the bridle style main spring. It automatically relieves any excess strain.

Now, once you have wound the watch it’s important to note that there are two additional refinements that can be used to aide more precise time setting. The first is known as hacking seconds, or stop seconds. You’ll note that when the crown is pulled out to extremity two detents from flush, that the constant seconds hand at 3:00 stops. Likewise, on the case back you’ll note that the balance is halted, it’s no longer oscillating. Now, this can be used in conjunction with a known accurate reference time, like an atomic clock, to set the watch precisely to the second. Typically this is done by allowing the seconds hand to advance to the index at 12, adjusting the minutes hand to the next nearest minute, and waiting until the reference time catches up to the time you’ve set, and then pushing the crown back in, resuming the beat of the balance, the advance of the seconds hand. That would synchronize the watch precisely.

Certainly, never use any of the functions, which is to say, don’t cycle the pushers or use the crown when the watch is submerged, but also keep them disused when there’s water on the case, as using them under that condition can bypass the seals and introduce water to the interior of the watch. Once in, it is very difficult to get out, causing significant cosmetic and mechanical damage. Moreover, once you’ve used the crown for setting the the time or the date, always push it back into its flush position. This helps protect it from being sheared, but it also ensures that it helps the watch attain its maximum factory rated permanticity against water.

Now, it’s also important to note that water resistance, unlike physical dimensions or mechanical specifications, is not a static feature of a watch, and over time it will ebb. Which is why Hublot recommends having the watch water tested at an authorized Hublot retailer at least once every two years. This is also an excellent time to check the mechanical and cosmetic condition of the watch. Furthermore, it’s important to note that the watch should be kept remote from magnetism, such as purse closures, wallet closures, sub woofers, speakers, MRA equipment, and high powered wiring looms in the home and office, as all of these can magnetize the metallic hair spring that sits at the center of the balance, the beating heart of your watch. If magnetized, you may notice erratic timing. The watch may run slow, it may run fast. Should you suspect that this has happened, take it to an authorized Hublot retailer where specialized equipment is available to quickly and easily demagnetize the watch.

Shock is also of concern to the mechanical watch owner. The timepiece should be disused during high impact activities, such as firearms marksmanship, golf, tennis, batting, mountain biking, or dirt biking as all of these can shock the movement, displace its components, and severely damage it. Finally, with respect to mechanical service, Hublot recommends every three to five years having a complete overhaul on the watch. Now, complete overhaul will also include testing and reconstitution of your watch’s water resistance, as well as a cosmetic refinishing. It’s best to have the watch tested when it goes in for water resistance testing, in cosmetic and mechanical respects as well.

Should the watch require a service, service exclusively with an authorized Hublot service center as these agencies exclusively have the original factory parts, trained personnel, and specialized equipment to back all parts and labor invested with an original Hublot factory service warranty. To learn more about this and the entire Hublot line visit our website, and email, text, or call. Our experts will be happy to walk you through the ownership of this or any Hublot model.


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Thanks for the vid. Sounds weird ‘Tim of Govberg’. I’m very accustomed to WUW reviews. Nevertheless good review as always.

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Is the racing grey chronograph available in 42mm?

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