Hublot Big Bang Unico Sapphire Review

Dylan of Bijou Diamond Jewellery reviews the Hublot Big Bang Unico in clear Sapphire (ref. 411.JX.4802.RT). He talks through the different features of the watch, and how it compares to other sapphire watches. Stay tuned for more watch reviews.

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Sirjean5 says:

Not fair how people compare Hublot to Patek Phillipe and AP. The difference is Patek and AP have a lot of history and are very reliable names in the industry and so fans of those companies sometimes snob Hublot for being different, innovative and in some ways an eccentric brand. They are a decent company and make a lot of fun pieces even though to be honest toooo many special editions/collaborations and pieces it’ hard to keep up with. I do understand where watch enthusiasts come from when they say Hublot is for those casual fans who are more into trends and not so passionate about watches BUT I think Hublot should be given more credit than they get. The Unico movement is a very interesting in-house movement and Mr Biver is one of the most passionate CEO’s in the watch industry and while he was a CEO at Hublot had a positive impact on the company. Nice review btw. An interesting piece but I’m not so drawn to all sapphire pieces such as the Richard Mille all Sapphire piece, they are a little less masculine in my opinion especially with the clear strap, which is not always a bad thing , just my preference :)..

valebliz says:

That rubber strap finishing is pretty shitty for a 40k+ watch uh… i’ve got 30 bucks rubber straps that are finished miles better than that.

Yerassyl Tagambay says:

Hello. I’ve just subscribed to your website but could not login and get my password done ;(

mt89 says:


IronArmor says:

Great reviews ! I have a question, i’m a med student, what is the cheapest rolex i can find ? The airking ?

DeAd says:

why would u compared hublot with patek ap? theres a huge price difference and a different target audience. not to mention RM, they are highly overpriced. almost $2m sapphire vs $46k sapphire… there is absolutely no comparison

Matthew Kates says:

For a starter Rolex, what are your thoughts? Rolex Explorer 214270 or Rolex Datejust 36mm 116200 (blue, black, or white dial)

ZCT808 says:

I guess it is a little unfair comparing this piece to one that costs more than 30 times as much!

Ultimately, the problem here is that in the almost fifty thousand pound price point there are so many amazing watches you could have instead, and still have a ton of money left over for something else.

It’s also deeply concerning that you were able to identify flaws in build quality and finish at this price point; you’d kind of expect perfection or close to it.

James Richard says:

thats why i dont buy hublot

Underwood95 says:

U good looking bro! No homo

Futurama10000 says:

Awesome video

Xiang Fan says:

unless everyone knows the brand of Hublot, 99.999999% of the people just know you bought a new G-shock

Nate58 Diaz says:

My cleaner now became the brand ambassador for hublot !

alex weber says:

Great video!

vance blow says:

Nice thorough review and good….However comparing the Hublot Sapphire watch to Patek and AP seems a bit bias and extreme as far as quality.. because Patek and AP are in general a much more expensive watch brand…And Richard Mille is like a 300,000 …cheers

Gary Smith says:

£48,000 for a watch that reminds me of a Swatch jelly. A good honest review.

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