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Hublot Big Bang 44 Watch Review

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Ariel Adams of aBlogtoWatch reviews the Hublot Big Bang 44 watch in steel and black ceramic.

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fozaldo says:

Is that a 7750?

Paralytic says:

Please fix your audio. Intro music is too loud

Oleksi says:

Nothing special about this “strap system”. For example, Oris has it for years…

Lolchin Chin says:

REAL overpriced piece! Don’t denied!

Captain Zed says:

I like some Big Bangs. The Big Bang Evo is a bit more reserved I’d wear it for sure. I also like how Hublot pisses everyone off.

Wilhelm Otto Dusseldorf says:

I’m going to buy either the Hublot Big Bang or the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon. I think the Big Bang looks better. I like the industrial futuristic look of it. Funny both watches have titles having to do with space.

ryvr madduck says:

Who Blow. What the fuck does that mean? This is trying to be “luxury” by being overly busy and generally trying too hard. Buy this at fourteen thousand and sell for three thousand. Wait, wait what the fuck a “modified” ETA movement?!? Seriously!??! For THAT money!?!? Who Blow ain’t getting my money.

The Outsider says:

The fake Big Bangs look better than the real ones

S.I. says:

No thanks.

JGibb 62 says:

AP knockoff

Jean-Marc Brechbühler says:

What an ugly watch from the most overrated and overpriced brand on the planet! Just marketing, nothing else. Bien fait Monsieur Biver!

Jens H. says:

I’m into watches for about 9 years now. I’m in the mid 20s and this is the only watch I never got used to. Ugly on first look – still ugly after many looks. It may be a personal thing, but damn this thing looks so cheap.

explosion660 says:

I thought it looks similar to my sons 75$ G-shock…Lol

Ray Donovan JR says:

the okd hublot MDMs are nice

Wolf says:

That’s how a jewish watch journalist praises a $14k retail price watch that costs less than $1k in production. No real watch lover or watch loving journalist would praise this…

Larry the1st says:

Classic fusion line is more interesting.
Please give us a review.

Jimmy Le Voir says:

Hublot =
Watch brand for show offs
Watch brand without heritage
Watch brand made by a concept of replicating a other watch brand (Audemars Piguet)
Watches with ETA movements with the price tag of a in-house movement watch
And they are overpriced

Buy a better watch then a hublot for cheaper

krbcrwlr says:

the screws are misaligned. also fake carbon with an eta? fuck me

I'm Rich Bitch. says:

*Archieluxury brought me here! Much love from beautiful BANGOR, MAINE where recreational marijuana is legal for all to enjoy, home prices are still some of the lowest in the entire nation, auto insurance is the lowest in the entire nation, taxes are low and the scenery is absolute nirvana. The freshest seafood you’ll ever taste. Come visit BANGOR, MAINE.*

BC BC says:

I’d rather wear a $10 Casio

Tim Archer says:

Ugly as hell!

Pasquale says:


RandomUser20130101 says:

Just an outstanding watch for dynamic, successful, determined folks who want to tell the world that they’ve made it. If you don’t like it, then it’s obvious you don’t fit into that demographic. This watch has basically changed the entire watch industry for the better. Thanks to Hublot (and some other companies), 44mm show-off watches are the norm, which is perfect for the smartphone era.

Frantisek Kurcik says:

What is so fantastic about this product, that they dare to sell it for 20,000 dollars. It looks like a Casio G-shock. The dial has poor legibility.

fugitive88888 says:

It s shit

Shameel Ali says:

Loooove this watch

Xiang Fan says:

hublot: i am better than the royal oak, because i have more screws,

Agus PR says:

Not my cup of tea.

frieswithmayo says:

Ideal watch for Floyd Mayweather

felix crab says:

God when will carbon fiber end its fucking aweful on dials and on every luxury car

Ernest Kwok says:

TBH, it’s fugly, no heritage, very generic movement, lousy resale value.. I would take my 14 grand elsewhere! sorry

frieswithmayo says:

Hublot = all showoff, no history – ideal for football players

HachiZenki says:

The only decent looking Who-blows are the Fusion line, a throwback looking line when Hublot was still owned by Carlo Crocco.

Jimmy Le Voir says:

Nasty watch brand

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