How to Spot a Fake Hublot Big Bang watch


Alex Sotirakis says:

i have a few replicas and genuines aswell, but seriously? the reason why people buy them is because they are not affordable for the average person? who told you these watches are for the average person?

no comment says:

where would you recommend buying replica watches online

Chew Gum says:

Just get to the fucking watch. I don’t fucking care what you think just say how can you spot is fake you fucking twat


seriously to those fakers out there, if you can’t afford one good genuine watch.. don’t go for fake ones. the chances of others spotting it on your wrist is very high, you only embarrassing yourself. Be proud of what and who you are, stop being an imposter.

Captain Zed says:

I have been looking into a preowned Hublot and frankly concerned that I get a real one. Thanks for the video.

Geertje99 - says:

well now i know i have a fake watch :()

Robert Shapiro says:

Personally I have nothing against those who purchase and wear fake watches. There is absolutely no denying replicas are for posers with no self-esteem & anyone who claims different are clearly in denial, but to each his own I guess. Your “know one will ever know” comment you made clearly proves my point.

AMB says:

people search so they dont get scammed or to be able to spot fakers

Matthieu says:

The problem with fake watches is that they are killing the industry of the real ones, because all the money put in fake watches are slipping from the hands of authentic brands (who tend to have economic issues). Moreover the fake watches “manufactures” are often illegal and undeclared companies who don’t pay taxes to the state and don’t give enough money to live to their employees.

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