How It’s Made – Hublot Magic Gold Watches

How It’s Made – Hublot Magic Gold Watches


J Simo says:

ill bet my phone tells the time just the same. all that tech going into something so redundant

h b says:

just gonna go ahead and say this. if you own a gold watch or piece of jewelery and are careless enough to get it scratched, then i guess you don’t deserve to own it to begin with.

Phil X says:


Eiman Azim says:

Amazing video man..I liked it.

maniacram says:

All that for an ugly watch, not to mention the ugly color.

Truman Jack says:

thats cool but it doesnt even look like gold anymore, it looks like brass or something

dimman77 says:

This is a metal matrix composite or cermet. Been done in aerospace for years (decades?). One way is a porous ceramic with a metal infused into the gaps.

This isn’t a gold alloy, and I doubt Hublot actually has a patent for this. This looks like liquid state pressure infiltration. The only thing Hublot has done is keeping the weight of the ceramic to 25% that of gold so they can mark the finished product .750/18k.

The gold itself isn’t any harder, it’s soft, pure gold protected and supported by hard pieces of ceramic on a microscopic scale.

Plus it’s uuuuugly.

Cameron Weber says:

that’s amazing but it’s color is hideous

7IRAM says:

Hublot is dog shit

Sam Ho says:

it’s cool, but the color is No good, not gold anymore.

Cameron Weber says:

Platinum is the most noble metal. I’d almost include just rhodium

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