Hands on with the Hublot La Ferrari All Sapphire

Today we get the chance to take a closer look at the Hublot MP-05 La Ferrari in all Sapphire.

With a record breaking 50 day power reserve, and a case made completely of Sapphire Crystal, this Hublot is truly a Masterpiece.

Thanks to Justin Dekhoda at Hublot Las Vegas for showing us the Hublot La Ferrari in all Sapphire.

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ugly as all hell

armando barrera says:

12 barrels numbnuts

revenlusker says:

Floyd Mayweather brought my broke ass here.

Hulk Super Powerful says:

Really art and i wish it

Paul says:

it’s a fuckin watch you pretentious prick

Arnav Dahal says:

it looks more like a transformer robot’s head…300k seriously!!??

Chad Lucas says:

This is the stupidest looking watch I have ever seen. If you see someone wearing it yeah we get it you wasted half a million on a watch you’re so cool. It barely even shows you the time yeah it looks crazy but it’s dumb as fuck.

Symone Williams says:

How about a buck-fifty? Why is there a plastic band on a watch with that many components at the current rate?

YoutubSUCKZ says:

mayweather is dumb enough to buy this shit

The Awristocrat says:

I guess I should point out this watch is $575k

Im From Kazakstan says:

Shiet. monkey maybeder use it lul

Alex says:

Before I buy this piece of shit…. What time is it?

Hard as shit to tell the time on it so it’s not a very effective watch, costs more than an actual Ferrari car and I have to carry a tool around to wind it…. Is this the best watch ever? I’ll take 2.

Max Mustermann says:

the watch he wears looks mch nicer than the ferrari watch. its to big and doesnt looks good at all

Crystian Quezada says:

garbage lmfao the shit that rich people spend there money on
looks like a fucking watch you get from the Walmart lol
they should give you that watch when u buy the fucking car

Rob Johnson says:

I can appreciate the craftsmanship that has gone it making this watch, but it’s kind of pointless when the finished product looks like arse. Go purchase a Richard Mille.

Patrick Landry says:

ill get the replica for 80 $ hahaha

Quenton McKay says:

Whats do 300k about it???

Matthew S. Jackson says:

Looks like a swollen swatch watch, or something that would come zip tied to a cardboard box at Walmart.

CLH says:

Screw the laferrari, what what is he wearing??

tzzupp says:

this belongs on the “running out of things to buy list”.


i love how he is wearing an aerofusion titanium diamond to make this review
this thing is fucking amazing
i wish i could afford it

Di says:

That is an ugly watch.. sapphire crystal looks like plexiglass and wtf is up w/ the rubber strap?

ff says:

So sick! A true collectors piece.

The Rusty Shank says:

I brought mine at school, I left it in my locker and someone stole it.

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