Prior to embarking on the world tour for the final fight of his illustrious career, undefeated future Hall of Famer Floyd Mayweather gave FightHype.com an exclusive look into his flashy lifestyle. Check out the scene as Mayweather showed off his collection of watches worth millions.


Zeebra says:

Every watch is fucking diamonds ! This dude got no taste or respect for horology

sam Davies says:

Meanwhile in the grand scale of things Floyd ain’t got shit on a bovet watch cheapest is starting bid for 342,000,000 Ina a bit floyd

Big Country says:

“They’re not wearing the 44mm” I’m here catching up to him wearing the 42mm Apple Watch Series 3(with cellular). Aluminum too

j j Cade says:

Wow. very impressive watch collection. You earn it Champ

Liam Hathaway says:

Paadek filiip

I I says:

People come here, get jealous. Comment on YouTube as if floyd is reading this

Blessed with Watches says:

I love watches and I have a great passion for collecting watches however some of these prices are ridiculous .. I know none of these watches are hurting his pockets but come on man .. Keep it under 50,000 plz lol

talas attila says:

That black guy has hard time talking… E…U…E…U… Watch…. here this is…. errr.. uh… I got this from er.. it is white gold… I Think he doesn’t know shit about watches. He heard about some watches being popular and he likes to be popular or something. I mean he has diamonds on a fucking CASIO?!

Michael says:

Look at all these broke white and Mexican white haters talking about the watches have lost value or it’s a dumb investment lmao other than the patek a number of the watches were 1 of 1 with FACTORY diamonds so tell me how that’s going to lose value? You people just some haters. Oh and for your information yes I’ve had luxury watches a 2012 18k gold day date 36mm it does have diamonds dials but no I wouldn’t put diamonds on my watch but that’s just my taste

MasterOFentertainment says:

mumbling ass bitch says ‘umm’ ‘err’ more than actual words

lordpoochalot says:

cant read can he tell the time??

huzaifah mian says:

no class what so ever

Parmdeep Puri says:

he ruined so many good watches!

Ed Loki says:

Diamond encrusted Casio?? I think Floyd took too many punches to the head the day he bought that one.

Clarence White says:


Americanblood76 says:

They look fake. Too much, throwing money down the toilet.

Mr Gispacho says:

Those are ugly, sometimes less is more

The truth channel says:

I’m not interested in watches, these look sick as fuck, but I can’t believe some people have possessions like this while there’s people starving and living on the streets… What a messed up world we live in!

Michael says:

Love this guy

Jahi Khalil says:

damn u know u got money when a diamond gshock that’s prolly 15K at the least is your running watch

CasualMCZ TMC says:

I hate a £70 G-shock and I know what time it is!

bserper says:

Takes beautiful watches and ruins them with diamonds… Im a strong believer in if you like somthing go for it; but this is just disgustingly flashy.

XapnoMapkc says:

Wow … money certainly can’t buy class. You take a fine wristwatch and, instead of appreciating the excellence of the brand and movement, you concentrate on encrusting it in ugly diamonds. To make things worse, he can’t even say “Patek Philippe” (he calls it “Paddock” … what a maroon.) Floyd has tons of money, but no knowledge about watches.

John Campeau says:

More money than sense

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