Fake Watches in Asia – Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breitling, Hublot, TAG Heuer, Audemars Piguet

Fake watches can be seen for sale on the streets all over Asia. Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, Breitling, Hublot, IWC, TAG Heuer, Audemars Piguet and many more popular watches brands have all been victims of counterfeiting.

The annual sales from fake and counterfeit watches exceeds $1 Billion USD. Some estimate 40% of all fake watches are made in China.

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Andrew Simmons says:

Where is mr Archie Luxury 😉

Mickola says:

Time to check out of this vid I’ve had my Breitling dual watch bought at Sala Daeng for 2000 tbh for 18 years and experts say that its not easy to tell the difference and it’s still pukka !

Trevs Travel Tales says:

What about Andy Grunter with a fake P P. Thanks Bud. When are you back.

Stephen Palmer says:

Bought a Breitling and a Tag Heuer 2 years ago in Phuket. Surprisingly still working.

ΑΕΚ Ενημέρωση says:

What are the prices?

Rayo Dovey says:

A good TIME to WATCH a vid like that DF, a few SECONDS longer next TIME lol

NippleSauce says:

Wow, some of those were actually really nice fakes

TakeAmericaBackfromISRAEL says:

Why would anyone wear a watch anymore??

spudapod says:

Essendon sucks!

Peter Kelly says:

Thats not you .. just a vid coasting across fake watches … could have had that down the road

chandler bing bong says:

is child labour such a bad thing?

Soda BROOKS says:

Wow, love to have one of those black watches. Even though they are fake watches. Keep pumping those VIDS out 🙂 do think about stop making them, Australia is very beautiful too, can’t wait for you to go back home and show us Fraser beach 5.75 km long and white haven too.

leftymuller says:

what is this the archie luxury channel?

Sean J says:

There’s some shitters there phuckeroonie!

Mark T says:

DF was that filmed in Koh Samui?

Gipstetz says:

Quotes for DF… Time you enjoy wasting….is not wasted time.

mike swartz says:

Bought me a fake Rolex in the Philippines…. Got them down to $20 us dollars. The sales pitch was funny as hell

Walevolence says:

The cyclops gave it away.

Kevin Berlied says:

I’ll stick with my $35 Ironman watch.

Schallazar says:

And now for the real question, what is the musical score in the vid?

Gipstetz says:

Quotes for DF….Time flies like an arrow….Fruit flies like a banana.

Richard Seddon says:

We wanna see BARGIRLS DF , Not watches , we wanna see Gash for cash.

cloudtoground says:

Archie Luxury would appreciate that.

R. RiDER says:

We are normally here for the accent, and no talks today DF?

Wayne Mathews says:

Heaps of fakes watches in asia they loook good but donald duck types only

DAnK MEMeS bOiiiii says:

As a swiss it hurts my soul hahaha

Graham Clarke says:

Some pretty good counterfeit women in Asia too!

infantrybrain xs says:

Its been a while since i heard ” and remember, bar girls can’t eat love” wtf

ccammy1 says:

Where’s the chicks DF

Daniel Stannard says:

Where did you film this DF? Thailand ? Keep up the good work. And remember, bar girls…..

Mark R says:

Genuine. . You can see the time. . Buy 1 get 1 Free . . . . Battery love u long time.

Vincent Lopresti says:

Where was that filmed?

David Sinn says:

more like 80% for christ sake they counterfeit BMW’s. If they could copy a Devon Tread 1 I would buy it.

kumasuke1 says:

Haa.. Awesome mate. Be careful though, Archie and Sukahorn will get excited

john o says:

Where is this shop DF…

Darnell Dobson says:

Awesome video! Nice little change up of what else asia offers. Do you have an email to answer questions?

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